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Thursday, November 30, 2023

King Charles to open UN COP 28, embraces extreme narratives

November 30th, 2023|1 Comment @ CFACT  

King Charles Dubai agenda reveals acceptance of lines that women, youth, “indigenous” peoples, and island nations will be hardest-hit by global warming and “traditional” indigenous knowledge stands “alongside scientific knowledge to address the climate and nature crises.”

My Take - This man is a disgrace, and has been for a big part of his life, and this is just one more disgraceful chapter in that life.  RK


The King will visit Dubai to attend COP28 UAE

Published 29 November 2023

His Majesty The King will visit Dubai, from Thursday 30th November to Friday 1st December 2023, to attend COP28 UAE, where His Majesty will address Heads of State, Heads of Government and delegates at the Opening Ceremony. The visit is at the invitation of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and at the request of His Majesty’s Government.

During the visit, The King will meet the President of the UAE and undertake a series of engagements in Dubai, ahead of COP28. The King will have the opportunity to meet regional leaders, to support the UK’s efforts to promote peace in the region, and to demonstrate His Majesty’s strong interest in bringing together people from different faiths and backgrounds.

On Thursday 30th November, His Majesty will meet students and graduates, from across the Commonwealth, and hear about green tech and sustainable innovations, celebrating entrepreneurial business and the younger generation’s role in delivering climate and nature solutions.

The King will later join a Commonwealth and Nature reception, hosted jointly by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA). His Majesty will meet global and Commonwealth indigenous leaders to talk about the role of using traditional knowledge alongside scientific knowledge to address the climate and nature crises, particularly in tackling the increased threat of devastating wildfires.

Afterwards, His Majesty will meet female climate leaders working to address climate change, and to hear about the particular risks that climate change poses to women and girls around the globe. The King will also meet representatives from Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

On the evening of Thursday 30th November, The King will join His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan at a reception to launch the inaugural COP28 Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum. The reception, hosted by the COP28 Presidency in strategic partnership with the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI), will be attended by global Heads of State and Government, business CEOs, philanthropists and heads of NGOs.

On Friday 1st December, The King will join world leaders at the Opening Ceremony of the World Climate Action Summit, at Expo City Dubai, for COP28 UAE. His Majesty will join Heads of State and Heads of Government for the ‘family photo’ and deliver an opening address at the Summit.


For over 50 years, The King has championed action for a sustainable future. His Majesty believes that everyone has a role to play in tackling even the most complex environmental challenges facing our world. From Heads of State to young people, and from chief executives to local community projects, The King’s unique ability to bring people together has proved a powerful way to inspire solutions and motivate people and organisations at all levels and all around the world.

The King, as The Prince of Wales, previously delivered the opening address at the Opening Ceremony of COP26 in Glasgow in 2021 and COP21 in Paris in 2015.

The 28th Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), will take place from 30th November to 12th December 2023 in Expo City Dubai.



Henry Kissinger: Time is The Great Leveler of Truth

By Rich Kozlovich

At 100 years old Henry Kissinger has passed.  Unlike the insane virtue signaling morally defective leftists who dance when a conservative opponent passes, that's not what conservatives do.  Conservatives value decency, but that doesn't preclude recognizing the reality, truth, or the obviation of history of who and what they were.  There's no reason why decency and honesty shouldn't go hand in hand, and the world needs to be honest about Henry Kissinger's legacy.

There are two articles I've linked today over this:  

  1. Henry Kissinger – A Tangled Legacy  
  2. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State, Dies at 100

You will notice there's no gleeful vilification of his legacy in these articles, unlike the type of glee you see on major media news sites for the death of a conservative leader.  But truth will very patiently wait for us, and the truth of his legacy needs to be exposed, no matter how unpleasantly it may impact who he was.  

Let's start with this incontrovertible historical fact.  Kissinger was a disaster for the civilized world.

For more years than I can remember I've felt Kissinger was an intelligent, over educated, over pampered, over catered to blithering idiot,  and it appears the bug man was right after all, imagine that!  Time and truth are on the same side, and he's been exposed for what a nitwit he was for all the world to see.  Europe made a grave mistake by listening to this nitwit and the man he mentored, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, which is in fact pushing on the world a form of viral neo-communism.

"Unfortunately, this reimagined world Klaus Schwab is talking about is the totalitarian globalist world ruled by a few and the rest of us are not happy with their social engineering"

Kissinger's positions and actions have imperiled the world for decades.  He was the one who went to China for Nixon and opened China to world trade, saving Mao and his maniacal crowd of murders.  Since then America has been enriching China funding it's own destruction, and the elitists like Kissinger supported that.

When I read prominent people talking about how brilliant Richard Nixon was on foreign affairs I really see red, and I put Henry Kissinger in that same category.  Nixon opened China up to the world's economy, thinking to offset Soviet influence and power.  And Kissinger was a major part of that.  

Why would anyone believe that was a good idea?

Mao's Great Leap Forward 'killed 45 million in four years' of his rule by selling the food they needed to survive in order to buy arms.  

Mr Dikötter, who has been studying Chinese rural history from 1958 to 1962, when the nation was facing a famine, compared the systematic torture, brutality, starvation and killing of Chinese peasants to the Second World War in its magnitude. At least 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death in China over these four years; the worldwide death toll of the Second World War was 55 million..................... State retribution for tiny thefts, such as stealing a potato, even by a child, would include being tied up and thrown into a pond; parents were forced to bury their children alive or were doused in excrement and urine, others were set alight, or had a nose or ear cut off. One record shows how a man was branded with hot metal. People were forced to work naked in the middle of winter; 80 per cent of all the villagers in one region of a quarter of a million Chinese were banned from the official canteen because they were too old or ill to be effective workers, so were deliberately starved to death. .

And Nixon and Kissinger thought making a deal with monsters like that was a good idea?

Kissinger has been a globalist for all of his life, so as you read this article, which was a mere ten years ago, he was still touting the One World Government theme, and blaming everyone else because his corrupt schemes were failing.  As you review what he's promoted over the decades one has to ask:  How can anyone so smart be so stupid?  Answer:  Ideology makes smart people stupid.  

Now as the curtain is coming down, he all of a sudden embraced the foreign policies of  Donald Trump, all of which are totally opposite of what he and Nixon embraced, and totally out of character for him, and the world view he's presented over and over again.  I have to wonder what's he up to?  Even with an ego as massive as his (at the time he was 94) he couldn't possibly have still wanted to be in the game?  Could he?  I'll tell you what. We'll come back to that.

I've not had any respect for Kissinger as long as I've known about him.  If he told me day was light and night was dark, I'd make sure to go outside and make sure.  Even with an ego as massive as his, at the time he was around 94, did he actually think it was possible he could get back into the game? 

