Wednesday, October 21, 2015

George W. Bush Attacks Ted Cruz. Advantage to Ted Cruz.

Erick Erickson

I continue to think Ted Cruz is on trajectory to be the next President of the United States in a nomination fight against Marco Rubio and George W. Bush may have just handed the whole race to Cruz.  Multiple people have told the Politico that at a fundraiser in Colorado for Jeb Bush, President George W. Bush lit into Ted Cruz. Cruz could not have paid for such a sterling moment for his campaign.  A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that more Republicans, upwards of 40%, say they would never, ever vote for Jeb Bush for President, which is more than those who say that about Donald Trump. Along comes the former President in a season of “we’ve already had two Bushes” to promote his brother by bashing Ted Cruz as “opportunistic” and self-interested…..To Read More……

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