Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Obama's Halloween felon release

This is no time to unleash 6,000 drug traffickers on our cities

Many Americans are stocking up on treats for neighborhood children in scary costumes, but you may want to think twice before opening the door to strangers this Halloween. That same weekend, Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, the Obama administration plans to release 6,000 felons from federal prison.  This is believed to be the largest one-time release of prisoners in American history. I doubt that federal halfway houses have the capacity or that federal probation officers have the ability to supervise that many prisoners released all at once.  Yet the 6,000 felons are just the first “tranche” of some 46,000 federal prisoners who are now eligible to apply for early release, and 8,550 more of them are expected to be set free over the next 12 months until Halloween of 2016. All those prisoners were convicted of serious drug trafficking offenses and sentenced to at least 10 years in federal prison.  Even those numbers don’t tell the whole story. A bill pending in the Senate – which has attracted the support of several Republicans who should know better – would permanently reduce the prison sentences for serious drug trafficking……To Read More….

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