Nixon's Presidency was filled with huge mistakes, but opening up China to the world was his biggest mistake.  Mao's economy after his violent and destructive Cultural Revolution was in shambles, and if Nixon had stayed home and minded the business of America, I seriously doubt the Chinese Communist Party would still be in existence.  But he didn't, and now were paying the price for his, and Kissinger's, stupidity.  That gave the CCP the economy they needed to fund their war against America.

Many years ago I had an account who was related to Kissinger, and while at an event he went up to him and said his grandfather, and Kissinger's grandfather were brothers.  I asked what did Kissinger say?  His wife answered, Kissinger said, "Ja", then rudely turned on his heel and walked away.  That told me all I had to know about Kissinger in order to fill in the rest. 

Now the globalist who supported all the massive immigration that's destroying Europe takes an amazing stand about Hamas in this latest war. 

Israel can't yield to Hamas threat to kill hostages, says Henry Kissinger - Asked by Döpfner how he would handle Hamas' threat to hostages, Kissinger said: "Sitting on the outside, it is not possible for me to state a complete answer.""Theoretically and conceptually, I would say that we cannot yield to that," he said. Peace talks are "inconceivable" if "terrorists can appear openly and take hostages and kill people,"...............Hamas' actions, he said, are evidence that the group wants to "mobilize the Arab world against Israel" and end any prospect of peace negotiations......

Theoretically and conceptually?  What's exactly does that mean?  Even when he's right he's wrong.  This attack is an effort to "mobilize the Arab world against Israel"?  Again, Kissinger either fails to understand the real gravity of the situation, or he's ignoring it.  

This is an effort to mobilize the Islamic world against all Jews and all Christians.  This is a declaration of war on the world, and Kissinger is once again failing to understand, or choosing to misunderstand what's going on by hedging reality.  Just as he's done his whole life in support of his globalist schemes, all of which are proving to be abject failures.  

Academics need to be on tap, not on tap.  That way they can be ignored and any damage they may do can be marginalized. Well, how's this for concept and theory?  Europe Let in Too Many Foreigners, Says Henry Kissinger in Wake of Pro-Hamas Demonstrations Across Continent.  In other words all he promoted his whole life was an insane "conceptual theory" that would destroy western civilization.  And of course it's the fault of Europe's leaders.  Make sure to read this article

Kissinger's life has been a grave mistake as his positions and actions have imperiled the world for decades and all that's coming to fruition.  Henry Kissinger, who was unendingly self serving, and I truly think totally untrustworthy, has died at 100 years old. 

I believe he embraced this new tact in an attempt to ameliorate the disaster of his legacy.  But I'm betting history will not be kind to Kissinger, his legacy, or his character.  All of which I consider a disgrace.  While I will not applaud his passing, I am not saddened by his passing.

Henry Kissinger – A Tangled Legacy

America's most famous diplomat passes at the age of 100. 

 by Nov 30, 2023 Articles, Politics @ Liberty Nation News

America’s most notable diplomat and presidential adviser, Henry Kissinger, passed away at his home in Connecticut on Wednesday, November 29, at the age of 100. He leaves behind a legacy that few can match – one as controversial as it is respected.

Born in Germany, Kissinger and his family fled to the US with the rise of the Nazis. He distinguished himself academically and then joined the military before completing his studies at Harvard. From crafting a détente with the Soviet Union and paving the way for relations with China, he was at the forefront of American diplomacy under a succession of presidents.

In 1973, Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in negotiating the Paris Peace Accords to end US involvement in Vietnam. While the Accord ultimately failed, he was widely lauded for his efforts, though others condemned the award over the question of secret bombing raids in Cambodia.


Kissinger meeting with President Nixon (Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Kissinger has the distinction of being the only man to serve as national security adviser and Secretary of State simultaneously – providing him with a level of authority in foreign affairs that did much to bolster his reputation.

He served under Republican Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. After leaving public service, he devoted himself to his geopolitical consulting firm, Kissinger Associates Inc. He remained an influential figure in foreign diplomacy. As The Hill reports, “He was appointed by former President Reagan in 1982 to chair the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America, and later served on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under Reagan and former President George H.W. Bush.”

Whatever one may think of his contentious legacy, Kissinger epitomizes to many what it means to be a statesman, confident in his intellect and ability. As he once noted: “There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”

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Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State, Dies at 100 - AP Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the diplomat with the thick glasses and gravelly voice who dominated foreign policy as the United States extricated itself from Vietnam and broke down barriers with China, died Wednesday, his consulting firm said. He was 100.  With his gruff yet commanding presence and behind-the-scenes manipulation of power, Kissinger exerted uncommon influence on global affairs under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, earning both vilification and the Nobel Peace Prize. Decades later, his name still provoked impassioned debate over foreign policy landmarks long past.


After Biden’s Pullout, Al Qaeda Built a Path From Afghanistan to Europe

By Daniel Greenfield November 28, 2023 @ Sultan Knish Blog 

After Biden’s withdrawal, the fighting ended in Afghanistan and moved into Europe.

Even before the Taliban takeover, a massive traffic in migrants and drugs flowed over the ‘Balkan Route’ that took Afghans into Iran, Turkey and then Eastern Europe. One of the biggest holes in Europe’s armor was the former Yugoslavia, illegally invaded and partitioned by the Clinton administration, with a large Muslim population in Bosnia and heavy criminal organizations across the former republic that tie together the Russian mob, local gangs, Islamic terrorists, and Turkish, Pakistani and Afghan operations moving weapons and drugs.

All of this comes together at the border between Serbia and Yugoslavia. Parts of Serbia’s border areas have become no-go zones: territories occupied by Muslim gangs. Serbian police raids on “migrants” now look like Israeli military operations with armored vehicles and troops. These raids have rounded up thousands of migrants along with automatic rifles and bombs.

Ever since Hungary began fortifying its border, the Muslim gangs had to work harder to penetrate it in order to continue moving their cargo into the rest of Europe. Faced with a more secure border, the smuggling was taken over by more violent groups. Including Al Qaeda.

Much as drug cartels followed Latin American migrants to America, the Afghan migrants traveling through Iran and Turkey to Eastern Europe were followed by Afghan Jihadis.

In Serbia’s border regions, competition between Afghan smuggling gangs broke out into open warfare with the groups using heavy weaponry against each other. Some of those weapons may have been left behind by the Biden administration when it fled Afghanistan. These gun battles are not just happening in deserted villages or near border fences, but in more populated areas.

The Serbian city of Subotica, with a population of nearly 100,000, has become ground zero for the migrant invasion. In September, Afghan and Moroccan Muslim gangs shot at each other in the parking lot of the multinational Lidl supermarket chain in a suburb of the city. The shooting spree in the crowded parking lot filled with families killed a 16-year-old girl.

The Afghan gangs that prevail in the gun battles that have become common on the route are the ones with the weapons and the training and likely to be linked to the Haqqani Network.

When the Taliban took Kabul, it was actually the Haqqani Network which unlike most of the Taliban had built up professional units that resembled their NATO opposite numbers. The Haqqani Network had carried out some of the most devastating attacks against American forces in Afghanistan. The Haqqanis gained these capabilities through their close ties to Al Qaeda.

