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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Showdown at the UN COP 28 Corral

November 28th, 2023|11 Comments By Duggan Flanakin,

It ain’t over till it’s over.” – Yogi BerraOr is it?

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the world has maybe five years to avoid “potentially irreversible effects on the global climate system.” The British bearer of bad news, The Guardian, warns that “the window is closing.” [It may well be on the global power structure’s stranglehold on energy policy.]

If global average surface temperature exceeds 1.5ͦ C above pre-industrial levels and is not quickly reversed, they claim it “could” unleash the collapse of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, the abrupt melting of permafrost, rising sea levels, and bleaching coral reefs – and, if you believe Al Gore, the submersion of the Statue of Liberty.

Six months ago, Alok Sharma, who led the COP 26 talks in Glasgow, said, “COP 28 must deliver strengthened emissions reduction targets and a commitment to peak global emissions by 2025.”

China’s and India’s response was to build more coal-fired power plants to provide energy for their burgeoning industrial, commercial, military, and consumer sectors. There is absolutely no path to “net zero” so long as the world’s two most populous nations smirk at the multi-billionaire fear-mongers in the West.

African leaders in government and industry are focused on the 600 million Africans lacking any access to electricity. They scoff at grotesque demands from rich nations to abandon their effort to follow the West, the Pacific Rim, and other nations in utilizing fossil fuel resources to build a prosperous society.

Growing resistance to the dystopian visions of the global elites may truly mean that COP 28 is their “Custer’s last stand” against the “barbarians” who (in their eyes) are unwilling to submit to a Panem-style society in which elites get richer and everyone else gets poorer.

Rumblings against zero-emission vehicle mandates, expressed by drivers and automakers, have prompted serious challenges to the globalist demand for decarbonization (humans are “carbon units” – Soylent green was people) in the oddest places.

Perhaps it began with Giorgia Meloni’s victory in Italy a year ago. In June, Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party candidate Robert Sesselmann became the first AfD district administrator for a German city; the party gained more victories in October by continuing to attack the Green Party’s climate stance. [The Guardian had “warned” this was coming three years ago.]

Two elections in November shocked the climate world and threw a huge monkey wrench into their grandiose plans for seizing control of agriculture (in favor of laboratory-created “meat” and insects) and shutting down industries.

In the Netherlands, the government’s plans to seize thousands of farms led to an election victory for Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, which opposes much of the climate agenda. The result “has left climate activists fearful of a drastic shift to fossil fuels and a rollback of climate policies” if Wilders is able to form a government.

Newly elected (by a landslide) Argentine President Javier Milei has promised to “turbocharge” his nation’s oil and gas industry. He named energy executive Horacio Marin to bolster the state-owned oil company YPF with the goal of returning the company to private ownership down the road. The Argentine government needs oil and gas revenues to turn around an economy ruined under socialist governance.

The bad news for the climatocracy gets worse. In Canada, the pro-energy Conservative Party, led by Alberta’s Pierre Poilievre, is up 14 points over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Poilievre wants to eliminate Canada’s federal carbon tax and deep-six the nation’s Impact Assessment Act (a federal environmental law).

And then there is the 2024 race for President of the United States – which could bring about a flipflop of President Biden’s radical “net zero” agenda and its plans to eliminate gasoline vehicles, appliances, and tools and cede the nation’s economic future to Chinese benevolence.

Failed Presidential candidates Al Gore and John F. Kerry, now Biden’s “climate envoy,” led the U.S. campaign for climate surrender (a campaign that has made Al Gore a very wealthy man).

Kerry plans to tout nuclear fusion as an emerging global “climate solution,” but Axios notes “there’s a long and uncertain scientific, technical, and financial road to commercializing” fusion. Axios also says that while UN Secretary Antonio Guterres wants a path to ending fossil fuels, Kerry “is more cautious.”

Private citizen Gore has already expressed doubt that his preferred agenda will be adopted at COP 28, blaming the likely “failure” on the appointment of Sultan al-Jaber, CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, as its president. “We’ve got to get these lobbyists out of the way,” Gore said in September at the Moral Money Summit Americas.

[Is it “moral” to forcibly prevent people from the cheap energy they need to thrive?]

All this really means is that Gore has set up al-Jaber as the boogeyman for any failure to extract more billions for climate hucksters from an unwilling yet oblivious public.

But that’s tomorrow’s climate catastrophe.

Meanwhile, Dubai waits for the party to begin.

Later this week, heads of state (but not Joe Biden) will gather for the World Climate Action Summit (WCAS) to deliver their national climate statements and pose for photos and interviews about how important fancy dinners and five-star hotels (and private jets) are to the charade.

Conference sessions begin today (November 28) with a two-day “Global conference on gender and environmental data,” led by “commitment makers” of the Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition and the Gender Environment Data Alliance – and various others.

Other sessions at the conference, which formally ends on December 12, cover such topics as “blockchain’s potential and responsible implementation,” “transforming climate finance,” using artificial intelligence and public-private partnerships to improve climate decision-making, the role of technology and AI in the fight against climate change, “how entrepreneurs are the climate heroes we need,” and “youth and education – the latent force of climate action.”

Then there’s our favorite, just for “leaders” – “Transforming food systems in the face of climate change.” The official brochure states the IPCC’s view that “action on agriculture and food systems” are “key to an effective global climate change response. This event will bring the global food community together in a unified expression of collective action.”

[Presumably, speakers will include Frans Timmermans, the European Green Deal Commission’s executive vice president (whose Dutch Labour Party just got smacked), and Irish Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue, whose “proposal” for a “voluntary” dairy reduction scheme (killing up to 200,000 Irish cattle) was condemned by Elon Musk and many Irish farmers.

There are no sessions on feeding a hungry world, preventing climate-destructive wars and acts of arson, or making reliable electricity at affordable prices universally. There are no sessions on how to minimize any negative economic impacts, including restrictions on home ownership (which builds equity that can finance entrepreneurial activities) and travel.

The entire event appears to focus on how the elites can maintain total control over the world’s wealth, its people, and the planet’s natural resources. They claim they are “saving the Earth”, but their true goal requires sacrificing its people not to “save the Earth” (which, as an inanimate object, hardly needs “saving”) but to protect their wealth and power.

Trouble is, people from Argentina to Amsterdam are figuring this out – and they are mad. And they are getting organized. The time is near for a showdown at the COP 28 corral – and for a final reckoning on whether the elites – or the people – will win this war.


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