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Monday, November 20, 2023

The Media Balance Newsletter: 11/20/23

 Twice-a-Month...What you won't find in one place, anywhere else. 

By John Droz Jr.

Enjoy the latest edition of our free, critically thinking Media Balance Newsletter...We cover COVID to Climate, Elections to Education, Renewables to Religion, showing you what the mainstream media has revised or filtered out If you happened to miss it, here is the prior Newsletter.

Please use these links to pass on the Newsletter to other open-minded citizens via social media, etc. Anyone can subscribe (or unsubscribe) by emailing me,

We are continuously working at making this twice-a-month publication more interesting, more useful and more accessible to our many thousands of readers. Due to enthusiastic support, the Newsletter has been published since 2009 thank you! Please let me know the email of anyone you feel would appreciate getting this unique and powerful information.

My new substack site is becoming quite popular! Its focus is on the current lack of Critical Thinking relating to numerous societal matters (education, climate, energy, etc.). If you haven't already, signup for a FREE subscription. 

Enjoy and pass it on!

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