The Al Qaeda ties brought Arab Muslim money and training to the Afghan Jihadis. After the fall of Kabul, it was the Haqqanis who took over and decided who was allowed to reach the airport. The Biden administration had turned over passenger lists to the Al Qaeda group. After being put in charge of security in Kabul, Haqqani figures control security for the new Taliban regime.

Unlike the old Taliban leadership, which is reclusive and isolationist, the Haqqanis, true to their Al Qaeda links, have been focused on building up an international network. The Biden administration has decided that the Haqqanis, despite Al Qaeda, are moderates because they are more open to supporting education for girls and are willing to talk to the United States. But that is what makes the Haqqanis more dangerous because they are interested in the world.

The Haqqani interest appears to have taken the Al Qaeda linked Jihadis all the way to Europe.

György Bakondi, Hungary’s national security adviser, has warned that the Haqqanis won the gun battles and are now in charge of the smuggling route into the European Union.

“Smuggling gangs originating from Afghanistan in Serbia have family ties to the Taliban government in Afghanistan and the Haqqani network, which is a terrorist organisation,” he said. “The Taliban secret services are now directly controlling the activities of these Afghan-origin smuggling groups.”

The Hungarian authorities have shown video of aggressive efforts by Afghan migrants to invade their country. Migrants no longer just try to get across the border, they “are organised into military-style formations of 20 and armed with marbles, slingshots and sticks to fight back against Hungarian border guards sent to stop them.” The Afghan smugglers carry assault rifles and open fire, into the air or at border patrol officers, to signal that a crossing is underway.

According to Bakondi, the smugglers have “family ties” to the Haqqanis. The Haqqanis are a large family and they also have extended clan connections. Using those family ties to gain control of the smuggling route into Europe would give them a financial lifeline outside of Afghanistan, whose main current source of income is foreign aid run out of Kabul-based NGOs that are taxed by the Haqqanis, and the ability to move Jihadis into Europe for future attacks.

The United States and European NATO members may have hoped to leave Afghanistan behind, but Afghanistan instead followed NATO. As Islamic terrorists always do. When France left North Africa, an army of North African immigrants followed and transformed France into a terror hub. Pakistanis did the same thing to the United Kingdom and Turks and Kurds to Germany.

America imported vast numbers of Afghan refugees and those we didn’t airlift are migrating to Europe. The Haqqani Network decided who would get on Biden’s evacuation planes. Now it’s deciding who gets to enter Europe. While the Haqqanis are cashing in, they’re also almost certainly bringing their own “family” members to Europe to set up local criminal operations.

The Taliban’s alleged ban on opium production was widely reported by the media, less widely reported was that the Taliban have switched from opium to meth. Despite the Taliban ban, opium production actually rose by a third, and the Taliban are cashing in on an artificial shortage that their regime temporarily created, but the real story is that Afghanistan has become the fastest growing source of meth in the world. And the Islamists are using Iran as a model.

The Afghan smuggling route is also the transit point for moving meth from Iran to Europe. By controlling the route, the Haqqanis can potentially control both the heroin and the meth market. And human smuggling allows them to also bring in their people so that they control not only the transit of drugs, but also the sale and distribution of them across Europe. Jihadis have already used access to the European criminal class to convert its members to Islam and recruit them.

While NATO may have left behind its ‘nation building’ operation to win ‘hearts and minds’ in Europe, the Jihadis it was fighting have followed NATO to Europe to build their own nation, their ‘ummah’, in the heart of the infidel enemy. And they’re winning ‘hearts and minds’ left and right.

Afghanistan is not just a place, it’s where the Afghans are. The Taliban and Al Qaeda were not left behind in the dust of Kabul, they are making the long trek into Europe. The Hungarians have tried to build a wall, but much as the Chinese learned during the Mongolian invasions or the Israelis learned on Oct 7, it’s not enough to build a wall, you have to vigilantly defend it. And given enough time, the barbarians will find a way around it, under it, over it or through it.

Walls alone do not stop an invasion. Eventually you will have to fight and defeat the invaders.   Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.


Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Who Really Are the Nuts Out There?

 By Rich Kozlovich

Over the last year the number of hits I've been getting on P&D has more than doubled, and believe it or not, I give American Thinker credit for that.  I think AT is by far the best news site on the planet.  Good writers, a lot of volunteer authors, and discussions on every subject facing humanity.  

While I don't always agree, I find the articles well thought out and well written, and I've commented a lot over the years, even linking my articles in my comments.  They've even graciously posted one of mine.  As a result I think, based on reader comments, a lot of those readers are following P&D, far more than I ever got from Twitter or LinkedIn, who I had issues with. 

LinkedIn and MeLinkedIn and Me, Part II, LinkedIn and Me, Part III

LinkedIn kicked me off their site.  No loss, and I resigned from Twitter before they followed suit.  Since Twitter has been taken over by Musk I signed back in but truthfully, I never go there, ever!  And for sure, I'm not going to pay to go there.  And I'm becoming convinced more and more people are walking away from these social media sites, including Facebook, or whatever it's called now.

I'm also getting a lot of hits on articles I've linked years in the past, like this one.  Steakhouse loses $12,000 human rights tribunal ruling after ignoring germaphobe’s requests, saying:

$12,000 was awarded to a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder because the restaurant stopped fulfilling his requests, including his water be served without lemon or straw.....The decision released this week found the man “suffered injury to his dignity, feelings, and self-respect” after the restaurant refused to make “very simple accommodations” and after the manager made “hurtful” comments to him. .....

“The door is open with respect to the risk of discriminating against people for any reason,” said Don Longchamps, a professor of hotel and restaurant management at Algonquin College in Ottawa.  “Responsibility (to accommodate) will never be lessened. It will only be increased with time.”...........In the fall of 2013, however, the restaurant changed ownership...... He said the manager eventually came out and told him he was “high maintenance” and the staff no longer wanted to serve him.  He claimed the manager uttered words to the effect: “Now I know why the police shoot crazy people like you".......the franchise owner in question went into bankruptcy and is no longer there.

Okay, let's start out with this insight.  I was an exterminator for forty years, and I can assure you people in hospitality industry are very often, not hospitable.  And the number of jerks in the manager's positions is almost legendary, so I actually believe everything this complainant claims. 

  • Assuming everything this guy claims is true, ......he had bad service.  
  • Assuming everything this guy claims is true,.......the manager was an obnoxious jerk.  
  • Assuming everything this guy claims is true,...... none of this was worth a $12,000 fine by the government.  

Hurt feelings isn't the government's business.  That's insane!

His requests about the silver ware and water weren't all that unreasonable. Make no mistake about this,  if he was Prime Minister of Canada they would have been happy to jump through those hoops. 

