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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Article V Convention: If A Balance Budget Amendment is All They Accomplish – They May As Well Stay Home!

By Rich Kozlovich

“Believe me, dear Sir: there is not in the British empire a man who more cordially loves a union with Great Britain than I do. But, by the God that made me, I will cease to exist before I yield to a connection on such terms as the British Parliament propose; and in this, I think I speak the sentiments of America.”—Thomas Jefferson, November 29, 1775

Unlike many, I'm not that enamored with Thomas Jefferson, but this statement is telling. Below are two posts by Rob Natelson regarding a much talked about Title V Convention of the States to address a constitutional amendment. Please read these two articles first before going on.

First: Planning for a Convention of the States for Proposing Constitutional Amendments- Advocates of a federal balanced budget amendment are closing in on the 34 states necessary to require Congress to call a convention for proposing amendments. Other groups, such as the Convention of States project, are working assiduously toward the same goal. If they succeed, it will be a constitutional milestone, and a tribute to the dedication of millions of Americans who recognize that the federal government is sorely in need of reform….

Second: Voting Rules at a Convention of the States - In a recent post, I examined suggestions that a convention of the states for proposing amendments adopt a supermajority rule for proposing any amendment. Most commonly suggested is that the convention replace the traditional “majority of states decides” standard with a two-thirds requirement. I explained that this departure from history was politically unnecessary, would make it very difficult for the convention to propose anything, and likely would destroy the convention’s popular support. This post answers other questions about the issue-- including the possibility of a convention that fails to propose because it chokes on its own rules. No statesman will want to be part of such a convention.....

Is there really a need for such action? Here are some statements from the Declaration of Independence. Please see if there is anything that seems familiar to you.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…..

That has been a concept the federal government has long abandoned.

Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world. He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good…..

The federal government is out of control. Nothing short of cutting off the purse strings and stripping Congress and the Administration of their of unbridled power can fix this.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

Starting with the Wilson administration and continuing with the FDR administration the federal government has grown to such gigantic proportions it's unmanagable and out of control with regulations, fines, confiscation of property and imprisonment of honest citizens.

He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power……

Even the EPA has created its own standing army, much like other federal agencies, and unaccountable to civil authority.

He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

Can we have any doubt the EPA, the BLM, the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service and the Army Corp of Engineers has done these things with their regulations?

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us…

Can we doubt liberals have incited racial and class hatred for years?

….and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

The leftists have been promoting this kind of thing with immigration polices that are clearly detriment to the nation, including the immigration of known radical Islamist groups.

Although such a Convention may or may not produce a Balance Budget Amendment, but it occurs to me even if such a Convention occurs and such an amendment passes – it will fix nothing! Why? Because it will not place a cap on taxation or spending, that would be irrational and poor management practice. No one can predict what costs may occur in the future. 
However, merely balancing the amount taken it to be in line with what goes out isn’t a solution – it’s a bandage – a loose bandage, and it certainly won't fix the abuses by government imposed on society. If they wish to go through this process what they need to do is fix what’s wrong with the Constitution – and there’s been a lot of clabber added over the years. Here’s what needs to be done!

First – repeal the Sixteenth Amendment. This amendment gave the Congress the power to tax income. That’s been a disaster – we now know it’s a disaster in every way possible, including fairness and abuse of power by the IRS at the behest of many administrations from both sides of the aisle – get rid of it and pass a national sales tax, and for this to work the 16thamendment must be repealed first.

Second – Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment. The founding fathers saw the need to prevent a central government from running rough shod over the states and the nation’s citizens. As a result Senators were originally chosen by the states to represent the state as ambassadors from the states to the central government. The House of Representatives were to represent the people, not the Senate. Once the 17th Amendment passed the balance of power disappeared.

Third – Add a Twenty Eighth Amendment, or after repealing the 16th and 17th amendments, make it a Twenty Ninth Amendment.  No part of the federal government has been so destructive to America as the federal judiciary. We need to place restrictions on the federal judiciary starting with age and term limits. The founding fathers created lifetime appointments for federal judges because they wanted them to be unafraid about losing their jobs for unpopular decisions. There were some differences between then and now.

