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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Patriot Neighbors: So, How's Biden Working Out For You?

"Imagine if the GOP had listened to us and made the Bidens testify in 2019 at Trump’s impeachment. Biden would have gone down in flames. Ukraine, Israel, all of this would never have happened. But they will never admit it.”

By Robin Itzler  

Commentaries and insights selected from Robin's weekly newsletter Patriot Neighbors. (Cartoons added by me. RK)  E-mail her at to get on her list, it's free. Let's start with this commentary:


THE QUESTION: “Were you better off four years ago than you are now?” 

Until Joe Biden, Jimmy Carter was arguably the worst president in modern times. In 1980 – back when the United States had an actual Election DAY – there was a sole presidential debate on October 28 between incumbent Carter and the Republican nominee Ronald Reagan. Americans were suffering just as they are now, but still weren’t sure if they should vote for the former actor, former Democrat, and now stalwart conservative.

In his closing remarks, Reagan looked into the camera and asked the American people: 

“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

He then followed with:

“Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we’re as strong as we were four years ago?”

According to Douglas MacKinnon writing in “Democrats Fear This One Simple Question Will Doom Biden” the updated question for 2024 is:

“Were you better off four years ago than you are now?”

Outside of pink vagina hat wearing college kids that live in their parent’s basement and think Hamas is a cool group of dudes, ask your family, friends, and neighbors if their lives were better before Biden took office. Most Americans know that mortgage rates were about half of what they are now, gas was much cheaper, no one worried about inflation, we had a secure southern border, major cities had not morphed into homeless camps, crime was much lower, AND there was relative world peace.

MacKinnon closes with:

“Ultimately, some percentage of voters may care about Biden’s age or ability to govern effectively. But every single voter is concerned with quality-of-life issues that negatively affect them and their families. Trump and Kennedy pounding on that question for the next several months will prove to be devastating for Biden.”

REV. FRANKLIN GRAHAM: Samaritan’s Purse in Israel

Reverend Franklin Graham, the son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham and President of the international Evangelical humanitarian organization Samaritan's Purse, met and prayed with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on November 15. From The Christian Post: After Hamas terrorists attacked civilian communities in southern Israel last month, Samaritan's Purse deployed a disaster relief team to the country and is working with more than 50 churches in Israel and Gaza. Samaritan's Purse also supports churches providing Palestinians with food and medicine.

Samaritan's Purse says it provided Israel's first response service, Magen David Adom, with 21 ambulances after Hamas destroyed many of these types of vehicles during the Oct. 7 attack. Seven ambulances provided were armored to offer additional protection to medical personnel and patients.

If you would like to thank and/or donate to Samaritan’s Purse: Email: Link below Phone: 828.262.1980 Write: PO Box 3000, Boone, NC 28607

BIDEN DUMPSTER FIRE: His birthday cake

With numerous polls showing Democrats do not want the aging and obvious mentally challenged Biden to run for re-election, his handlers try to minimize the focus on Joey’s age and dementia. Yet, they released a photo of him in the White House on November 20 ready to blow out the 81 candles on his cake. Many have noted that the cake looks like a dumpster fire … same dumpster fire Biden has started in America. As President Trump has said:

“All of this horror and yet Joe Biden is traveling around the country pretending he’s an economic genius — in fact, he’s an economic arsonist, and Bidenomics is incinerating American wealth in an inferno of inflation, taxation, submission, and failure.”


These ten countries have something in common. What is it?   Neither Costa Rica Monaco, Grenada, Panama, Iceland, Saint Lucia, Liechtenstein, Samoa, Mauritius, or the Solomon Islands have an army, a navy or an air force. 

TARGET: Wants to lose more customers

Promoting pride to children has sent Target stock to record lows with a boycott that started in May. Stocks have slightly rebounded, so, what does the company do for Christmas to cause more people to shop elsewhere? Target offers even more pride items geared for CHILDREN! For example, a pride nutcracker figurine.

Target stockholders should file a class action lawsuit against the executives who are making decisions that hurt sales and threaten a renewed focus on the boycott. To date, Target has lost an estimated $15 BILLION due to the boycott.

Target’s primary customers were suburban moms. Guess, Target C-suiters think the national chain can make more money focusing on a mentally ill customer base.