However, he isn't, and since they didn't want his as a customer, the mistake they made was letting him get seated in the first place.  I would have told him if he wants to eat here he gets seated wherever there's a seat available, and we're not doing any extra cleaning, and he should have been told that the last time he was there as he was leaving, not humiliate him after seating he and his wife.

What we don't know is how many other issues they've had with him over the years.  Remember....he's nuts!  Having been in the service industry be assured, you meet all kinds, and I've met with and dealt with this particular variety, and it isn't pleasant.  I put them in the same category as those who claim to have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome.  There's always something they don't like, always a new demand, always another condemnation for whatever it is you're doing, always another whine. 

It's tiresome!

I  also wonder what kind of tipper he's been over the years.  Usually waitresses and waiters will do a lot of hoop jumping for a good tipper, especially ones who are gracious and appreciative of what's being done for them, even one as fussy as this one, unless they've been rude, demanding, and obnoxious like Jack Nickleson was in As Good as It Gets.  

Also, this is a public place, this isn't his home.  This guy probably really was high maintenance, and as time goes by he will become worse, and yes, the manager's a jerk, and since the restaurant went out of business, he was probably a jerk to a lot of people   

It's clear the staff that didn't want to wait on him anymore, and since they were seemingly the same staff that had been waiting on him for a long time, they were tired of his "requests", which I can understand.  But none of that merits a $12,000 fine by a bunch of government bureaucrats.  

The question we should be asking is this:  Who really was nuts in the story, the customer, the jerk manager, or the government bureaucrats?  Answer? All of the above. more thing.  I just had a thought.  What's the difference between accommodating and enabling? 

Biden’s Green Energy Push is Gone with the Wind

Billions in corporate welfare turns to dust.

President Joe Biden will be in Colorado today, November 28, to champion green energy policies inside his Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS and Science Act. He will spend time in Denver and Pueblo to tout a couple of wind-related factories that are set to take advantage of the administration’s corporate welfare scheme. The president, facing abysmal polling data one year away from the election, will target Republicans and point out how they voted against his investments and job creation efforts. Clean energy, like wind, has been the focal point of Bidenomics. But have the billions in federal and state funds poured into the private sector yielded tangible results?

Green Energy Setbacks

By 2030, the Biden administration aims to generate 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power. This would be enough to power ten million US households. Is this doable? The road to green energy has hit a couple of roadblocks in recent months, leaving some industry analysts to warn that the goal is unlikely to be reached in seven years.

Earlier this month, Orsted, an international energy developer, put the kibosh on two major offshore wind projects off New Jersey’s coast. The Denmark-based company confirmed that the board of directors voted to cancel the high-profile Ocean Wind 1 and Ocean Wind 2 amid high inflation, supply chain snafus, and increasing interest rates. In July, the White House celebrated these green energy projects, which were projected to offer more than 2.2 gigawatts of power, for being examples of “Bidenomics in action.”

The Danish firm’s cancellations came around the same time other developers in the New England region announced that they were ending power contracts for three projects. These were supposed to generate 3.2 gigawatts of wind power for Connecticut and Massachusetts.

President Biden Holds News Conference After Summit with Chinese President Xi In San FranciscoWOODSIDE, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 15: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a news conference at the Filoli Estate on November 15, 2023 in Woodside, California. The news conference follows a meeting between Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' week, their first since meeting at the Indonesian island resort of Bali in November 2022. (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)

These developments accounted for close to one-fifth of the White House’s 2030 objective. But these were not all, as several other organizations, including BP and Shell, canceled or sought to renegotiate power agreements for wind farms that were set to be operational sometime between 2025 and 2028. In July, Rhode Island Energy chose not to move forward with several offshore wind turbines due to soaring costs that would have put tremendous pressure on customers’ wallets.

Michael Brown, the US country manager for Ocean Winds, an offshore wind joint venture between France’s ENGIE and Portugal’s EDP Renovaveis, told a Reuters Events conference this past summer: “Thirty gigawatts is now unfortunately not something that the developers are really aspiring to. We want to meet as high a gigawatt target as possible, but it’s not going to be possible to meet those 30 GW.” Timothy Fox, a ClearView vice president, concurs. However, he believes the US will eventually reach the 30-gigawatt target and surpass the mark.

Like the “net zero by 2050” dream, this is yet another climate-related vision that will not be realized.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration is not conceding defeat. In September, White House spokesperson Michael Kikukawa confirmed that Biden will be “using every legally available tool to advance American offshore wind opportunities and achieve the goal of 30 GW by 2030.” One of these tactics is increasing handouts to domestic and foreign firms. Over the last year, the federal government has bolstered wind investments by $7.7 billion, mainly in the form of tax credits for green energy. The sector says this is not enough, and reports suggest that a plethora of US offshore wind project developers are lobbying Washington for more subsidies. Companies are struggling to bring these endeavors online, even with generous assistance from all three levels of government, because of the current inflationary and high-rate environment.

This does not mean the green energy movement is over. In fact, a chorus of Democrats, including Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI), says that the recent blows to the green energy crusade are mere “bumps in the road” and that the president’s legislative trifecta is exceeding all expectations “and we just need to do more of it.” Republican lawmakers disagree, warning that the incumbent regime is wasting taxpayer dollars on something private companies cannot make work without additional funding.

Blowing in the Wind

President Biden will use his two pitstops in The Centennial State to push Bidenomics, promoting the accomplishments and masking the many failures. As Liberty Nation reported, administration officials have found a new scapegoat for why the president’s economic agenda is unpopular with the American people: allies in the mainstream media. So, Colorado voters will be presented with the same Biden entertainment: a two-second half-jog, a story about the folks in Scranton, mispronounced names of local representatives, and repeating the doctrine of growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up. Unfortunately, those in attendance will not be informed that critical planks of the president’s schemes have stumbled, much like a particular US president.

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A Great Moment from the Education Establishment

November 28, 2023 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty

Of all the useless and counterproductive bureaucracies in Washington, the Department of Education may be at the top of the list.


It certainly hasn’t produced good results, at least if we care about student performance.

Though it does keep a bunch of bureaucrats on a gravy train, so there are some (undeserving) beneficiaries.

Speaking of which, the top bureaucrat at the DOE, Secretary Miguel Cardona, recently showed that he skipped some history lessons.

As shown in this amusing little video, he completely botched Reagan’s famous warning about getting “help” from government.

To be fair, Reagan’s quote was about government and help, so even though he turned the quote upside down, he was referring to something real.

Moreover, I recall that President George W. Bush said something that libertarians didn’t like about it being government’s role to help when someone is hurting. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Secretary Cardona simply mixed up a good Republican president with a not-so-good Republican president.

Since I once made a $16 trillion mistake on a national TV program, I won’t be overly critical of his misstatement.

But I am glad that his goof has drawn attention to Reagan’s very apt warning.

The Dead Al Qaeda Hippie Who Went Viral on TikTok

November 27, 2023 @ Sultan Knish Blog 

 Eight years after he was taken out by a drone strike in Waziristan, Adam Gadahn went viral on TikTok. Had the former Al Qaeda terrorist been alive to see TikTok lefties praising his, “Letter to America”, written in Osama bin Laden’s name, he would have been absolutely thrilled.