First of all there were few federal judges and nowhere in the Constitution does it exactly outline their duties. Originally the Supreme Court handled very common cases. Their authority developed over time and they pretty much created their own parameters of responsibility.

Secondly, the federal government was amazingly small compared to today and everyone pretty much thought it would stay that way. However the passage of the 16th amendment (income tax) and 17th Amendment (popular elections of Senators) pretty much laid the foundation destroying the checks and balances between the branches of government and the vision of a limited central government, which the founding fathers believed was essential to individual liberty. They couldn't have been more right.

Although it’s true judges can be removed by impeachment. It’s also true the federal judiciary is filled with political hacks that have made decisions that can’t be construed as anything but high crimes. The high crimes of the Constitution means a “crime of high office”, which can simply mean they’ve failed to perform the duties they have sworn by oath to perform. It’s clear the federal judiciary no longer believe they have to "solemnly swear (or affirm) they will administer justice……under the Constitution and laws of the United States."  
They’re clearly not following the Constitution, and they clearly don’t believe they need to “preserve and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” since they are clearly the Constitution’s greatest enemy. If that’s so – and it is – and if it’s so obvious – and it is –why aren’t more judges impeached? Because getting a two thirds majority to vote for conviction from the Senate is almost impossible.

As historian Dr. Clarence Carson wrote:
"Jefferson doubted that the fear of impeachment was little more than a paper tiger, or as he put it frequently in private correspondence, “not even a scarecrow.” He put the danger this way: “We already see the power, installed for life, advancing with a noiseless and steady pace to the great object of consolidation. [“The engine of consolidation,” he had said, “will be the federal judiciary . . . .”]The foundations are already deeply laid by their decisions for the annihilation of constitutional state rights, and the removal of every check, every counterpoise to the engulfing power of which themselves are to make a sovereign part.”

If the Constitution is going to really be the document that governs government, and is the real and legitimate law of the land, it's in serious need of reinforcements. It’s time for a 28th Amendment that would impose strict term and age limits on the federal judiciary.

There are three levels of the federal judiciary- the District level, the Appeals level and the Supreme Court. Each level should have a ten year limit with a review after five years requiring a majority approval by the Senate. At each level each nominee would have to go through the same process, even if nominated to a higher court before they finish their term in a lower court. 
If their term runs out and they’re not nominated to a higher court they may be nominated at some point in the future. No jurist can return to a lower court if their term runs its course at a higher level, and no jurist can ever be appointed to a court if their nomination to any court has ever been rejected by the Senate. No jurist may serve after the age of seventy.

If those three things occur there will no need for a Balanced Budget Amendment and we can begin to dismantle these overweening Federal Departments and Agencies that trample citizens rights and everything else will fall into place.  If these three Constitutional actions aren't addressed nothing will change. If they're going to go through all that work - make it worthwhile or stay home!

American Council on Science and Health

Harlem Globetrotters Of ScienceTake On The Environmental Washington Generals

This one had all the suspense of a Harlem GlobetrottersWashington Generals game. (1)
In what can be seen, at the very least, as an appalling lack of creativity, our old friends the EWG —Environmental Washington Generals (oops, I meant Environmental Working Group) —decided that since they had finally hit dry wells with phthalates and BPA, it was time for a “new” chemical to scare people about, get some mainstream Scare Journalism coverage (which worked) and then drum up funding (which will certainly work).

What chemical did they choose and why?

There are 40,000 chemicals in the Sigma-Aldrich catalog, so perhaps they threw a dart because they claim to have hit on a “new“—their words, not mine—terrible toxin called triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), which is used in fingernail polish. How deadly is it? The CDC has plenty of data: It takes 1.4 grams (orally) to kill a rat. That is a whole lot. Extrapolating to humans (an approximation, at best) a lethal dose would be 245 grams, or, about 9 ounces, which is about the weight of 80 packets of sugar.

“Workers exposed to an average air concentration of 3.5 mg/m3 for as long as ten years showed no evidence of adverse clinical effects.” (3.5 mg/m3is equivalent to .26 parts-per-million—a concentration that even industrial workers will never see).....To Read More..