Target has also created a new position to promote its pride in pride. Erik Thompson is the “Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist & Pride Lead” focusing on multicultural merchandising. (His Instagram username is “gaycruella.”)

Ex-gay Hollywood set and fashion designer turned-Christian Becket Cook told Christian Broadcasting Network:

"There's a very strong anti-Christian sentiment in the culture. So, one way to kind of get at Christians is to subvert God's original design for male and female. It's almost like this revenge, 'Let's transgress as much as we can because we hate Christians so much. We hate God.' It's not so much as 'we hate Christians,' 'We hate God so much that we're going to be as transgressive and subversive as we possibly can.' The trans movement among kids is the most extreme version of that."

What can YOU do? Shop at stores that share your values!  If you want to share your thoughts with Target CEO Brian Cornell:, Phone: 612-696-3400 Write:1000 Nicollet Mall TPS-3165 Minneapolis, MN 55403

ITALY: When there might not be many Italians in Italy

According to World Population Review, Italy has a population of 62,246,674 with 2,987,840 Muslims – or 4.8 percent of the Italian population. Many Muslims are arriving (both legally and illegally) from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

The surge in illegals coming via boat from Africa has been an immense problem for the peninsula nation, which has several islands that are part of Italy. In September, Italy passed measures that lengthened the time illegal aliens can be detained to make sure that those who have no legal right to be in the country are repatriated. Progressives didn’t like it.

Lampedusa is the most southerly territory of Italy and lies between that country and North Africa but is closer to Africa. On a regular basis illegals arrive by boat to the (once?) beautiful Lampedusa. The island has a population of 6,000 and is frequently overwhelmed by illegal arrivals. For example, in September over a two-day period, 7,000 illegals arrived on the island. That meant there were more illegals than legal Italian citizens!

According to a 2023 Ipsos survey, currently in Italy (key word “currently”):

  • 68% are Christian (61% Catholic, 
  • 4% Protestant and 3% other) - 
  • 28% are not following any specific faith
  • 01% are Muslim

A key issue for the nation is the falling birth rate among Italians but rising among illegal alien invaders and recent immigrants. Currently, Italy’s fertility rate remains one of the lowest in Europe at 1.24 babies per woman. With undocumented arrivals from Africa and Asia a constant topic of conversation, it’s not surprising that the Italian conservative publication Panaroma had an article “Italy Without Italians.”

The article hit a nerve and was deemed racist. (No surprise there.) But it is a reality. Agricultural minister Francesco Lollobrigida has publicly warned that Italians will be at risk of imminent “ethnic replacement” unless more of them embrace parenthood. Speaking at a trade union conference, Lollobridgida said: “Italians are having fewer children, so we are replacing them with someone else.”

CANDACE OWENS: We didn’t know you

Ever since Hamas viciously attacked innocent Israelis on October 7, it’s been startling to see the rise in anti-Semitism. From violent rallies calling for Israel’s demise to more subtle comments along the lines of suggesting that Israel should not militarily destroy Hamas. As a reminder, on October 7, the brutal Hamas went into Israel and killed 1,400 people, injured thousands more and kidnaped 200+ mostly civilians. Have you seen what Hamas has done to some of the kidnapped victims? Following torture and rape, the bodies of several murdered women were mutilated and paraded around Gaza so the folks could spit on them.

Now the world wants a ceasefire. Yes, it will mean releasing some hostages, but also giving Hamas time to regroup. Knowing a hostage exchange would eventually take place, we wonder if the first group to be released were treated better. We will find out. Yet ...

  • When the United States was attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941, did we talk about ceasefires? The very next day, Democrat President Roosevelt went before Congress seeking a declaration of war.
  • When Muslim terrorists attacked America on September 11, 2001, and killed nearly 3,000 people, Republican President George Bush immediately spoke to the nation and planned a retaliation, not a ceasefire.

There is a reason why EVERY Arab nation throughout the Middle East and Africa REFUSES to allow the Gazans to enter their country. Jordan and Egypt share borders with Gaza, and both have placed soldiers and tanks by their respective borders so the people cannot enter. The Arabs do not want int their nations the Gazan people because they are either terrorists or support terrorists.

On October 17, Jordan’s King Abdullah II said, “No refugees in Jordan, no refugees in Egypt.” The next day, October 18, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi reiterated that it would not be acceptable if there was “an attempt to push the civilian inhabitants to … migrate to Egypt.”