Raised by California hippies, Adam Gadahn’s message clicked with TikTok teens because he used to be one of them. After experimenting with heavy metal to rebel against his dad’s terrible folk music (“So tell us what the sign will be/Of the end of the age we know/War and famine everywhere/There’s no place left to go” he went for the ultimate in death metal.

We love nothing more than “slitting the throats of the infidels” he bragged in his videos in a fake Arabic accent right out of ‘Team America World Police’. “You and your people will, Allah willing, experience things, which will make you forget all about the horrors of September 11.”

Al Qaeda embraced the previously useless hipster because he promised to teach them how to reach Americans. But the ‘Azzam the American’ experiment never took off. Even after he stopped wearing a burka-like disguise over his square wire rimmed glasses, and wound a tablecloth around his head instead, he never stopped looking like a dork in a costume.

Adam never belonged in Pakistan, he belonged in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ or ‘Napoleon Dynamite’: his blank thousand yard stare had been perfected by getting high, not in Koran study.

Americans did not rush to enlist in Al Qaeda because of his words. Adam had aimed his rhetoric at the Michael Moore demographic that had birthed him, but one it was one thing to jeer Bush in between Starbucks lattes and another to move to a cave on the Pakistani border.

The videos mostly tapered off and he was reduced to translating the speeches of Al Qaeda leaders. After Osama bin Laden’s death, Americans stopped paying attention to Al Qaeda, and Adam’s death in a drone strike took second billing to the deaths of two American hostages.

But Adam or Azzam had been ahead of his time. He had peaked before the age of social media, and he never reached the audience he needed. But that’s changing now.

8 years after he was spattered over parts of Pakistan, Adam is an Al Qaeda influencer now.

The living can catch up to the times, but the dead can only wait for the times to catch up to them. When Adam Gadahn converted to Islam in 1996 and then assaulted his local Imam for not being antisemitic enough, there weren’t a lot of American teenagers like him. But we now live in a world where there are plenty of American teens converting to Islam and going Jihad.

Take Trevor Bickford, a 19-year-old from Wells, Maine, a town of less than 10,000 people, who converted to Islam, and headed down to Times Square to kill non-Muslims. Or Xavier Pelkey, 19, of Waterville, Maine, a city of 15,000, who joined ISIS and planned his own terror attack. Or Jonathan Xie, a 20-year-old from a New Jersey suburb who joined Hamas and threatened to bomb Trump Tower.

When Shannon Maureen Conley, a 19-year-old teenage girl from suburban Colorado converted to Islam and tried to join ISIS in 2014, there were articles and profiles on her. By the 2020s, it’s become common enough that American teens becoming Islamic terrorists has become routine. Hardly anyone bothers with the extended profiles of what is now a social phenomenon.

The handful that actually go all the way, like Adam, Trevor, Xavier, Jonathan or Shannon are the tip of the iceberg. When Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America”, actually written by Adam, went viral on TikTok, it exposed a much larger contingent of American teens friendly to the Jihad. Most Muslims are not actually terrorists, they’re just sympathetic to their positions. The same is true of parts of the non-Muslim world, including Europe, and it’s true of some American teens.

A poll showing that 51% of Americans 18-24 supported the murders, rapes and kidnappings atrocities committed by Hamas on Oct 7 is not just a statement about Israel. How many of them also think Al Qaeda had a point? There’s no meaningful polling on that: only anecdotal.

Adam’s “Letter to America”, stripped of his terrorist cosplay, the costumes and the droning voice, proved to be effective with teens who are like him, bored, dissatisfied and lacking in meaning. The Al Qaeda influencer rebelled against the Christian and Jewish religions of his parents, adopted Islam and then called for the destruction of America. In a counterculture that prizes teenage rebellion as the ultimate form of cultural change, Adam was the ‘it’ Jihadist.

Converting to Islam is a bit of a side road from the one that his Boomer parents took to get to their place in the counterculture. Adam went from his dad’s ‘Beat of the Earth’ and ‘Love Will Find a Way’ to a scorched earth triumph over the infidels, but isn’t this where the Left always ends up? Converting to Islam and joining Al Qaeda is the Zoomer answer to the Boomer side roads of joining Charlie Manson’s race war or drinking Kool-Aid with Jim Jones.

The Age of Aquarius always ends in Altamont and gulags. Why not also Jihad?

Adam Gadahn adapted Osama bin Laden’s message to a generation of teens who grew up believing that America was racist, “freedom and democracy that you call to is for yourselves and for white race only”, destroying the environment, ranting that “you have destroyed nature with your industrial waste and gasses… despite this, you refuse to sign the Kyoto agreement” (Adam had started out as an environmentalist), and oppressing the rest of the world. Starting with the leftist premise that America was evil, Al Qaeda made perfect sense. And to leftists it still does.

The first Al Qaeda influencer is postmortem piggybacking on a culture of radical activism that has made Islamic terrorism into the ultimate counterculture.

The Guardian profiles Americans who reacted to Islamic terrorism by reading the Koran and converting to Islam. The dead-eyed Manson followers and Jim Jones cult members are reading Korans and shouting “ceasefire”, they’re blocking traffic and having hysterics at the Capitol.

The Left has always drawn on fractured souls for its causes. Even more than dynamiting buildings, it set bombs to blow up the culture and its values. The more people it broke, the more recruits it gained. Islamists in America have gone beyond recruiting in prison and are recruiting from this same broken base. Mom and Dad may have protested the war, but Junior is a Jihadist.

Islam, like the Left, promises to destroy a failed world built on oppression and lies, in order to save it. Behind the apocalyptic idealism is the same perversity that led Adam Gadahn to threaten that, “the streets of America shall run red with blood.” Was this rhetoric really all that different from the anarchists, the Black Panthers or the Symbionese Liberation Army?

The radicals have become one great big apocalyptic gestalt, castrating teenagers, burning down pro-life centers, marching through the streets, tearing down statues and looting stores. The spectacle of it matters more than the details of the ideology. Like Mao’s Cultural Revolution, some teens robotically repeat verbose dogma they don’t understand, whether it’s Critical Race Theory or Hadiths, because it lets them run around destroying things and terrorizing people.

The destructive impulses that leftist radicals and Islamic terrorists channel are fairly similar. And not so different from the Hitler Youth. Put on a uniform, shock your parents and wreck things. The more you rage and hate, the stronger you feel and the more you bypass the hard work of adulthood. Radical politics is just another way for teenagers to never grow up.

‘Azzam the American’ was a Jihadist Peter Pan who never had to grow up. He’s dead now. And some of those radicals protesting for Hamas will eventually convert and follow in his footsteps.