The NIH is spending another $35 million to "study" alternative treatments they know don't work - hopefully they can prove it once and for all.

Activists know they have Chipotle on the run - so now they are doubling down on their demands.

The World Health Organization (WHO) published its first global estimates of the occurrence of oral herpes and much to everyone's dismay, most people have herpes.

If Your Only Tool Is A Mammogram, Everything Is A Breast
If the American Cancer Society recommends mammograms every two years for normal-risk women over age 55, does that mean they only care about money?

The Insanity Continues! - or - You Can't Fix Stupid!

Putin Believes Global Warming ‘Is A Fraud To Restrain Developing Nations’
Obama Administration Wants To Hold Off Court’s Climate Ruling Until After Paris UN Summit

The Russian president believes that "there is no global warming, that this is a fraud to restrain the industrial development of several countries including Russia," says Stanislav Belkovsky, a political analyst and critic of Putin. "That is why this subject is not topical for the majority of the Russian mass media and society in general." --Reuters, 29 October 2015

Putin's climate scepticism dates from the early 2000s, when his staff "did very, very extensive work trying to understand all sides of the climate debate", said Andrey Illarionov, Putin's senior economic adviser at the time and now a senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington. "We found that, while climate change does exist, it is cyclical, and the anthropogenic role is very limited," he said. "It became clear that the climate is a complicated system and that, so far, the evidence presented for the need to 'fight' global warming was rather unfounded." That opinion endures. During a trip to the Arctic in 2010, Putin acknowledged that "the climate is changing", but restated his doubt that human activity was the cause. --Reuters, 29 October 2015

Obama administration lawyers want a federal court to hold off on deciding whether to block its climate change rule for power plants until late December. Since the regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency is the United States’s most significant climate change initiative, opponents think staying the rule would send a strong signal and could derail an international pact to fight climate change. While the Justice Department and the EPA characterized the schedule as reasonable, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) said the administration was trying to delay proceedings. “The Clean Power Plan is on legally vulnerable ground, and the agency knows it,” Inhofe, chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, said in a statement. --Timothy Cama, The Hill, 28 October 2015

Steel bosses warned David Cameron five years ago that energy taxes would risk thousands of jobs on Teesside, but ministers ignored the pleas as they were determined to lead ‘the greenest government in history’. Prior to taking control of the former British steel plant on Teesside in 2011, SSI repeatedly sought assurances from ministers that it would not be hit with punitive taxes for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. George Osborne, however, imposed duty which hiked energy costs for steel manufacturers and other energy-intensive industries that meant that British steelmakers ended up paying 80 per cent more for electricity than the EU average, which is two times higher than the US, and three times more than in China. Despite repeated warnings that the levy would make it almost impossible for British steel firms to compete with overseas rivals the Government has only now stepped to save the industry from collapse. --Andy Richardson, The Northern Echo, 30 October 2015

Green energy investments have been shredded over the past eight years, gutting shareholder value and calling the financial viability of renewable energy into question. The Energy Select Sector SPDR exchange-traded fund, which tracks the alternative energy sector, is down 15 percent over the past eight years. Barron’s reports that losses among individual ETFs in the green energy sector, however, are much worse. Guggenheim Solar ETF has lost investors 88 percent over the same timeframe, with PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio losing a similar 82 percent. Global government cuts in green energy subsidies will continue to threaten alternative energy investments going forward. --Steve Birr, Daily Caller News Foundation, 28 October 2015

The global warming hiatus is one of the most important topics in climate science. The data shows us something very interesting is happening and many scientists, looking at many aspects of the environment, are producing amazing research in pursuit of an explanation. It will not be explained or dismissed by this or that paper, and the latest one championed in the media is unlikely to last long. The hiatus is not only telling us something about the importance of natural climatic variations but also about the polarisation of science exemplified by questions like whose side are you on. --David Whitehouse, Global Warming Policy Forum, 29 October 2015