It is still very disappointing to hear comments by some Patriots that we have followed in the past. Read the statement “Goodbye Candace” issued by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

If you want to share your thoughts with Candace Owens: Email:, Write: 1906 Glen Echo Road, PO Box 158067, Nashville, TN 37215


If threatened with loss of savings and jail time, many Americans would admit to almost anything when hounded by federal or state government. (For more information, research “tyrannical regimes.”) That’s why we take with a grain of salt attorney Jenna Ellis’ recent Georgia RICO plea deal where she tearfully told the court that she lied. Instead of two felony charges, Ellis pleaded to one felony count of “aiding and abetting false statements and writings.”

You can decide if Jenna Ellis was lying in 2020 or when she took the plea deal? Three Ellis Twitter posts from three years ago:

November 26, 2020

“Happy Thanksgiving to everyone except the fraudsters who rigged this election!”

December 3, 2020

“The VIDEO EVIDENCE being shown in the Georgia Senate Hearing is SHOCKING. Room cleared at 10:30pm. 4 people stay behind. Thousands of ballots pulled from under a table in suitcases and scanned. FRAUD!”

December 28, 2020

“President Trump should never concede the election."

RELIANCE ON GOVT: How to create a Marxist society

What does student debt have to do with Marxism? The cost of college of a degree rose substantially when the government began offering student loans. During the “plandemic,” there was a pause in paying back the loan, but that is over and now grads must pay about $300 a month per the U.S. Federal Reserve—sometimes for degrees that get them jobs at Starbucks. That means these workers have LESS money to set aside for retirement.

According to a FinanceBuzz survey the money to pay the student loan is coming from retirement planning such as IRAs and company 401(k) plans. From

More than half (54%) of student loan borrowers say they will contribute less to their retirement savings due to the resumption of payments, according to a new survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by FinanceBuzz. About 40 million Americans are impacted by student loans, and the resumption of payments will have a major impact on their monthly budgets.

When Gen Zers reach retirement, which many believe is due them much sooner than the traditional age 65, they will not have the financial ability to stop working. Social security isn’t enough for most people today and will surely be reduced in the decades ahead OR the full retirement age will be increased. What will these folks do? Of course, rely on government. The Social Security trust fund is forecasted to be exhausted by 2033 and payment will then be reduced by 25 percent.

To “buy” Generation Z votes, the Biden administration is expanding its student loan forgiveness. Currently, the forgiveness programs are for specific hardship cases. The Biden administration is upgrading its forgiveness plan under the Higher Education Act to circumvent last summer’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down its student loan forgiveness program.

According to the Department of Education (didn’t President Reagan want to get rid of this agency?) $127 BILLION in student debt has been canceled for nearly 3.6 million Americans. There is currently $1.6 TRILLION in student loan debt. Many states will pick up the tab. By the way, why hasn’t the Biden administration offered hardship cases loan forgiveness for mortgages, cars and medical bills? Could it be those loans are held by older people?

The more people who rely on government (for their employment, loan forgiveness or retirement), the more the government owns the people. It works so well in communist countries.

RONNA’S RNC: Continues its losing streak

Republicans can spin the off-year elections anyway they want as there were minor successes here and there; however, the results represent major losses from sea to shining sea. Let’s review the outstanding results of RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel:

Red Kentucky with two Republican senators and a Republican majority legislature re-elected its Democrat governor.

  • Democrats now control the Virginia legislature.
  • Democrats grew their majority in the New Jersey legislature.
  • Democrats won a state Supreme Court seat in Pennsylvania.
  • Democrats pushed through the right to abortion in red Ohio.

On the DEMOCRAT side, to thank South Carolina for giving Joe “Big Guy” Biden the nomination in 2020, the Democratic National Committee decided that the Palmetto state should be the first in the nation primary. Democrats are holding the South Carolina primary on February 3. (Republicans on February 24.)

New Hampshire, which has been the-first-in-the-nation primary for more than a century and has a state law stating they need to be the first, basically told the DNC “screw you.” New Hampshire will hold its primary on January 7—and Joe Biden’s name will NOT be on the ballot. But Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s name WILL be on the ballot. Dems are trying to encourage voters to write in Joey’s name.

On the INDEPENDENT side, Democrats are quite worried about the primary.

