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Sunday, October 8, 2023

McCarthy is Done and Now, the Real Story Begins, Part III

By Rich Kozlovich

This is Part III in this series.  Part I, I outlined how everyone went insane over McCarthy's ouster, and saying:

Now we're hearing ..... Chaos, Chaos, Chaos, without McCarty we have chaos.  Really?  Ya gotta be kidden me! Why is it getting rid of a guy who was given a "F" rating by Conservative Review for his votes over the last six years, who loved more spending, more debt ceiling increases,....... massive spending and debt increases I might add, ......... abandoned every conservative principle he claims he believes in, was cozy with Democrats with back room deals is chaos, yet all that capitulation to the left isn't chaos? 

In Part II, and in support of Gaetz's move to oust McCarthy I state:
Good decision making is a serious problem for Republicans.  There's a reason they're called the "stupid party", they earned it......And I got kickback on this which surprised me, from conservatives.  Well, this week has been a fiasco of inane intellectual blabber ...... from conservatives!  I've been aghast at the ranting from those who claim to be conservatives over Gaetz's successful ousting of McCarthy, claiming we'll now have chaos without McCarthy, which I will cover in Part III. Can they all be that foolish?  Apparently they can!  So I will run a series of pieces to clarify all of this for them, because it's clear a lot of conservatives are in some serious need of some clarity, and clarity starts with defining things properly.  This the second in my series, and the theme will be, Gaetz, whatever his flaws, is the hero in this story. 

Let's start with those who are condemning Gaetz:
Laura Ingraham was seemingly "aghast" that such thing could happen, according to her, their reasoning was unsound.  

Mitch McConnell says, “I think [McCarthy] has much to be proud of,” McConnell told reporters Wednesday, a day after the vote. “We avoided a government shutdown. We did the inevitable with regard to the debt ceiling, and I’m one person who’s extremely grateful for his service.....I have no advice to give to House Republicans except one, I hope whoever the next speaker is gets rid of the motion to vacate."  
Why? Because he says it's impossible to govern with such a system. I'll tell you what, we'll come back to that.
Mark Levin really surprised me with this load of clabber claiming, "Let's cut to the chase. Gaetz is a POS demagogue who repeatedly lied during the House floor debate yesterday, and then, of course, simultaneously was fundraising and collecting email lists on behalf of the people."  
Wow, am I shocked.  No politician ever did any of that before!   Did they?  I'm not going to try and dispute his claims because it's most likely I can't and they're accurate.  But, this is where we need clarity? Does any of that obviate the facts about McCarthy as a RINO failure who never saw an expenditure he couldn't embrace, or a hike in the debt limit he couldn't accept?  That he betrayed conservative base, the Republican party and the nation?  All of which Levin seems to have either ignored, failed to recognize, or dismiss.  All of which reflects poorly on Levin, not Gaetz, irrespective of his flaws.  

White House Press Secretary Krine Jean- Pierre, called this "shambolic behavior that we're seeing from House Republicans............ The White House insisted that Biden is willing to work with Republicans bipartisanly......(sic)
Their real concern?  As this Dem. Senator makes clear..... billions of unaccountable dollars for Ukraine.  Well, they may find there's a new concept of bipartisanship distinctly opposite of the invertebrate "governing" by McCarthy and McConnell, in the future.   
But here's my favorite, Newt Gingrich:
Newt Gingrich who called those eight Republicans "traitors.....and said all of them "should in fact be primaried" and "be driven out of public life............"What they did was to go to the other team to cause total chaos. We ought to be focusing on Biden, we ought to be focusing on the economy, we ought to be focusing on the border," Gingrich lamented. "Instead, you're going to get a week or 10 days of the media focusing on Republican disarray........."It's an astonishingly destructive behavior by a handful of egocentric people who think they're superior to 96 percent of the conference," Gingrich went on to emphasize.
Now I think that's really amazing!  Why?  I have a long memory, and a big file on everything that goes on in the world.  In 2011 I wrote this piece, The Power of Science, with that infamous video with Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi sitting on a couch spouting nonsense about global warming.  I went on to say:
After getting beaten up over this incredible stupid act, Gingrich confessed the Pelosi ad ‘the dumbest single thing I’ve done in years’. Newt owns up to his participation in this infamous climate ad with Nancy Pelosi, but despite his confession is he out of the woods regarding green issues? He may now be sorry for this lack of insight for doing this incredibly stupid alarmist ad, especially with a person who is clearly a fruit cake, but one wonders if he regrets this because he has all of a sudden become enlightened and more clearly informed; or is it just because this issue isn't the popular cause célèbre it was a couple of years ago.  
The fact is he either believed what he was saying, and then took the cowards way and backtracked, or he didn't believe what he was saying and was a dishonest coward.  And he's calling these eight Republicans traitors, and unfit for public service? 
Ya just gotta be kidden me!