Atlas Shrugs

Muslim model hanged herself fearing she would be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents
What a spectacular culture! And the UK authorities say, more multiculturalism! Faster! Harder! Muslim model hanged herself fearing she would be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents – who she discovered were actually her aunt and uncle Nadia Menaz, 24, learned her parents were actually her aunt and uncle. Model married husband Umar Rassol in 2011 but they did not approve. Took out forced marriage protection order at family court last December. But she was found hanged in her bedroom at home in Oldham in May. VIDEO German Muslim: “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not!” “Your daughters will wear hijab”
America, take heed. German Muslim threatens German man: “we will marry your daughters and they will wear hijab!” The man, speaking in heavily accented but fluent German, is speaking to a German man with his face obscured….”Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not…not through war but by the fact that Germans don’t reproduce and Muslims have 7-8 children each…but not only that, your daughters will marry bearded Muslims and wear the hijab, their sons will wear a beard! The Muslims will have four wives and 27 children and what does the German man have? One child and maybe a little pet dog! The German has taken advantage of the Muslim for too long, just so he can drive his..

Lesbos Lifejacket Mountain As if Greece could afford this. Just for knowing, they have destroyed Lesbos. The continent is in meltdown, and the BBC is hand-wringing about the bad ecology karma of the life-jackets. Authorities on the island say they do not have the capacity to dispose of the safety vests while local fisherman say they cannot fish because of the pollution. More than 700,000 refugees and migrants have made their way across the Mediterranean to Europe this year.

Swedish politician says country ‘facing collapse’ due to mass invasion
The question is, when are they going to stop talking and actually do something to stop it?
Swedish politician says country ‘facing collapse’ due to mass influx of refugees,” RT [notoriously pro-islamic], October 29, 2015 A leading Swedish politician says the country is facing a refugee catastrophe, which will lead to the “country collapsing.” The bold claims were made by Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, who adds the EU needs to do more to take the strain off Stockholm. The northern European country expects to accommodate around 190,000 by the turn of the year, but this is putting a strain on the country both economically and socially. Wallstrom says that Stockholm needs more help and intends to put pressure on..

SHOCKING VIDEO: Muslim Migrants storm/BREAK DOWN BORDER FENCE Austria-Slovenia border AWOL: Thousands More Muslim “Migrants” “Mysteriously Disappear”
This week’s coverage of the invasion of Europe:
INVASION: Situation at Austria’s borders out of control
10/28: FIVE MILLION MUSLIMS march on Europe: “We cannot guarantee the public safety anymore”
10/28:One Out of Two Migrants Go Rogue, “Unaccounted For,” “On the Run”
10/27:Europe now scrambles for guns: Shotguns have ‘virtually sold out’ in Austria
10/27: Lapland Ski Resort and 4-Star Ramada Hotel to Become Permanent Migrant Housing
10/26: MIGRANT VIDEO: “They are sitting in our backyards”
10/25: VIDEO: Village of 60 must accept 1,500 Muslim migrants
10/24: ...

Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Bernie Sanders Vows to Lead Fight Not Against Jihad Terror, but Against‘Islamophobia’
Once again, the party of treason is leading the fight not against those who are waging a holy war to destroy us, but against those who oppose jihad terror. The Hill reported that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday invoked his ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps as he embraced a Muslim student and promised to lead the fight against racism.” His ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps he is likening to the fictional construct of“Islamophobia”? What craven pandering....

Obama cancels oil and natural-gas lease sales in the Arctic, cedes Arctic to Putin This story is related to this eye-opening piece about how Moscow is using Obama’s disastrous post-American foreign policy to batter American credibility abroad. Obama has presided over a decline in American power and prestige that could not have been anything but deliberate. I warned that this was coming in my book about Obama, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America: Obama subscribes to the far-left idea that the problem with the world is America as a superpower, and that if America were weakened politically, militarily, and economically, the world would be at peace. He has pursued that vision throughout his presidency. We will be paying for it for generations to come.

Word of the Day!

Gormless - airheaded, birdbrained, bonehead, boneheaded, brain-dead, brainless, bubbleheaded, chuckleheaded, dense, dim, dim-witted, doltish, dopey (also dopy), dorky [slang], dull, dumb, dunderheaded, empty-headed, fatuous, stupid [chiefly British], half-witted, knuckleheaded, lamebrain (or lamebrained), lunkheaded, mindless, oafish, obtuse, opaque, pinheaded, senseless, simple, slow, slow-witted, soft, softheaded, thick, thickheaded, thick-witted, unintelligent, unsmart, vacuous, weak-minded, witless

The War Against the Jewish Trees

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog 7 Comments

You might think that the obstacles to peace are the rockets from Gaza and the brutal murders of Jews.

