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Monday, November 27, 2023

The Common Threads That Bind

By Triggerfish

Editor's Note:  Triggerfish is the nom de plume used by a commenter at American Thinker.  This short essay was a comment made by him on the article. So -- It Wasn’t the Sidewalk After All, by Clarice FeldmanRK

The common threads which held our Country together through the years since the Revolution has been coming apart like the thread on an old garment. There are groups and causes which have no intention of becoming productive members of our society and assimilating. They would rather tear the Country down. There are monsters who are being celebrated by people in this country.

A considerable amount of what is taking place is because there is no real leadership in this country. The person who is supposed to be the leader of the Free World is an Empty Suit and half of the time has no idea where he is. All that permeates down to the people. Especially those who seek to destroy this country because they know that they can get away with their violence. The world is slowly becoming a battlefield in one area after another.

Russia invaded Ukraine, Hamas has invaded Israel, China is Saber Rattling in South China Sea area. We are all at risk because there is no strong leader in the White House. Which was evident recently in Frisco between Biden and Xi. There are people supporting and defending the murderers and terrorists, while attacking anyone who differs with their point of view.

There are terrorists who murdered, raped, executed, and kidnapped people who were attending a Music Festival, and now they are celebrated, much like those celebrating Bin Laden and his 'Letter to the American People'.   A man responsible for murdering 3,000 of our people and he is be celebrated as some hero! What is becoming of that Shinny City on a Hill?

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