Adam Gadahn understood instinctively how to take a foreign ideology and make it palatable to those like him, but we’re now in a world and a country full of Adams. Social decay has been supplemented by educational and pop culture indoctrination. TikTok is happy to spread Osama’s message as long as it weakens America. There is a world of strange bedfellows out there all happy to see us fall. And if we are not careful, some of them will be our children.

The return of ‘Azzam the American’ is a reminder that we’re not just in a war, but a culture war. A broken and divided nation is in no shape to defeat a vast enemy that is already inside our borders. The War on Terror is an extension of the old culture war we’ve been losing until now. Islamic terrorism could not succeed unless it could rely on a fifth column inside our countries.

After 9/11, it was clear that we would have to win an internal war to win an external one. Now as the wars come together and the enemy roams our streets, the need is more urgent than ever.

Either we defeat the enemy within or the war is lost.
Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine. Click here to subscribe to my articles. And click here to support my work with a donation. Thank you for reading.

Showdown at the UN COP 28 Corral

November 28th, 2023|11 Comments By Duggan Flanakin,

It ain’t over till it’s over.” – Yogi BerraOr is it?

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the world has maybe five years to avoid “potentially irreversible effects on the global climate system.” The British bearer of bad news, The Guardian, warns that “the window is closing.” [It may well be on the global power structure’s stranglehold on energy policy.]

If global average surface temperature exceeds 1.5ͦ C above pre-industrial levels and is not quickly reversed, they claim it “could” unleash the collapse of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, the abrupt melting of permafrost, rising sea levels, and bleaching coral reefs – and, if you believe Al Gore, the submersion of the Statue of Liberty.

Six months ago, Alok Sharma, who led the COP 26 talks in Glasgow, said, “COP 28 must deliver strengthened emissions reduction targets and a commitment to peak global emissions by 2025.”

China’s and India’s response was to build more coal-fired power plants to provide energy for their burgeoning industrial, commercial, military, and consumer sectors. There is absolutely no path to “net zero” so long as the world’s two most populous nations smirk at the multi-billionaire fear-mongers in the West.

African leaders in government and industry are focused on the 600 million Africans lacking any access to electricity. They scoff at grotesque demands from rich nations to abandon their effort to follow the West, the Pacific Rim, and other nations in utilizing fossil fuel resources to build a prosperous society.

Growing resistance to the dystopian visions of the global elites may truly mean that COP 28 is their “Custer’s last stand” against the “barbarians” who (in their eyes) are unwilling to submit to a Panem-style society in which elites get richer and everyone else gets poorer.

Rumblings against zero-emission vehicle mandates, expressed by drivers and automakers, have prompted serious challenges to the globalist demand for decarbonization (humans are “carbon units” – Soylent green was people) in the oddest places.

Perhaps it began with Giorgia Meloni’s victory in Italy a year ago. In June, Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party candidate Robert Sesselmann became the first AfD district administrator for a German city; the party gained more victories in October by continuing to attack the Green Party’s climate stance. [The Guardian had “warned” this was coming three years ago.]

Two elections in November shocked the climate world and threw a huge monkey wrench into their grandiose plans for seizing control of agriculture (in favor of laboratory-created “meat” and insects) and shutting down industries.

In the Netherlands, the government’s plans to seize thousands of farms led to an election victory for Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, which opposes much of the climate agenda. The result “has left climate activists fearful of a drastic shift to fossil fuels and a rollback of climate policies” if Wilders is able to form a government.

Newly elected (by a landslide) Argentine President Javier Milei has promised to “turbocharge” his nation’s oil and gas industry. He named energy executive Horacio Marin to bolster the state-owned oil company YPF with the goal of returning the company to private ownership down the road. The Argentine government needs oil and gas revenues to turn around an economy ruined under socialist governance.

The bad news for the climatocracy gets worse. In Canada, the pro-energy Conservative Party, led by Alberta’s Pierre Poilievre, is up 14 points over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Poilievre wants to eliminate Canada’s federal carbon tax and deep-six the nation’s Impact Assessment Act (a federal environmental law).

And then there is the 2024 race for President of the United States – which could bring about a flipflop of President Biden’s radical “net zero” agenda and its plans to eliminate gasoline vehicles, appliances, and tools and cede the nation’s economic future to Chinese benevolence.

Failed Presidential candidates Al Gore and John F. Kerry, now Biden’s “climate envoy,” led the U.S. campaign for climate surrender (a campaign that has made Al Gore a very wealthy man).

Kerry plans to tout nuclear fusion as an emerging global “climate solution,” but Axios notes “there’s a long and uncertain scientific, technical, and financial road to commercializing” fusion. Axios also says that while UN Secretary Antonio Guterres wants a path to ending fossil fuels, Kerry “is more cautious.”

Private citizen Gore has already expressed doubt that his preferred agenda will be adopted at COP 28, blaming the likely “failure” on the appointment of Sultan al-Jaber, CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, as its president. “We’ve got to get these lobbyists out of the way,” Gore said in September at the Moral Money Summit Americas.

[Is it “moral” to forcibly prevent people from the cheap energy they need to thrive?]

All this really means is that Gore has set up al-Jaber as the boogeyman for any failure to extract more billions for climate hucksters from an unwilling yet oblivious public.

But that’s tomorrow’s climate catastrophe.

Meanwhile, Dubai waits for the party to begin.

Later this week, heads of state (but not Joe Biden) will gather for the World Climate Action Summit (WCAS) to deliver their national climate statements and pose for photos and interviews about how important fancy dinners and five-star hotels (and private jets) are to the charade.

Conference sessions begin today (November 28) with a two-day “Global conference on gender and environmental data,” led by “commitment makers” of the Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition and the Gender Environment Data Alliance – and various others.

Other sessions at the conference, which formally ends on December 12, cover such topics as “blockchain’s potential and responsible implementation,” “transforming climate finance,” using artificial intelligence and public-private partnerships to improve climate decision-making, the role of technology and AI in the fight against climate change, “how entrepreneurs are the climate heroes we need,” and “youth and education – the latent force of climate action.”

Then there’s our favorite, just for “leaders” – “Transforming food systems in the face of climate change.” The official brochure states the IPCC’s view that “action on agriculture and food systems” are “key to an effective global climate change response. This event will bring the global food community together in a unified expression of collective action.”

[Presumably, speakers will include Frans Timmermans, the European Green Deal Commission’s executive vice president (whose Dutch Labour Party just got smacked), and Irish Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue, whose “proposal” for a “voluntary” dairy reduction scheme (killing up to 200,000 Irish cattle) was condemned by Elon Musk and many Irish farmers.

There are no sessions on feeding a hungry world, preventing climate-destructive wars and acts of arson, or making reliable electricity at affordable prices universally. There are no sessions on how to minimize any negative economic impacts, including restrictions on home ownership (which builds equity that can finance entrepreneurial activities) and travel.

The entire event appears to focus on how the elites can maintain total control over the world’s wealth, its people, and the planet’s natural resources. They claim they are “saving the Earth”, but their true goal requires sacrificing its people not to “save the Earth” (which, as an inanimate object, hardly needs “saving”) but to protect their wealth and power.