  • New Hampshire—as explained above, without Biden on the ballot, RFK Jr. could win the primary. Primary wins, especially in early states, immensely help third-party candidates.
  • Michigan—has a large Arab/Muslim and black population that usually votes Democrat. Arabs/Muslims are overwhelmingly supporting Hamas terrorists and angry that Joe Biden has not come out forcefully against Israel. Black voters are disappointed that Bidenmics hasn’t helped them. These voters, representing a large voting bloc, could yield a protest vote for independent Cornel West who supports Black Lives Matters and Hamas.

On the REPUBLICAN side, why is the Never Trump media hyping Nikki Haley’s “rise” in the polls as if it means something? Haley’s poll numbers are on a par with Democrat Marianne Williamson’s poll numbers, but no one thinks Williamson is going win the Democrat nomination. Compare for yourself from the Real Clear Politics survey of surveys:

Nikki Haley/Marianne Williamson

NBC News 13% 12% Fox News 11% 13% Quinnipiac 08% 12% Debates: We bet that there won’t be any presidential debates next year. Joe Biden is not able to handle basic presidential duties such as press conferences, much less a 90-minute 1:1 debate. Nevertheless, debates have been scheduled.


Monday, September 16 at Texas State University in San Marcos Tuesday, October 1 at Virginia State University in Petersburg Wednesday, October 9 at University of Utah in Salt Lake City Vice President Debate:

Wednesday, September 25 at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Somethings to consider:

  • Why can Argentina and France count about 30 and 35 MILLION paper ballots, respectively, in one night to declare a winner, but American cities and states with much less voters can’t do the same???
  • Why did Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who paints herself as someone who fights for American Patriot values, support then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision in June NOT to release the J6 videotapes???

Let’s send a holiday card to House Speaker Johnson thanking him for starting to release the January 6 video tapes.......568 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC, 20515-1804

Patriot Neighbors welcomes sharing readers’ opinions. 


by Arthur Christopher Schaper, California

I voted for Trump two times, but not this time.  If anyone needs any reason to rethink their ongoing support for Trump, look no further than this exposé from Ken Cuccinelli, who served in the Trump Administration—link below.   Ken Cuccinelli, the ‘Immigration Czar’ from the Trump administration, shared the following:

  • Trump deported fewer people and at a slower rate than Obama.
  • Trump routinely called off large ICE raids and deportation operations. 
  • Trump did not have the will to deport because it might hurt his image.

In Cuccinelli's own words:

“Donald Trump was not enthusiastic or aggressive about deporting people and the numbers speak for themselves….I can show you the data that make it clear that the deportations went at a faster pace in the Obama administration than they did in the Trump administration, PERIOD.”

In contrast, Governor Ron DeSantis has accomplished the following:  

  • Banned sanctuary cities in Florida. 
  • Forbade the issuance of driver's licenses to illegal aliens. 
  • Enacted the most comprehensive E-Verify program in the country. 
  • Shipped illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard, so that sanctuary jurisdictions would be forced to live up to their virtue-signaling. That effort has now sparked blue states and blue cities to demand that Biden secure the border and stop the illegal alien invasion.

While Donald Trump talks, DeSantis walks.

DeSantis has also:

  • Removed George Soros-backed prosecutors who put criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens.
  • Expanded gun rights (constitutional carry), while Trump banned bump stocks (and wanted to push red flag laws).
  • Cut taxes and spending and paid down Florida's debt, while Trump expanded the national debt by $7.2 TRILLION.
  •  Banned sex mutilation of minors as well as banned men from women's FACILITIES (not just sports, but also restrooms and fitting rooms).

I know that the United States enjoyed a strong economy and lower energy prices during the first three years of Trump's administration, but Trump threw it all away to shut down the country over COVID-19. In contrast, DeSantis switched course, rejected the Lockdown-Vaccine narratives, and let Florida be free. We need that kind of leadership in Washington DC. And let's not forget that while George Floyd riots raged throughout the United States, Trump tweeted "LAW AND ORDER," but DeSantis delivered law and order, cracking down on potential riots, enacting stronger enforcement measures, and supporting the police with sign-in bonuses and training perks.

On immigration, crime, COVID-19, and cultural issues, DeSantis is Trump with results. Vote DeSantis 2024!

Arthur Christopher Schaper is a blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. You can email him at: 

Patriot Neighbors welcomes different views; however, we support Donald J. Trump for President.


