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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Islam, Israel, and The Canary in the Coal Mine

Let's be clear. We have skin in this game!

By Rich Kozlovich

I'm going to hazard to guess most aren't aware about the canary in the coal mine story.  In days gone by, before they properly ventilated mines, dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide would build up to dangerous levels.  Canaries were more sensitive to those gases and when they died, the miners knew there was trouble and would leave the tunnels quickly.  

This article by Clarice Feldman on November 19, 2023, So -- It Wasn’t the Sidewalk After All, is a canary in the coal mine warning saying:

This week the Ventura County Sheriff arrested Professor Loay Abdelfattah Alnaji in the death of Paul Kessler, a 69 year-old man who had been standing on the sidewalk peacefully supporting Israel. Alnaji, who bashed Kessler with a megaphone, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and battery causing serious bodily injury and both these charges contain special allegations that Alnaji “personally inflicted great bodily injury.” 

This comes as no surprise to most of us who get their news online but it must have been news to those who read headers which said he died after falling and hitting his head on the sidewalk. Even after no charges were brought against the sidewalk, CNN’s header read “arrest made in death of Jewish protestor who fell and hit his head.” (CNN has now stealthily edited the header.) 

The media effort to downplay anti-Semitism, like its coverage of the Israeli response to the butchery by Hamas, doesn’t seem fixable. It’s certainly bias, but stupidity also plays a part, as is demonstrated by their claims that they didn’t know the Gaza stringers were Hamas or the scenes of injured civilians in Gaza were Pallywood. 

Reporters who post on social media regularly display their total ignorance. This week it was the New York Times opinion columnist Elizabeth Spiers, who learned for the first time that Gaza’s Health Ministry -- like every office in Gaza -- is Hamas. 

(The ignorance must be endemic to the western press, which has been touting Hamas casualty figures for Gaza -- roughly a bazillion civilians and no Hamas terrorists from the moment Israel entered Gaza.)

I think American Thinker is the best all news commentary website in America, and has what I would call a "family of commentators" who regularly participate in discussions on the articles appearing there.  There are some cave dwelling trolls, true, but unlike so many sites, I find most of those who comment there are intelligent and well informed. 

Roy Weintraub is one of them, and I thought his comment was so profound I decided to record it:

Israel is the canary in the coal mine. Hamas is a direct representation of all that ails the West and the USA, in particular. Israel's war has brought the cockroaches out in the open.

First, some historical perspective. Communism/Socialism visited upon the US about the same time as it did in Czarist Russia. By the twenties to mid-thirties, it reached a high point of acceptance in the US. Many went to the Soviet Union to relish the beauty of Stalin's governance and came back disillusioned. Meantime, Communists infiltrated our govt., yes, Joe McCarthy was right. FDR embraced socialist ideas as solutions to the Depression. IMO and others, they lengthened it in the US.

Second, came the cultural acceptance in the 60's. Free love, the Vietnam War, SDS moved some youths to believe that the Soviets were imperfect, that the US could do Communism better. These people became the teachers and parents of teachers indoctrinating our children.

Now, we have the various victims(?), Antifa, BLM, etc. that receive empathy, attention, and support via social media, MSM, and the govt. These groups as a whole are the equivalent of the Red Guard. Their idolizing of Bin Laden is an update from Che Guevara. We must face the reality that Communism is the umbrella that all these victims(?), rights(?) groups, anti-American zombies are part of, and there are those that see this as a means for the overthrow of our Republic.

*(?) Are they really victims and do they really have specific rights.

The media is full of what Stalin called "useful idiots", filled with corrupt lazy liars, mouthing whatever leftist promoting meme that's the theme of the moment, and invariably, they're wrong.   The sooner they go out of business the better off the world will be.  

What the media is hiding over what's happening in Israel is what's happening in some form or another all over the world.   Israel are the international political canary the coal mine.  Muslim invasion via what's being called immigration jihad breeds violence.  Violence poeple of Europe hadn't seen in their lifetime, and Sweden is one of those nations.  Muslims are out breeding the local ethnic populations of the world, and some nations are now, at current rates of growth, are past the point of no return demographically.  

Muslims are never going to integrate, ever, Islam is about taking, not giving, and that's across the board.  There's a reason Arab nations refuse to accept Arabs who claim to be Palestinians.  They know better. 

As the Left rages against Israel, hurling antisemitic slurs and chanting for more Jews to die, some might want to consider why the civilians have nowhere to go. Okay, maybe these folks do know but don’t care, but liberals are historically illiterate, so who knows? It goes beyond geography. The Palestinians bring trouble and have a long, sordid history of fomenting mayhem and terrorism in other Arab nations. ........

When the demographic of a nation has a Muslim population over ten percent they start making demands.  Everyone must bend to their will and institute sharia law for everyone, and if they don't get their way, violence erupts, and the governments in Europe bend, grovel, and criminalize any speech or activity in opposition to that insanity.  And they're demanding Israel do the same insisting on solutions that have been abject failures since the beginning of modern Israel.  

Well, unless Europe makes some drastic changes and forces all these Muslims out, it's doomed, socially, economically, demographically, and philosophically.  Israel has no intention of following them down that drain, and now even the leftist nutrolls of Israel realize they've facing an extential crisis they must win, or cease to exist.

Having said all that, it appears some Europeans are taking note, and taking action.   In this article, Geert Wilders's victory in the Netherlands sends the oppressive greenie agenda off to the compost heap, Monica Showalter outlines what his election will do to the insane and destrutive green agenda the left has pushed in Europe, saying maybe Wilder's election was about the green agenda and not the Muslim invasion that's definitely gong to destroy Holland.  

While I think all that's great, I don't think that's really why the Dutch elected him.  The fact is, Greet Wilder has been speaking out for years about the disaster of Muslim immigration, even having to defend himself in their courts for saying what is blatant truth about Islam, and the disaster all that immigration is causing that will destroy Europe. 

As Daniel Greenfield notes:  Dutch Voters Come Out for Geert Wilders and an End to the Islamization of the Netherlands.  

That's what he's known for, not his anti-green agenda.  That's merely a plus.  And I think we may be seeing more resistance, as in Ireland, where rioting has broke out over the vile stabbing of "two adults and three children [who] were wounded in the stabbing attack near an aftercare center in Dublin on Thursday. A 5-year-old girl was in critical condition and a woman was in serious condition as of Friday".   All done by an Algerian immigrant.   Open and uncontrolled immigration is an invitation to national dissolution, no matter where they come from, and in a nation like Ireland with a population of a little over five million poeple, it wouldn't take long to overwhelm their culture.  

Why is that so hard to get?

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