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Saturday, November 18, 2023

P&D and The Week That Was

Truth is the Sublime Convergence of History and Reality

De Omnibus Dubitandum (Everything is to be questioned)

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By Rich Kozlovich

We have 20 commentaries for you this week, with only three my me.  I just didn't have it in me this week.  I've stored a huge amount of information on the 2024 election candidates, the Russo/Ukrainian War, the Israeli/Hamas War, Abortion, and more.  But putting all that information together in a meaningful way is a lot of work.  So, hopefully now that almost all of my outside work is done, and the weather is turning crappy, I'll get over that. 

I try very carefully to make sure those I decide to publish are logical, factual, and insightful in their articles.  So I think you will find the rest of the commentaries will be worth your time, as well as the sixteen linked articles.  

I have a challenge for you.  

  1. Name five successful countries that adopted Marxism.  
  2. Name one Marxist nation that's not run by a dictator. 

Let's not delude ourselves, the nation, and the world, is in crisis.  I subscribe to a number of geopolitical sites and each and every one of them outlines the massive instability going on in the world, including the Caucuses, which amplifies the Russo/Ukraine war, and the mess in South East Asia, mostly being created by China.   The Middle East Muslim nations are in a quandary.  They all hate Iran, and fear Iran, especially since it seems clear Iran will soon acquire nuclear weapons, but they don't dare openly confront them and their cats paws such as Hamas, and the Palestinians, who are actually Arabs who they hold in absolute contempt and refuse to take in as refugees.  

What makes it worse is Western civilization is being undermined by the vast wealth of globalist billionaires working to destroy the system that made the so wealthy.  How insane is that?  But remember....there's no such thing as a conspiracy.  Even when it's discovered and exposed.  

But never fear, the media will lash out at those who expose the conspirators, and prominent politicians, on both sides of the aisle, will support them denigrating the truth tellers, doing all they can to make sure these wealthy and powerful misfits are successful.  

The only defense is unending exposure of their irrational, misanthropic, morally defective schemes.   And the courage and willingness to never back down even all the while being attacked.  It takes fortitude to be the rock in the current.  

I address this in one of the links below regarding the fraudulent science on global warming and those who stood against it is an example.  As Thomas Sowell once said, there are those who row against the tide, and those who row with the tide, but eventually the tide turns. 

Another week has flown by and the year is coming to a close, and 2024 is going to be over the top in every aspect of national and international importance, and I have no doubt, there's going to be a lot of violence.   But of course, it will be mostly peaceful violence!  Kinda like the Soros funding attack on the DNC headquarters.

What we need is clarity.  Understand, when the left riots, attacks people, murders people, rapes people, and burns down cities, that's considered "mostly peaceful" to the media.  If the right marches to save America, doesn't murder anyone, doesn't attack anyone, doesn't burn down any buildings, it's an insurrection.   It's just a matter of defining things properly, or in this case, twisting the English language into pretzels of incoherence. See, simple! 

Well, with Speaker of the House Johnson's full release of the January 6th videos may very put an end to the "insurrection" lie.  Have a good weekend Liz Chaney!

My Commentaries

  1. A Little Perspective Will Do Very Nicely Right Now  By Rich Kozlovich
  2. Cease Fire? That's Not Going to Happen! By Rich Kozlovich
  3. Life Before Our Modern Era  By Rich Kozlovich


  1. California Hides Its Shame as Biden and Xi Prepare to Meet By Kelli Ballard
  2. CFACT issues “intent to sue” over offshore wind, releases new study By CFACT
  3. A ‘humanitarian’ Gaza ceasefire – so Hamas can plant more IEDs By Paul Driessen
  4. The Global South (and China) Say Nyet to Net Zero By Duggan Flanakin
  5. Did North Korea Use Sex to Target Politicians in D.C.? By Daniel Greenfield
  6. There is No Moderate Jihad  By Daniel Greenfield
  7. The Gates of Gaza  By Daniel Greenfield
  8. HOW WE WIN IN 2024… EXCLUSIVE from Jay Valentine: Can ERIC System Clean Voter Rolls? Fractal Brings the Receipts By Jim Hoft
  9. Patriot Neighbors: The Future of the Nation By Robin Itzler
  10. The RNC November Debate: Live From Miami, It’s Wednesday Night!By Robin Itzler
  11. BREAKING: House Speaker Releases First Batch of January 6 Videos Liberty Nation News
  12. Republicans Changed Their Tune Because They Were Exposed By Mychal Massie
  13. Peak Cognitive Dissonance For The Climate Scare By Francis Menton
  14. Pervasive Government Surveillance To Achieve Human Perfection: Prescription Drug Monitoring ProgramsBy Francis Menton
  15. Why Mr. Beast Is Under Fire for Bringing Clean Water to 500,000 Africans By Jon Miltimore
  16. Lessons from Reaganomics for the 21st Century, Part I By Dan Mitchell
  17. CFACT students winning on and off campus By Craig Rucker


Remember Now..........There’s No Such Thing as a Conspiracy!


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