You might be foolish enough to think that the obstacles are the ordinary Muslims who taunted and beat Adelle Banita-Bennett, suddenly widowed at 22, trying to escape the Muslim terrorist who had just murdered her husband.

You might think that it’s the fact that a majority of Muslims in ’67 Israel spit on the Two-State Solution and that PLO boss Abbas rejected the Oslo Accords in a speech at the United Nations.

And you would be wrong.

None of those things are obstacles to peace. If they were, surely the media would have told us so.

The real threats are the fig, palm and carob trees around a hiking path near Jerusalem. The true threat to peace comes from the pine trees that shade the kids playing in the water in a Ma'ale Adumim park.

The pine tree, you see, is a Jewish tree.

As anti-Israel activist Michael Davis accuses, “This foreign tree displaced the olive trees of the indigenous population.” The “indigenous” population he mentions were the Muslim conquerors while the “foreigners” are the Jewish indigenous population who were planting the “foreign” Jerusalem pine trees that are mentioned in the Bible by that notorious foreigner, the Prophet Isaiah.

The trees of Israel were displaced not by the Jews, but by the Ottoman Caliphate building a railroad to the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Charcoal for Allah’s magic railroad consumed what few forests existed in Israel under Muslim rule and every tenth fruit bearing tree. Then the Zionists, in addition to planting trees, also thumbed their noses at the Caliphate and blew up its holy railroad.

No one cuts down forests for charcoal and the train no longer runs through Israel to Medina anymore.

But facts, like trees, are obstacles to peace. And if we’re ever going to have peace, we need to do something about the Jewish facts and the Jewish trees. And the Jews who produce facts and trees.

According to the anti-Israel hate group T’ruah, the trees planted by the Jewish National Fund block peace. According to T'ruah head Jill Jacobs, planting trees in '67 Israel violates Jewish “values.”

Jacobs, who sits on J Street’s Rabbinic cabinet and backed the Iran deal that lets the terror state get nukes and fund Hezbollah and Hamas, claims that it's the Jewish arboreal menace that is "getting in the way of a secure future for Israel.” It’s the trees, not the nukes, that are the problem.

“Is a park in Ma’alei Adumim an impediment to peace?” asks the CEO of JNF. Obviously he isn’t very familiar with the Islamic position on the evil ways of Jewish trees.

Does not the holy Hadith, which is also incorporated into the Hamas charter, declare, “The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

How are Muslims supposed to kill the Jews… if the damn Jews keep planting trees to hide behind?

Especially these Jewish trees which are Islamically notorious for their sympathy to the Jewish people.

71% of Muslims in ’67 Israel agree with the “Kill the Jews” Hadith. Only 1 in 3 accepts the Two-State Solution. But it all depends on the willingness of the trees to cooperate in the anti-Semitic Jihad.
In the recent suicide bombing in Maaleh Adumim, the terrorist shouted “Allahu Akbar,” but only managed to injure one police officer. The photos show plenty of trees, but none of them seemed to have warned the Muslim terrorist where the Jews were hiding. The trees let the terrorist down.

Maybe it’s because they were the “trees of the Jews.”

The former Grand Mufti of Egypt warned that "Jews are planting Gharqad trees all over the West Bank" so they can hide from the Muslims carrying out their peaceful Islamic rock-and-tree Holocaust.

The Gharqad tree is the boxthorn, not the pine, but if the Jews managed to make the Jerusalem pine into a foreign “Jewish” tree, who is to say that they haven’t managed to subvert other trees as well?

The Muslim resistance fighters of Hamas recently arrested a dolphin who was caught spying for the Jewish State. Hezbollah busted an eagle working for the Jews, Sudan took down a spy vulture and Egypt arrested a Zionist duck (or possibly a Zionist stork). Iran nabbed 14 squirrels for spying for Israel.

And with squirrels, it’s just a hop and a skip to the trees.

