Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Does California Want to be Saved?

By Steven Laib

Just recently one of my favorite historians asked the question in an opinion piece; Can California Be Saved? Victor Davis Hanson, a Californian, knows what the problem is, at least in terms of what is wrong and what continues to go wrong there because of the single party control oriented on destroying what works, in favor of idealistic dreams of political utopia and ecological harmony at the expense of the humans living there.

One of Professor Hanson’s points regarding California’s future is the maturing of the population. California has a very young average age, and as many political theorists have noted, younger people tend to think more with their emotions than with logic and common sense. And thereby hangs a tale, or at least an understanding of why youth and idealism often go hand in hand. It is the lack of experience and the common sense born of such experience that makes he difference.

But this does not address the issue presented above; whether California wants to be saved? The answer is complicated. As an Californian for most of my life, born and raised in the People’s Republic of Berzerkeley, I am very familiar with the problems that plague the state and present a barrier to any serious change toward rational government any time in the near future. This barrier is constructed out of the two major population blocks remaining in the state. As Professor Hanson points out, most of the others have moved out, will move out if then can, or will die off in the state because they lack the ability to move elsewhere....To Read More.....

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