Thursday, October 22, 2015

American Council on Science and Health

Offering Opiates: An Ethical Quandary for Doctors - A recent study says that despite the decrease in the prevalence of non-medical use of opiates over a 10-year period, the number of people with opiate-use disorders, mortality from overdose and high-frequency use have all increased. Doctors are alarmed, and rightly so.

Fracking Tied to Preemies? ACSH Drills Down For Answers - A new study seeks to link fracking with pre-term and premature births. But researchers failed to do any measurements on any putative toxicants in the environment or in the mothers or babies.

Study Questions Safety of Bayer’s Female Contraceptive - Permanent contraception for women was dominated by fallopian tube-tying surgery until the early 2000s, when an easier implantable device debuted that was supposedly safer. But a new study suggests that this method may not be as risk-free as previously believed.

Stroke Chances Rise As Work Hours Increase - The next time you plan on working overtime, you might want to think again because the extra green may not be worth it. According to a recent study, working longer hours could be associated with an increased risk of stroke.

Hey Travelers, Vaccinate Before Drinking the Water - Two of the most common travel-related infectious diseases are hepatitis A and measles. Both are preventable with vaccinations, but they don't work immediately. Planning a trip to Mexico or Central America? The hep A vaccine will protect you — but not for 4-to-6 weeks.

Drinking-While-Pregnant Debate: No Clear Answers - With alcohol, the standard advice to pregnant women is: Just Say No. But is that the best medical science can offer? We think not, since an infrequent tipple isn't a significant causative factor for any real condition for the fetus or newborn. Evidence of such an effect is not to be found.

Updated Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines Add Clarity - One of the toughest decisions currently facing women involves breast cancer screening. When should mammograms begin, and should self-exams or clinical exams by a health provider be embraced? A leading group just posted new guidelines, shedding new light on this important issue.

Chew on This: 3-D Printed Teeth Showing Real Bite - With 3-D printing, the latest big science project is teeth. But researchers aren't just making any old denture; they're producing antimicrobial teeth. Yet despite the amazing advances, more information is needed before these implants are viable. That said, the future is on the way.

Sweet News of Weight Loss: Artificial Sweeteners Work - Here's the skinny on artificial sweeteners: The science says low-energy sweeteners, consumed in place of real sugar, can be beneficial to health and weight loss. And the best part is that we have been saying this for years.

Psoriasis Causes Depression, And Here’s Why - Psoriasis is a misunderstood skin condition, since many fail to understand just how physically and emotionally disabling it can be. Researchers from the NYU School of Medicine say that severe cases of psoriasis can lead to depression in some individuals.

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