Now that the boxthorn and the pine tree have converted to Judaism, what happens if the carob tree puts on a Yarmulke and the olive tree gets a Bar Mitzvah? If all the trees turn against the Muslims, that just leaves them with the rocks as their only friends, and with the way they’ve been mistreating them by throwing them at the Jews, the rocks might not stick around to help in the holy Hadith Holocaust.

So you can see why the JNF planting Jewish trees in those parts of Israel which were part of the Palestinian state since 1967, 1973 or 1993 or never, represents a real obstacle to peace.

Peace being a euphemism for dead Jews.

BDS has boycotted Jewish produce. Now it’s reached the final frontier of boycotting Jewish trees. After all Jewish produce comes from Jewish trees. You can’t fight Jewish oranges without fighting Jewish orange trees. You’ve got to deforest the green Jewish presence beyond the Green Line, root and branch.

There’s only one answer; the horticultural cleansing of Israel to get rid of the Jewish tree problem.

Tree BDS is the future of BDS. Get rid of all the trees. Turn the land back to a desert. Cut down the “foreign” Jerusalem pines and plant indigenous Hamas rockets on their stumps. T’ruah claims that it’s fighting Jewish tree settlements. Maybe the Jews have taken to settling in the trees.

“It’s an educational opportunity to get the Jewish community to think about where their donations go, and to start asking questions to make sure we’re putting our tzedakha in line with our values,” Jill Jacobs of T’ruah says.

Jill Jacobs’ last “educational opportunity” involved calling on Americans to “repent” for hurting Al Qaeda terrorists. Hating Jewish trees and defending Muslim terrorists are sensible values that show a respect for the Islamic belief that Jewish trees interfere with the holy murderous work of Muslim terrorists.

And yet, despite the Muslim arson attacks that have torched entire forests, the trees of Israel live. And despite the Muslim terror attacks that have taken so many Jewish lives, the Jews of Israel endure.

"And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them," the Prophet Isaiah said. "They shall not build, and another inhabit, they shall not plant, and another eat; for as the days of a tree shall be the days of My people."

“They will not toil in vain, nor bear children to fall to terror.”

While the Muslim colonists and their accomplices plot against the Jews and their trees, it was a higher authority that put both the Jews and the trees there to hold back the desert, physical and spiritual.

As C.S. Jarvis, the British governor of the Sinai, wrote, “The Arab is sometimes called the Son of the Desert, but as Palmer said, this is a misnomer as in most cases he is the Father of the Desert, having created it himself and the arid waste in which he lives and on which practically nothing will grow is the direct result of his appalling indolence, combined with his simian trait of destroying everything he does not understand.”

“A great part of the country in which he now ekes out his haphazard existence was at one time fairly productive and prosperous and, by failing to repair damage done by wear and tear of weather and by wantonly wreaking conduits and cisterns he was too lazy to use, he has succeeded in creating a sun-scorched treeless desert which will remain wilderness as long as he encumbers the land,” he added.

Jarvis wrote that the Bedouin likes rocks, but that the “sight of a tree appears to incense him and he is not happy until he has destroyed it utterly by snapping off its branches and burning its trunk through to the core.” The same thing is happening today with Bedouins and Jewish trees in the anti-tree Jihad.

Or as the poet Joseph Brodsky wrote, “The East is a catastrophe of dust. Green is found only on the banners of the prophet. Nothing grows here, except mustaches… all these turbans and beards, uniforms for heads possessed by only one idea... massacre... ‘I massacre, therefore I exist.’”

This is the terrible logic of the desert. The terrible logic of Islam and its leftist accomplices. The Jews know they exist, because they create. Their enemies know that they exist, because they destroy.
In the war between the tree and the desert, the Jews have taken the side of the tree while their enemies fight to bring back the desert.

BDS battling “Jewish” trees gets down to the root of the true anti-Israel and anti-Jewish agenda. Kill the trees. Kill the Jews. And leave behind a barren spiritual and physical desert ruled by the destroyers.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Who's Responsible?

