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Monday, November 20, 2023

How Bureaucrats, Anarchists and Communists Use Wolves To Establish Tyranny

By Jim Beers 22 August 2015

This meeting was about the inevitable and currently happening spread of federal wolves into California from Oregon (that got them from Idaho that got them from Montana that got them from Yellowstone National Park that got them from Alberta and the Yukon where they were trapped and then transported and released without documentation in Yellowstone by US Fish and Wildlife Service bureaucrats using over $35 Million stolen by USFWS Managers from Excise Taxes on Arms and Ammunition intended only for state wildlife programs After Congress had refused to authorize or fund this wolf debacle.)

Note: NO federal bureaucrats were ever charged or disciplined for this criminal act, indeed the Director at the time is now a top executive of Defenders of Wildlife and her political lieutenant at the time in charge of the stolen funds is currently the Director of USFWS. The stolen funds were never replaced in the state wildlife funding budgets because the state wildlife agency directors and their Washington lobby group refused to request the replacement for fear of angering federal bureaucrats that increasingly fund and direct state wildlife programs. But I digress.

The subject meeting of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was fairly (read the report) reported as:  
"California’s Draft Wolf Management Plan was finished last year. At the California Wolf Stakeholder group’s final meeting (Dec. 2014), much of the discussion focused on how to “limit information sharing” and what sorts of penalties and pressure can be put on ranchers who might share information about wolf locations with their neighbors. The remainder of the meeting was devoted to detailing the acceptable non-lethal “COEXISTENCE” measures ranchers will be allowed to employ as wolves begin eating their stock."

Please read that again, more slowly. Now ask yourself if this meeting is being held in the United States or is this a History Channel Documentary about Russian Bureaucracy Directives during the establishment of the Gulags in the 1920’s or the starvation of millions of Ukrainians to collectivize their farms in the 1930’s?

There are 4 phrases in this news item that would provide any still-living Russian communists (Russian communism was birthed in Anarchy) grounds to sue the California and US federal governments for stealing copyrighted communist bureaucratic procedures and material.

1.“Wolf Stakeholder group’s” are euphemisms like “Peoples Republic”, “Comrades Commission” and “Collective Managers”: that is to say it is a group of government toadies assembled to create the illusion of “public input” and “participation” as a fog for government mandate. In this case however, since there is still the illusion of the USA being a Constitutional Republic to be maintained for a short while, we have not only the gaggle of state and federal bureaucrats and an elected “Agriculture” politician plus the radical groups they answer to (Defenders, Sierra, NRDC, CBD, Wolf “Centers”, etc., etc.): we have those clandestine representatives paid by and employed by those comrades-to-be that will actually be hurt, damaged and even destroyed by their fellow-travelers in this meeting. I speak here of “The Woolgrowers”, “The Elk Hunters”, “The Mule Deer Hunters”, “The Farmers”, “The Cattlemen”, and “The Deer Hunters” whose paid lobbyists are dressed up as “Foundation”, “Association” and “Bureau” Representatives to lend their name and their Organization’s name and “gravitas” to this document.
That means that all you members of these ELK & DEER Foundations and Associations; all you members of these CATTLEMEN & WOOLGROWERS & FARM Bureaus and Associations are paying your organization not only to diminish and ultimately destroy your own livelihoods and communities but also to push this nation further into government tyranny that will burden your children and grandchildren and leave them with the choice faced by Our Founding Fathers that fought and died in the American Revolution against Britain over 220 years ago or of acquiescing to slavery as subjects of tyrants..

2. Consider “much of the discussion focused on how to “limit information sharing” as a topic “discussed” by bureaucrats, an elected official, a gaggle of radicals and a group of Benedict Arnolds “representing” those about to be further diminished and even destroyed. The key word here is “limit”. Just as “information” about purposeful starvation of Ukrainians was “limited” as a “famine”, and German “information” about concentration camps was “limited” as “work camps” so too are these ex-Americans plotting to control and “limit information” about a terrible action that will:

- Endanger, especially children and the elderly, rural residents and rural visitors by exposing them to death and injury from wolf attacks as is common in Russia and Asia and is increasingly common in North America.
- Eliminate big-game hunting (as Minnesota wolves have done to Minnesota Moose Hunting).
- Eliminate domestic livestock husbandry as we know it (as wolves are doing to cattle, sheep, and dogs of all stripes) currently from Washington State to New Mexico as well as all over western Canada, Alaska, Asia, and increasingly in Europe).
- Expose rural Americans to over 30 deadly and debilitating diseases and infections that wolves catch and transmit over the vast areas they roam including but not limited to:

- Rabies (H) (OA)
- Brucellosis (H) (OA)

Hydatid Disease (2):

- Echinococcus granulosis (H) (OA)
- Echinococcus multilocularis (H) (OA)
- Anthrax (H) (OA)
- Encephalitis (H) (OA)
- Great Lakes Fish Tapeworm (H) (OA)
- Smallpox (H) (OA)
- Mad Cow Disease(BSE) (OA) (H)
- Chronic Wasting Disease (OA)

From Ticks (10) Carried by wolves:
- Anemia (H)
- Dermatosis (H)
- Tick paralysis (H)
- Babesiosis (H)
- Anaplasmosis (H)
- Erlichia (H)
- E. Coast Fever (H)
- Relapsing Fever (H)
- Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever (H)
- Lyme Disease (H)

From Fleas (4) Carried by wolves:

- Plague (H)
- Bubonic Plague (H)
- Pneumonic Plague (H)
- Flea-Borne Typhus (H)
- Distemper (OA)
- Neospora caninum (OA)
- 2 Types of Mange (H) (OA)
- GID (a disease of wild and domestic sheep) (OA)
- Foot-and-Mouth (OA)
- Parvo (OA)

Of the 30 diseases and infections listed, 24 affect humans and many of these are deadly. Whether it is a child ingesting tapeworm eggs from a ranch house floor rug or a jogging soccer Mom encountering wolves as a schoolteacher did recently in Alaska that resulted in a horrible death, the fact that these human health hazards have been given short-shrift by wildlife agencies and their veterinarians is nothing short of scandalous. (James Beers’ Testimony before an Oregon State Legislative Committee 25 May 2010)

“Limit information?” “Who, me?”

