Sunday, October 25, 2015

American Thinker

Do Hillary's Lies Matter? We’ve grown accustomed to public officials lying to us, but the fabric of society requires we maintain a reasonable level of trust in those we’ve elected.

Time to Fight Back in the Holy War of Islamism  Militant Islamists have declared open war on the entire civilized world, which gives us both the right and the duty to destroy their entire ideology and, if Islam cannot reform itself, the entire Islamic religion.

Bibi and the Holocaust Israel's Prime Minister ignited a worldwide firestorm with his comment that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem "had a central role in fomenting the Final Solution." Here is what you need to know.

Wake Up America: Democrats at War with the People From the Oval Office to numerous corrupted, liberalism-infected government agencies, Democrats arrogantly bully and govern with an iron fist against the will of a majority of Americans.

Abortion and the Birth Rate With abortion legal and supported by government, the birth rate has dropped below replacement level in every developed country except Israel. But the fall in birth rate started more than a century ago

Murderous Religious Intolerance in the Middle East Speaking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, John Kerry asserted that both Israel and the Palestinians are interested in bringing an end to escalation of violence. He's wrong.

The Inversion of Reality in Israel A report from on the ground about how insane things are getting in Israel.

George H.W. Bush, 91 and still confused by conservatism The senior Bush can't understand why voters have rejected his son Jeb, whose agenda of open borders, amnesty, and Common Core is anathema to conservative voters.

Accused rapist affirms Hillary Clinton is 'honest and trustworthy' Bill Clinton, who was accused by Juanita Broddrick of biting her lip, forcing her down on a bed, and raping her, avers: “She’s still got the best friends that she had in grade school.”

Government will examine your energy bill if your neighbor grows pot Welcome to the new police state, where the government may, unbeknownst to you, look at your residential energy bill if your neighbor is suspected of growing pot.

Benghazi BS and the Democrats' Dead Horse  An acquaintance of mine wants those nasty Republicans to “get off this dead horse” – i.e., the investigation into what really led up to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Hillary covered up a terror attack, Nixon a burglary Nixon covered up a burglary where no one died.

Gays and Muslim refugees Add gays to the victims of the latest influx of the Muslim refugees arriving in Europe.

Is Ryan Really Right for the Speakership? One of the reasons Donald Trump’s candidacy has caught fire is because of his position on immigration. Ryan is out of step with the country on this issue.

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