By Walter E. Williams

Hillary Clinton told a mixed audience, "I mean, if we're honest, for a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear".  Before we get into the nuts and bolts of that observation, I'd like to ask a question. Would well-meaning, open-minded white people have a similar fear at the sight of an elderly black man using a walker and wearing a hoodie?  Whether we like it or not, easily observed physical characteristics — such as race, sex, height and age — convey information. That's because there is often a correlation between those characteristics and other characteristics not so easily observed.

Say that you're a police commander faced with the task of finding vandals responsible for slashing car tires and smashing windows. How much of the city's resources would you expend investigating 60- to 70-year-old Chinese men? You probably wouldn't spend resources on any men in that age group. So who is responsible for your decision not to investigate 60- to 70-year-old Chinese men and other men of the same age? If you said it's the behavioral reputation of that demographic as a group, you'd be absolutely right........  A black and Hispanic president of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers told his drivers to "profile" their passengers. "The God's honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics," he said. ......To Read More....

American Thinker

13 reasons why we should not admit Muslim 'refugees'
Carol Brown
President Obama wants to flood this country with “Syrian refugees.” As most AT readers know, we should not admit a single one. Unfortunately, a lot of folks are in the dark about what’s going on and/or are so brainwashed by politically correct thinking they dare not acknowledge the truth. We need to keep chipping away at this gargantuan problem of Americans choosing stupidity over survival. Any one of the reasons noted below should be sufficient to make the case as to why we must close our doors to Muslims pouring out of Islamic countries heading points West. But in case you encounter someone who is truly thick (and there are a lot of them out there), it’s always best to have several facts on hand.  They are not “refugees.” They are invaders; soldiers of Allah:….

Daniel John Sobieski
Well, at least they were not told to bake a cake for a gay wedding. In President Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, Christian bakers are forced by the blunt instrument of government mandate to cater a gay wedding regardless of their religious beliefs, but Muslim truckers can now refuse to transport alcohol because their Muslim beliefs and Sharia law prohibits it.  As an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission press release cheerfully chirps about its victory over Star Transport, a trucking company based in Morton, Illinois:…

Johanna Markind
Several federal agencies appear to have ongoing contacts with an organization that has been connected to international terrorism.

Rovvy Lepor
When two parties obligate themselves to the terms of a contract, it is fundamentally necessary that both parties commit to an identical deal. That's not the case here.

Steve McCann
The question must be asked: How much has the potential mutually assured destruction pact between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that is the Benghazi debacle played into Hillary’s run for President?

Kenneth Eliasberg
In the general election, the Benghazi Committee’s discoveries should doom Hillary’s electoral prospects.

Christopher Ricketts
Fifty Years ago in his essay A Family Policy for the Nation, Daniel Patrick Moynihan added to what he had already warned of in his report The Negro Family: The Case for National Action by stating that “there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: a community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any set of rational expectation about the future -- that community asks for and gets chaos.”  Moynihan’s word taken in the present context of same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting casts a light on black lesbians as a new matriarchal structure within the black community that is being acknowledged. However, what is rarely mentioned is that the African American community already has many years of experience with female same-sex parenting in the forms of structures such as mother/grandmother, mother/aunt, and mother/female family-friend co-parenting….

 Colin Flaherty
If you know a cop, you know a hero.  And today, heroes are getting fired for a new kind of bravery: telling the truth about black crime and black on white racial hostility.  They already have enough to do: George Orwell famously said “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”  In Salt Lake City, it is going to take a crowbar to remove the police department t-shirts from the backs of two grateful 20-something sisters who were recently attacked and stabbed by a black intruder. A cop rushed in and killed the predator as he tensed to thrust his knife into one of the sisters. Again. Probably for the final time.  There is a lot of that going around. Both the violence and the heroism.  But at least two cops around the country are now heroes for another reason: they told the truth. And they were fired for it…..

Tom Trinko
Liberals often attack conservatives for not being charitable and caring. But studies show that conservatives give more of their own money to charities and that people who go to church give more than people who don’t. By the traditional definition, it’s liberals who are lacking in charity.  The disconnect can be explained by this quote from a liberal on FaceBook: There is precious little difference between me giving charity directly, and the government taxing me a little more and using that”. Apparently liberals don’t realize that increasing tax rates impact everyone, not just them. The reality is that Congress does not just tax this or that liberal but everyone, and hence the fundamental difference between the two cases is that in one case a person is being charitable by voluntarily giving what is theirs to the poor and in the other case the person is forcing other people to give what is theirs.  Liberal “reasoning” seems to be that raising taxes on other people is charity. But what did Jesus say?