But the worst demonstration of stupidity and invertebracy was the  45 House RINOs Sign Letter Calling Out 8 GOP Reps for Voting to Remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, and they listed them in this article.  One of them was my Representative Dave Joyce, but truth be told, I didn't have to look to know his name was there.  

Gingrich shot off his mouth saying they should be focused on Biden, not McCarthy.  Okay, but where was their RINO outrage at the vast expenditures by Biden, all of which they voted for, going to illegal aliens. Is it any wonder there are those who think the Republican party isn't only the "stupid party" it's the "worthless party" and is part of the "uniparty" destroying America beyond repair? Apparently that was okay, but firing the man who helped make all that happen is outrageous and chaos!
  • Where was their outrage at one of the most evil people in America, Hillary Clinton, with her vile and outrageous claims about the Russian collusion and her commissioning of the Steele dossier?  
  • Where was their outrage at her successful efforts to "get election laws changed to benefit Democrats". 
  • Where was their outrage at the media's collusion in all that?  
  • Where is their outrage now that she's demanding America set up "re-education" camps, just like Mao?
  • Where's they outrage at over the new FBI’s task force created to target Trump supporters?  You know, like those radical Catholics who want their mass in Latin.  
  • Where is the letter from these 45 misfits telling the world that's unacceptable? 

This gets even better yet.  Where's the outrage over Biden using s $83 million covid relief funds for a new John McCain Library? All of which they voted for, and as far as I can tell, this was on McCarthy's watch.  It get's better.  Cindy McCain, who despises Trump, and thinks Biden is just grand and deserves to be President, also thinks character counts, but the Biden/McCain history isn't exactly an example of integrity or character, unless it's low.   

One thing is clear, all RINO's have a serious issue with, cognitive dissonance.  They fail to define things properly, fail to see the logical fallacies, fail to understand the long term consequences, and have a serious failure in verterbracy.   They fail to define things properly, thus lack clarity.  But no matter, this is the reality.   The status quo has changed, the conservative base is outraged, and they just refuse to recognize that.   

Over at Canada Free Press in his article, Kevin McCarthy, Rewriting History, asks:  How do you see Kevin McCarthy now? As a victim of a personal vendetta, or a sleaze ball whose lies finally caught up with him, saying:

How quickly we forget.  To hear the screaming scalded cats on Fox, Kevin McCarthy is the tragic victim of a vindictive Matt Gaetz, who dislikes him so much he would end McCarthy’s speakership just to settle a personal score.  Kevin McCarthy is a snake, a smooth talker, and definitely not a conservative. He’s the ultimate swamp creature, he pretends to want “what’s best for the country,” but really wants what’s best for himself...........“It's clear that he's no friend of conservatives. His "Liberty Score" is an F. He and his dark money allies systematically undermined MAGA candidates in the 2022 GOP primaries and even in the general election. 

Rank and file GOP members didn't want him, and only 36% of likely voters think the country is on the wrong track.............McCarthy has spent his career putting special interests ahead of those of the American people in favor of lobbyists, government bureaucrats, the military industrial complex, and has done nothing to control our borders, oppose the drug cartels or oppose Chinese expansion.”

Now I think it's time to present those who are lauding Gaetz.