With our prayers and involvement, we must have hope of saving our republic. Let’s look at some recent wins that show the tide might be turning in the direction of Conservative Judeo-Christian values. However, we need Republican LEADERSHIP, which seems to be in short supply:

IOWA: In June, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill establishing a Board of Regents commission to review diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs. Last week, Iowa’s Board of Regents voted to minimize the university system’s DEI programs.

LOUISIANA: Clean Republican sweep! In October, Jeff Landry won as governor with more than 50 percent of the vote. Soon all of Louisiana will be Republican as these Republicans won the primary runoff:

- Jeff Landry: Governor - Liz Baker Murrill: Attorney General - Billy Nungesser: Lt. Governor - John Fleming: Treasurer - Nancy Landry: Secretary of State - Tim Temple: Insurance Comm.

  • SOUTH CAROLINA: For the first time in nearly 150 years, there will be a Republican mayor of Charleston, South Carolina. William Cogswell, a former state representative, won over incumbent Democrat mayor John Tecklenburg.
  • UTAH: Republican Celeste Maloy was elected to Congress in Utah’s 2nd district special election.

After spewing anti-Semitic comments at pro-Hamas rallies, United Talent Agency (UTA) has dropped radical actress Susan Sarandon. You know what this means, right? If Sarandon appears at the next Oscar telecast, the anti-American liberal audience will give her a standing ovation. If you would like to thank UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer:

Email: Not found Phone: 310-273-6700 Write: 9336 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210  Other actors posting or saying anti-Semitic rants are losing roles or agents. For instance, Melissa Barrera was reportedly fired from Scream 7. (Oh darn! We missed Scream 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and had so looked forward to #7.)

Americans do not prescribe to the doom and gloom climate change hysteria. CNBC has reportedly closed the network’s “climate change desk” and laid off the staff. Oh, the humanity!  KARMA: Do you remember in 2018 when then-Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family were tossed out of the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia in the middle of eating their meal? The left-wing owner and her leftist employees couldn’t stand the sight of a Republican in their eatery. Fast forward, the restaurant will be closing. Guess that’s what happens when you run a leftist eatery in an area that voted two-thirds for Donald Trump. No customers, no sales, no business.


  • ARGENTINA: Tired of hyper-inflation and immense poverty, Argentinians elected libertarian populist President-elect Javier Milei who has had a “Trump-like” campaign. Milei plans to visit both the United States and Israel before his December 10 inauguration. He also says the Argentina embassy will relocate to Jerusalem.
  • GERMANY: On November 2, the German government implemented a ban on any action by or in support of anti-Israel activists. The government also dissolved Samidoun, an Islamist group that organized a Berlin celebration of the Hamas attack on Israel. Last week, following the ban, German police raided the properties of Hamas members and Samidoun followers.
  • NETHERLANDS: Tired of watching what is happening throughout Europe with massive Muslim immigration, it’s no surprise that Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom will now be the largest party in the Dutch parliament. Wilders’ platform included a referendum on the Netherlands leaving the European Union and total halt to accepting asylum-seekers and migrant pushbacks at Dutch borders. Wilders said: “The Dutch will be No. 1 again. The people must get their nation back.”
  • SWITZERLAND: The Swiss Federal Council designated Hamas as a “terrorist organization.” The Swiss government announced that by the end of February, it will ban “Hamas activities” or “support” for the Gaza group.
FILM: THE FALL OF MINNEAPOLIS  From the Alpha News website:

The film is based on Liz Collin’s Amazon bestseller, “They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd,” which exposes the holes in the prevailing narrative surrounding George Floyd’s death, the trial of Derek Chauvin, and the fallout the city of Minneapolis has suffered ever since.

The documentary features more than a dozen interviews with the people directly involved, including exclusive interviews with former officers Derek Chauvin and Alexander Kueng who spoke to Liz Collin from prison. The families of Chauvin and Kueng also speak out publicly for the first time.

The film also features current and former Minneapolis police officers who tell their harrowing stories from the riots, recount the planned surrender of the Third Precinct, and explain why so many of them left the job.


No matter how depressing the news is, we must never give up our belief in faith, family, and country. As we welcome the autumn season pray for our country, President Trump and J6 prisoners!

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you, and you will seek Me and find Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:11-13

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