Saturday, October 24, 2015

Conservatives United Get Huge Wins for the GOP

There is lots and lots of condescension in Washington by those who loathe the House Freedom Caucus and outside conservative groups. They’re referred to as the “entertainment wing of the GOP,” accused of being in it for the money, and laughed at as if no reasonable person could possibly agree with them. All the dripping scorn and condescension hide a very simple fact — the conservatives are again winners.  House Conservatives united together and booted John Boehner from the Speaker’s Chair.  House Conservatives united together and blocked Kevin McCarthy from taking the Speaker’s Chair.  And House Conservatives have now, united, given their assent to Paul Ryan becoming Speaker, but without any of Paul Ryan’s preconditions. And House Conservatives are willing to revoke their consent if Paul Ryan tries to gut the motion to vacate the chair. They will even do so on the floor of the House even after the House Republican Conference unites behind Paul Ryan should he try.  House Conservatives, holding a united front, have improved the Office of the Speaker without reducing their power. But that is not all they’ve done.....To Read More... 

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