3. As they “discuss, “what sorts of penalties and pressure can be put on ranchers who might share information about wolf locations with their neighbors” all Americans of every stripe should rise up and demand the firing of these bureaucrats and the recall of any elected officials involved in such a travesty of American Constitutional government. Radical environmental and animals rights organizations AND the so-called hunter/farmer/ranch organizations should be barred from any future participation in any federal or state work groups or advisory committees of any nature!

Oh, and by the way, those people that hire and support such organizations should be reminded that those that support bureaucrats and politicians subverting such Constitutional guarantees as required in their oath to “uphold the Constitution of the United States”; when the 9th Amendment guarantees “rights” “not denied or disparaged” in the Constitution; and when the 1st Amendment that specifically protects and guarantees our “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” – THEY ONLY PROVE HOW IGNORANCE AND LAZINESS allows freedom and liberty to be replaced by tyranny due to indifference on the part of the citizenry! Why all the way back to The Magna Carta (1215 AD), Item 45 stated “We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs only such as know the law of the realm and mean to observe it well.”

We are regressing into the mists of the terrifying world Thomas Hobbes described in his 1651 AD book Leviathan where “life was nasty, brutish and short” by permitting these evil people to dismantle our liberties and guaranteed rights that have existed nowhere else in the world!

Penalties and pressure”? You mean like, “Comrade Children, you will inform your teachers or the police if your parents or anyone in your family “share information about wolf locations” (???) What about “sharing information” about politicians, or bureaucrats, or the government, or the laws, or (fill-in-the-blank)”? Do they mean, “Penalties” like fines, jail, prison, loss of property, deportation to Gitmo to free a terrorist, or being locked in a room for a year listening to recordings of speeches of politicians like Hillary or Arlen Spector drone on 24/7? Do they mean, “Pressure” like mandatory re-education for all rural residents like sex and race propaganda movies mandated for government employees, or watching demeaning Public Service propaganda advertising clips on TV and the radio that belittle all those expressing any disagreement with government policies?

4. Finally we come to the “piece de resistance”, detailing the acceptable non-lethal “COEXISTENCE” measures ranchers will be allowed to employ as wolves begin eating their stock." Government dumps the wolves on rural Americans and despite all the evidence to the contrary allows NO lethal control for ranchers as “wolves begin eating their stock”. Even the ineffective and childish non-lethal (fladry, electric fences, collars, taste deterrents, noises, prison fencing, pits (like in the Tarzan movies), wolf puppy training, etc., etc., etc.) methods must be examined and government determination made as to what is allowable and what is prohibited to owners “when wolves begin eating their stock!

There is not even provision for protecting dogs, or whatever havoc is wreaked on game animals, or the presence of wolves in rural living spaces, or schoolyards, or at school bus stops, etc.

Also, there is the vaguely-concealed anti-2nd Amendment agenda so rampant in California political and political-correctness hysteria:

1. No one should have a gun.
2. No Concealed or Unconcealed Carry Permits (except for “Leaders, Commissars and other Exceptional and Favored Comrades as Determined by Government”) are necessary or allowed.
3. Cougars should reach and maintain densities where human attacks and human deaths are routine and no hunt or armed protection is needed or allowed.
4. All gun ammunition for any use should be regulated to assure that the least effective bullets and shot, and the most expensive ammunition are the only ammunition permitted to be sold. The only exceptions being for exceptions as noted under #2 and those that protect them or are on active duty with the armed forces while outside the State.

5. Government-introduced wolves are to be fed, protected and ignored by all “ranchers” (soon to include everyone except those exempted by government in writing). No lethal controls are hereby authorized for anyone not mentioned under #2 until after pleading to and receiving from government a specific permit. No permits are authorized until further notice.

It all reminds me of a college philosophy class I took many years ago. The (crooked) syllogism emerging from all this would look something like:

California is ruled by the Procedures of the Communist Manifesto.
California is a State in the United States of America.
Therefore, The USA is ruled by the Procedures of the Communist Manifesto.

This wolf model from California is but one of a succeeding progression of precedents that we continue to ignore at our own peril.

- Like US Fish and Wildlife Service increasingly evading responsibility for harms and costs they impose under the auspices of “saving X, Y & Z” leads to an EPA that is not responsible for or liable for the destruction of the Animas and San Juan Rivers or answerable to the residents of the States and Reservations they have affected.
- Or how the responsibility and liability for all the annual “catastrophic” forest fires, deaths and property losses throughout the West are evaded by the US Forest Service and the Sierra/Wilderness/NRDC/et al “Bunches” that cause them.
- Or how the National Park Service is not accountable, responsible or liable for the deaths of visitors gored by a mountain goat that for years had threatened visitors or all the hikers and campers killed by grizzly bears or gored by “free-roaming” buffalo.

So too have these despicable “Stakeholders composed a Wolf Manifesto that serves many other foul agendas and that others must live by or feel the harsh retribution of a government that no longer even gives lip service to the history and traditions of the US Constitutional Republic and has adopted disproven communist principles that give them short term returns and surely an inevitable pushback that, like King George and his servants, they will one day regret.

(PS Strong letter to follow and if you want to know how I REALLY feel about this, drop me a line.)

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:

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