Patricia McCarthy
American citizens outside of the protective bubble of the government are not only expendable, they are fodder for bureaucratic abuse.

Daniel John Sobieski
One of the charges in the impeachment of Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal was just considering the use of the IRS for political purposes.

American Council on Science and Health

Sen. Schumer on Halloween Paint: Health Threat? Political Theater? Is New York Senator Charles Schumer actually informing people about the risks of Halloween face paint, or just seeking political gain? But the real question is: Why did he use a six-year old report to plead for greater "safety?" How many kids needlessly died before sounding the siren? Well, none.

Worse Control Means Poorer Results in Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 diabetes is tied to obesity, increased heart risk, and kidney and eye ailments. And heart attacks are the most common cause of death for those with the disease. But a new study links the excess risk of death from any cause to the level of control of blood glucose, as well as to the degree of kidney issues.

Blood Thinner Vies to Neutralize Deadly Pneumonia  Researchers have found that using argatroban, a blood thinner, blunted the cytotoxic effects of Morf4l1, a protein involved in the destruction of lung tissue in the presence of infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

By Caving Again, Subway’s Antibiotic Phaseout Good and Bad  Subway announced recently that it will begin a long initiative to phase out meat from animals fed antibiotics as a growth enhancer. It's a win for public health, but the reality is that basically anyone, anywhere can get Subway to do just about anything at this point if one screams loud enough.
New Study Wont Stand for ‘Risks of Sitting’ A 16-year study of Londoners has shown no association between sitting behaviors and death, a very different conclusion from what previous research has shown us.

Scandals! We Have Scandals! We Have Lots and Lots of Scandals! And The Media is Still Taking About Watergate.....Imagine That!

 The Next Climategate?
NOAA Refuses To Comply With US Congress Subpoena

The federal government’s chief climate research agency is refusing to give House Republicans the detailed information they want on a controversial study on climate change. Citing confidentiality concerns and the integrity of the scientific process, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said it won’t give Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) the research documents he subpoenaed. At the center of the controversy is a study that concluded there has not been a 15-year “pause” in global warming. Some NOAA scientists contributed to the report. Timothy Cama The Hill 28 October 2015

Worried about climate fraud, Congress is investigating a federal agency for allegedly manipulating weather data to show recent global warming when there is none. So why is the agency refusing to cooperate? Taxpayers pay for this research, which is being used to justify massive new federal spending and regulation. They deserve to know what NOAA and other federal agencies are doing — and whether they're being honest or serving an unspoken extreme political agenda.--Editorial, Investor’s Business Daily, 28 October 2015

It sounds like Climategate all over again, with climate scientists trying to cover up, obfuscate and frustrate all attempts by outsiders to get at the truth. What gives them the right to decide they are above the law? As a publically funded operation, why do they think they are entitled to pick and choose what information they release to Congress? And above all, what are they trying to hide? --Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That, 28 October 2015

The global warming debate on Capitol Hill is heating up. Government scientists refused to comply with lawmakers’ demands they turn over internal documents regarding a study that eliminated the “hiatus” in global warming from the temperature record. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) officials argued such records are confidential and “essential to frank discourse among scientists.” The science agency said it has a history of protecting the“confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions.” NOAA’s decision not to comply with a subpoena from House science committee lawmakers has only angered Chairman Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican, who says Americans have a right to know what taxpayer-funded scientists were thinking when they altered the temperature record in June. --Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller News Foundation, 28 October 2015

NOAA needs to come clean about why they altered the data to get the results they needed to advance this administration’s extreme climate change agenda. Congress cannot do its job when agencies openly defy Congress and refuse to turn over information. When an agency decides to alter the way it has analyzed historical temperature data for the past few decades, it's crucial to understand on what basis those decisions were made. This action has broad national and policy implications. --Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith, The Christian Science Monitor, 28 October 2015