Trouble is, people from Argentina to Amsterdam are figuring this out – and they are mad. And they are getting organized. The time is near for a showdown at the COP 28 corral – and for a final reckoning on whether the elites – or the people – will win this war.


UN COP 28 is Not a Democracy

November 29th, 2023|1 Comment By David Wojick @ CFACT

Reading the breathless Green coverage of the soon-to-be COP 28, the UN conference on climate change (CFACT is on the way!), I noticed a fundamental fallacy occurring endlessly. The analysts seem to assume that decision-making is democratic, such that what you need to pass a rule is a majority vote along the lines of Congress or Parliament.

The reality is extremely different. Every member Country has veto power. This dramatically changes what is possible. The analysts consistently miss this, especially by talking about possibilities that are, in fact, impossible.

A good example is a recent Washington Post article discussing the possibility that COP 28 will adopt a decision calling for the phasing out of not just coal but all fossil fuel use. They correctly report that some countries are all for this while others are strongly against it.

The presently crazy Biden U.S. is for it despite being the world’s biggest per capita user of fossil fuels. Russia is sanely against it as fossil fuel exports are their primary revenue source.

It is then consistently reported as a maybe yes, maybe no situation, like Congress debating a controversial Bill. The obvious reality is that absent a miracle, this measure has no chance whatsoever. It is, as the saying goes, dead on arrival.

An even better example is the ridiculous proposal from France and, again the U.S. that the member countries all agree to, somehow, stop the private financing of coal-fired power plants. Given that China and a number of big developing countries are betting their electrical future on coal this is clearly nothing more than political posturing. Even a miracle could not save this nonsense. But it is dutifully reported and analyzed as a real possibility. At least it is here in America and likely in France, too.

Wishful COP 28 thinking is not news nor analysis, but it fills the pages. The reality is that none of these big-ticket issues that we read so much about have the slightest chance of happening.

The one big issue where something might actually happen is loss and damage. But it will be small, hyped as huge.

Recall that at COP 27, there was reported to be a great advance, creating a Loss and Damage Fund. This is where the developed countries will pay the developing ones something toward their supposedly climate-caused losses and damages: crop losses and food damages, for example.

In reality, all that was created is a name, an idea if you like. A Committee was established to give, or at least propose, form and substance to this nebulous idea. That has not happened because the issues are overwhelming. After all, every county gets bad weather. The U.S. has said it will donate millions of dollars while developing countries are talking trillions.

However, this loss and damage concept is so vague that there is room for moving forward without being so specific or dangerous, that we start getting vetos.

For example, they might agree on where this little fund will be established. This is presently controversial but probably not a deal breaker because the developing countries want to see money moving.

Or they might all agree that the first, small funds go to the Least Developed Countries or maybe to the poorest Small Island States. This is a feel-good first step that makes the fund real. It carefully avoids the issue of who gets how much of them trillions.

This is how COP diplomacy works. Find little steps that everyone is willing to allow while pushing the big issues down the road. Then, report these small steps as big breakthroughs. Of course, there is truly serious green stuff going on, but that is at the national level. COPs are just a carnival.

So, as you watch yet another COP play out, keep in mind that the grand schemes endlessly reported and analyzed at great length are going nowhere fast. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Or as they say in Texas, all hat, no cattle.

Be amused, not angry.

Stay tuned to CFACT for jovial coverage of the COP 28 circus.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Why is Steven Spielberg Silent About the Hamas Pogrom in Israel?

As the Academy Award-winning director of Schindler’s List and founder of the USC Shoah Foundation, which records the testimonials of Holocaust survivors, the Jewish Steven Spielberg has been surprisingly silent about the barbaric October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel.

Silent about the 1,200-1,400 Jews who were raped, mutilated, and murdered.

Silent about the thousands of Jews who were injured.

Silent about the hundreds of Jews taken hostage.

Not. One. Word.

Many have asked Spielberg to say something…anything…but have been met with (yes) silence. David Schaecter, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor and the president of Holocaust Survivors’ Foundation USA, wrote an open letter to Steven Spielberg. As you read the following heartbreaking excerpts, understand that Spielberg won his Academy Award in a movie detailing the story of Jews whom the Nazis raped, mutilated, and murdered. From Schaecter’s letter:

“…I, along with countless other Survivors, are so heartbroken that, since October 7, 2023, you have not spoken out and publicly taken a stand against terrorism, against Hamas and the millions who celebrate the shedding of Jewish blood.”

“Jews will never be safe until Israel is safe and secure.”

“Mr. Spielberg, Schindler’s List was about one man having the moral courage to risk his life to save others. We are not asking you to risk your life. We are asking you to use your voice.”

Schaecter’s anguished letter closes with:

“We do not need another film in three years about the horrors of October 7th. Instead, we need you and others to speak out NOW, when it truly matters.”


Image: Steven Spielberg in a video from four years ago about the Legacy of Schindler’s List, the movie. YouTube screen grab.

Oh, but he will say something on December 8 when he co-hosts a star-studded fundraiser for his pal Joe Biden. From Christian Toto in Hollywood in TOTO (a right-leaning look at the entertainment industry): “Spielberg Rallies for Biden, Silent on Hamas Atrocities.”

Spielberg will break his public silence Dec. 8 when he co-hosts a celebrity-studded fundraiserfor President Joe Biden.

Invites have gone out for the event, with tickets starting at $1,000 per person. The ticket level rises to $500,000 for those who write or raise, a group that will be listed as co-chairs. Those who contribute $25,000 and above will get access to a photo line. Proceeds will go to the Biden Victory Fund, the joint fundraising committee of the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

How can any American who supports Israel remain in the Democrat party and want Joe Biden re-elected? Many observers believe that the Biden administration has worked overtime helping Iran so that the Middle Eastern nation would have the financial ability to fund Hamas’ terrorism. For example:

  • Shortly after the horrific Hamas pogrom that killed 1,200-1,400 Israelis, injured thousands more, and kidnapped 200 mostly civilians, the Biden administration gave Hamas $100 million in humanitarian aid. Does the Biden administration call it “humanitarian” because Hamas hides the ammunition, guns, and missiles in and under a hospital?
  • On November 14, the State Department reissued a sanctions waiver that gave Iran, the world’s leading exporter of terrorism and the number one country funding Hamas, access to more than $10 billion.
  • Before the attack, it was known that Iran ignored US sanctions and was earning billions selling its oil to China, Russia and other pro-terrorist nations.

Hollywood’s creative community, people from both the left and right and of many faiths, have signed an open letter condemning Hamas’s barbaric actions and supporting Israel’s right to fight back and defend itself using military force. More than 1,500 people signed the letter but not Steven Spielberg.

