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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

On 'World Day of the Poor,' the pope's fellow Argentinians vote themselves out of poverty

November 20, 2023 By Monica Showalter

In the Vatican, Pope Francis declared Sunday the "World Day of the Poor," exhorting for the care for the poor and the needy. It was a fine Catholic message, rooted in traditional Gospel teachings. His motive is to help the poor be less poor. The pope even called poverty a "scandal" in a tweet, warning those who didn't help the poor that there would be hell to pay. He then laid out a banquet for the poor.

It was all well and good, and undoubtedly done with the best of intentions. But over in his homeland of Argentina, something else was happening and yes, it was about the poor. Some 40% of the population there has now fallen into poverty. Instead of voting for the socialist candidate the pope clearly favored when he warned about "populists" and "outsiders" in previous weeks, these very poor people decisively voted to help themselves be less poor, by electing Javier Milei...........To Read More....

Editor's Note:  Please take some time and review My Argentina File, which goes back to 2012.  RK

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