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Friday, November 17, 2023

A Little Perspective Will Do Very Nicely Right Now

By Rich Kozlovich
I've been going back into my files to find an article I wish to republish, and unfortunately, I didn't really think I would still be doing P&D, so for years I didn't tag anything....yeah.... I know...stupid.   
At any rate, I came across an article I wrote in 2013, and since there's so much talk about government shutdown, implying vast horrors and the end of the Republic, I thought it might be worth republishing.  Kinda putting some perspective on the whole thing, and truthfully, I think a government shutdown would do the nation a world of good.  
The title of that article was, The Value of Sequester!
Recently I was in Washington as part of the National Pest Management Association Legislative Day initiative.  Having had my knees replaced recently I was still having difficulties walking and needed a cane.  I was delusional in thinking I was in better shape than I was.  I should have stayed home.   
It’s good to have understanding friends with you in those circumstances.  At any rate, we were scheduled to go to the Senate offices and the lines were around the block.  Why?  Apparently this was part of the ‘sequester’ cuts. 
A couple of things happened that day I have thought about and chuckled about ever since.  First, let me tell you that artificial knees set bells of on the scanners.  I said to the guards, smilingly, as I pointed to my legs….”knees”.  I also said it all three times they made me walk through the scanner - without my cane - smiling.  Finally one of the guards smiled and asked; ‘both knees’?  I said yes and he used a hand scanner.  Then we both chuckled and said smilingly, “knees”.  I thanked them, we all smiled and I move on.  
There are couple of things have come to my mind as I have thought of that day.  I set off the bells at the Senate office building and I didn’t have to be x-rayed, strip searched or patted down in a most intimate embarrassing manner in that building.  A building I have to assume is run by top notch security personnel who had to undergo strong background checks before being hired.  
So then, why do TSA personnel do those things at airports?  Especially since it has been reported that a substantial number of these people are disreputable characters who were hired with background checks that were either poorly done or not done at all! 
Oh, there was one more thing I have chuckled over for some time.  As I finally went through the scanners and was putting myself together they run whatever it is you are carrying through a belt system that presumably scans your stuff.  As this was going on a young woman came to the head of the line and demanded to be put through the system right then and there because she “was important”. 
 The guard calmly told her…no! 
Then she further intoned, with righteous indignation I might add, that they should have separate line for people of her prominence. The guard calmly said we have heard that before and promptly ignored her. 
She left in a huff and went to the back of the line, which was still around the block.We all chuckled because as it turned out that she wasn’t all that important after all. And, I would like to report that the nation lasted another day, and life went on. Imagine that. I wish more people would remember they won’t read your resume at your funeral. 
As for some bigger point I may be trying to make, well, there really isn't one. 
I just kept chuckling over this and thought I would write about it because as so often is the case it's those the small inconveniences that brings out the character in people. If there is a bigger point to all of this, it's that I am fortunate to have had friends with me that were extremely tolerant and helpful to a guy in obvious pain; going out of their way to accommodate me. 
The nation survived another day and life went on, and I won’t forget the kindness extended to me by my friends. Those are the ‘important’ people! And just kinda chuckle and think; none of this would have occurred without sequester.

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