Saturday, October 31, 2015

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Muslim model hanged herself fearing she would be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents
What a spectacular culture! And the UK authorities say, more multiculturalism! Faster! Harder! Muslim model hanged herself fearing she would be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents – who she discovered were actually her aunt and uncle Nadia Menaz, 24, learned her parents were actually her aunt and uncle. Model married husband Umar Rassol in 2011 but they did not approve. Took out forced marriage protection order at family court last December. But she was found hanged in her bedroom at home in Oldham in May. VIDEO German Muslim: “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not!” “Your daughters will wear hijab”
America, take heed. German Muslim threatens German man: “we will marry your daughters and they will wear hijab!” The man, speaking in heavily accented but fluent German, is speaking to a German man with his face obscured….”Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not…not through war but by the fact that Germans don’t reproduce and Muslims have 7-8 children each…but not only that, your daughters will marry bearded Muslims and wear the hijab, their sons will wear a beard! The Muslims will have four wives and 27 children and what does the German man have? One child and maybe a little pet dog! The German has taken advantage of the Muslim for too long, just so he can drive his..

Lesbos Lifejacket Mountain As if Greece could afford this. Just for knowing, they have destroyed Lesbos. The continent is in meltdown, and the BBC is hand-wringing about the bad ecology karma of the life-jackets. Authorities on the island say they do not have the capacity to dispose of the safety vests while local fisherman say they cannot fish because of the pollution. More than 700,000 refugees and migrants have made their way across the Mediterranean to Europe this year.

Swedish politician says country ‘facing collapse’ due to mass invasion
The question is, when are they going to stop talking and actually do something to stop it?
Swedish politician says country ‘facing collapse’ due to mass influx of refugees,” RT [notoriously pro-islamic], October 29, 2015 A leading Swedish politician says the country is facing a refugee catastrophe, which will lead to the “country collapsing.” The bold claims were made by Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, who adds the EU needs to do more to take the strain off Stockholm. The northern European country expects to accommodate around 190,000 by the turn of the year, but this is putting a strain on the country both economically and socially. Wallstrom says that Stockholm needs more help and intends to put pressure on..

SHOCKING VIDEO: Muslim Migrants storm/BREAK DOWN BORDER FENCE Austria-Slovenia border AWOL: Thousands More Muslim “Migrants” “Mysteriously Disappear”
This week’s coverage of the invasion of Europe:
INVASION: Situation at Austria’s borders out of control
10/28: FIVE MILLION MUSLIMS march on Europe: “We cannot guarantee the public safety anymore”
10/28:One Out of Two Migrants Go Rogue, “Unaccounted For,” “On the Run”
10/27:Europe now scrambles for guns: Shotguns have ‘virtually sold out’ in Austria
10/27: Lapland Ski Resort and 4-Star Ramada Hotel to Become Permanent Migrant Housing
10/26: MIGRANT VIDEO: “They are sitting in our backyards”
10/25: VIDEO: Village of 60 must accept 1,500 Muslim migrants
10/24: ...

Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Bernie Sanders Vows to Lead Fight Not Against Jihad Terror, but Against‘Islamophobia’
Once again, the party of treason is leading the fight not against those who are waging a holy war to destroy us, but against those who oppose jihad terror. The Hill reported that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday invoked his ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps as he embraced a Muslim student and promised to lead the fight against racism.” His ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps he is likening to the fictional construct of“Islamophobia”? What craven pandering....

Obama cancels oil and natural-gas lease sales in the Arctic, cedes Arctic to Putin This story is related to this eye-opening piece about how Moscow is using Obama’s disastrous post-American foreign policy to batter American credibility abroad. Obama has presided over a decline in American power and prestige that could not have been anything but deliberate. I warned that this was coming in my book about Obama, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America: Obama subscribes to the far-left idea that the problem with the world is America as a superpower, and that if America were weakened politically, militarily, and economically, the world would be at peace. He has pursued that vision throughout his presidency. We will be paying for it for generations to come.

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