What does that say about Steven Spielberg? Not about his identity as a Jewish man, but as a human being who received his industry’s highest acclaim by directing a movie that denounced Nazis who raped, mutilated, and murdered Jews 80 years ago, but so far has refused to denounce Iran-supported Hamas, the members of which have raped, mutilated, and murdered Jews less than eight weeks ago?

Not. One. Word.

Maybe Mr. Spielberg is too busy preparing for his Biden love-fest fundraiser. He certainly won’t be the only Jewish person at the event. I would probably be one of Spielberg’s ritzy Pacific Palisades neighbors if I had $10 for every time someone has asked me (even before the Hamas attack), “Why do Jews remain in the Democrat party when the Democrat party doesn’t care about Israel and has so many anti-Semitic members serving in Congress?”

There is evil scattered throughout the world. Every day, we hear of Christians who are attacked and/or arrested for practicing their faith in one of the many Muslim countries where they are a small minority. Good, righteous people must always condemn barbarism no matter who are the perpetrators or victims.

Shame on Jews, especially those like Steven Spielberg with a large platform, who refuse to condemn the atrocious Hamas October 7 attack on Israel. Shame on these same Jews helping to re-elect Joe Biden while ignoring the Biden administration’s support for the Iranian regime that helped fund the barbaric Hamas attack.

Are these Jews building their own cattle cars? Holocaust survivor Primo Levi said, “It happened; therefore, it can happen again. It can happen anywhere.”

Maybe instead of hosting a Biden fundraiser, Steven Spielberg should watch Schindler’s List.

Robin M. Itzler is a regular contributor to American Thinker. She can be reached at


Nixon and Kennedy: The myths and reality

By Patrick J. Buchanan  

Editors Note:  For some reason I'm finding many of the articles I've linked over the last ten years are being hit, even going back to 2008 a year after I first started this blog.  I have no idea why, but they're good pieces. This one is from World Net Daily in 2013, and while initially I just linked it, I really think that piece needs to be promoted far and wide.  So, if Pat, who I've met, or World Net Daily object, I will break this down into a link once again. Meanwhile, here's  the full text.  

Also, all said here about Kennedy is right on, Kennedy was not who the media made him out to be, when in fact they knew the Kennedys to be a disgrace and covered it up.   In fact, this piece isn't long enough to cover how bad he was.  However, Buchannan was in the Nixon administration and make no mistake, considering the long term consequences of Nixon's foreign policies with China and environmental law here in America, Nixon may ultimately have been far worse.  Nixon was a globalist, and let's face it,  Richard Nixon Was Not A Great President. Accept it!  RK

Had there been no Dallas, there would been no Camelot.

There would have been no John F. Kennedy as brilliant statesman cut off in his prime, had it not been for those riveting days from Dealey Plaza to Arlington and the lighting of the Eternal Flame.

Along with the unsleeping labors of an idolatrous press and the propagandists who control America's popular culture, those four days created and sustained the Kennedy Myth.

But, over 50 years, the effect has begun to wear off.

The New York Times reports that in the ranking of presidents, Kennedy has fallen further and faster than any. Ronald Reagan has replaced him as No. 1, and JFK is a fading fourth.

Kennedy is increasingly perceived today as he was 50 years ago, before word came that shots had been fired in Dallas.

That he was popular, inspirational, charismatic, no one denied. But no one would then have called him great or near great. His report card had too many C's, F's and Incompletes.

His great legislative victory had been the passage of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962. His tax-cut bill was buried on the Hill.

His triumph had been forcing a withdrawal of Soviet missiles from Cuba. But we would learn this was done by a secret deal for the withdrawal of U.S. missiles from Turkey and a secret pledge not to invade Cuba.

And after the missile crisis, Bobby Kennedy pushed the CIA to eliminate Castro, eliciting a warning from Fidel that two could play this game. Lyndon Johnson said that under the Kennedys, the CIA had been running "a damned Murder Inc. in the Caribbean."

What caused Nikita Khrushchev to think he could get away with putting rockets in Cuba? His perception that JFK was a weak president.

Kennedy had denied air cover for the Cuban patriots at the Bay of Pigs, resulting in the worst debacle of the Cold War. He was then berated and humiliated by Khrushchev at the Vienna Summit in June 1961.

In August, Khrushchev built the Berlin Wall. Kennedy sat paralyzed.

In September, Khrushchev smashed the three-year-old nuclear test-ban moratorium with a series of explosions featuring, at Novaya Zemlya, a 57-megaton "Tsar Bomba," the largest man-made blast ever.

"Less profile, more courage," the placards read.

In Southeast Asia, JFK had Averell Harriman negotiate a treaty for neutralizing Laos, resulting in Hanoi's virtual annexation of the Ho Chi Minh trail through Laos into South Vietnam.

Where Eisenhower had 600 advisers in Vietnam, JFK increased it to 16,000 and gave his blessing to a generals' coup in which our ally, President Ngo Dinh Diem, was assassinated.

Then and there, Vietnam became America's war.

Kennedy had made a famous phone call to Mrs. Martin Luther King during the 1960 campaign when her husband had been arrested. Yet, he kept his administration away from the March on Washington and directed J. Edgar Hoover to wiretap Dr. King to learn of his associations with Communists.

Since his death, Kennedy's reputation has been ravaged by revelations of assignations and mistresses from Marilyn Monroe to Mafia molls to White House interns from Miss Porter's School.

All of this was covered up by his courtier journalists who would collaborate in perpetuating the Kennedy myth and collude in destroying their great hate object, Richard Nixon.

Yet, contrast what Nixon did with what JFK failed to do.

Where Kennedy managed to get Gov. George Wallace to admit two black students to the University of Alabama, Nixon desegregated 70 percent of all Southern public schools.

Where the JFK-LBJ administration spent eight years putting 535,000 U.S. troops into a war they could neither end nor win, Nixon withdrew all U.S. troops in four years, brought home the POWs and left every provincial capital in South Vietnamese hands.

Where Kennedy had the Peace Corps, Nixon ended the draft, gave 18-year-olds the right to vote, created an Environmental Protection Agency and a Cancer Institute and an Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

Where Kennedy gave speeches about detente, Nixon negotiated the greatest arms treaties since the Washington Naval Agreement – SALT I and the ABM treaty – ended decades of hostility between the U.S. and the People's Republic of China, rescued Israel in the Yom Kippur War and pulled Egypt out of the Soviet bloc into the U.S. camp.

Creating a new majority that would dominate presidential politics until 1992, Nixon was rewarded with a 49-state landslide in 1972.

Whereupon a press elite that had maintained a conspiracy of silence on Kennedy's misconduct seized on Nixon's failure to deal decisively with misconduct in his campaign to bring him down in the first successful coup d'etat in U.S. political history.

The mythologizing of JFK and demonization of Nixon tell us less about respective accomplishments than the moral character of an establishment, which, though it had lost America by '72, still controlled the culture, media, bureaucracy and Congress.

And as they brought down Nixon with Watergate, they would seek to bring down Reagan with Iran-Contra. But that coup failed.