On October 5, Over at Frontpage Magazine published this piece, Bravo, Gaetz, At last, a politician stands up to the establishment uniparty, saying:  

“Gaetz has very few friends in the conference,” said his fellow Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez. “Gaetz maybe has a couple of friends in the delegation. But I’m not one of them"..............even patriots who are sympathetic to Gaetz are saying that he has jeopardized the Republicans’ slim majority in the House.........Gaetz himself is not a candidate.....So the whole thing was a disaster, no? Gaetz should have left well enough alone, right? Wrong. In fact, Gaetz has won a rare victory for the American people, and should be congratulated and thanked accordingly............For years now, indeed, for decades now, and with very few exceptions, the far Left has set political policy in the United States. On occasion, patriots have refused to go along, but almost every time their opposition collapsed into capitulation, with a few minor details adjusted but the larger principles of the Left’s initiative left intact. This capitulationism has been the hallmark of the Republican Party since at very least 1952.........Gaetz added: “Speaker McCarthy made an agreement with House conservatives........

Another of my favorite writers is Patricia McCarthy over at American Thinker.  On October 5th, she posted this article, Matt Gaetz is a hero saying:

So, eight conservatives have successfully ousted Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House and much of the conservative punditry is angry!   What does that tell us?   It tells us that all those RINOs who voted to retain McCarthy are not conservatives.  That any member of Congress can and does vote to perpetuate the brutally irresponsible spending of the uniparty that runs the swamp which should be a wake-up call for all Americans............

The vote to oust Kevin McCarthy should be an epiphany, the realization that neither political party gives a damn about the American people.  Their own personal power, their re-election, the wealth they accrue by being in Congress is the goal.  They vote, again and again, to spend wildly more money than actually exists.  And only eight Republicans had the fortitude to vote against them.   Again, those eight Republicans are brave heroes.  They will surely be punished for their courage but they should give us hope for the future.  Slim hope, to be sure.  Eight out of 435 is a sad commentary on the state of our nation.

What exactly was Gaetz demanding that McCarthy failed to do, and so outraged those 45 RINO's? 

  • He demanded that elected representatives of the people keep their promises to the electorate.
  • He demanded that Congress control tax dollars.
  • He demanded a detailed budget for the federal government.
  • He demanded an end to blank checks written to the Administrative State in the form of Omnibus Bills.
  • He demanded rogue agencies that used the Judicial system to punish political opponents be funded no more.
  • He demanded the IRS be downsized in accordance with its mission.
  • He demanded the termination of plans to expand the IRS as a compliance apparatus to shake down political opponents.
  • He demanded accountability for the Billions of taxpayer dollars to fund a far-off and covert Ukrainian war.
  • He presented our demands as an elected representative of the American People.

None of that is out of sync with the views of real conservatives, all of which McCarthy, and the RINO's in both houses have failed to do.  

That brings us to the crux of the matter!  Who will be the new Speaker of the House, and let's not forget Matt Gaetz isn't putting himself forward.  And didn't for two reasons.  One, most of the House doesn't like him, so he's even less popular than McCarthy was when it took 15 votes to get him elected.  And two, if he did so it would have thwarted what needed to be done.  And that was getting rid of McCarthy!  So, no matter what's being said about Gaetz, it was clear none of this was about him, it was the mission that counted.  

Currently there are two viable candidates,  Jim Jordan, and Steve Scalise, which I really find enjoyable since that nitwit, Rep. Austin Scott claimed the next House Speaker won’t be anybody as conservative as Rep. McCarthy! Guess what Scott, you have a screw loose. 

While Congressman Troy Nehls wanted to nominate Donald Trump for Speaker, and the Constitution doesn't require the Speaker to be a member of Congress, so that was possible, albeit stupid, but Trump has endorsed Jim Jordan.

Now, if you really want confidence that Jordan is the go to guy, take the comments from these two misfits,  Liz Cheney, who claims Jordan would overturn the Constitution, and Adam Kinzinger who claims Jordan is "very dangerous for the nation", because he's a Christian, and a nationalist.  

A Christian, Oh No!!! Oh, wait, wasn't it Christians who were the writers of the Constitution?  And wasn't it New England religious leaders who inspired the Bill of Rights?  Are those the kind of people he's talking about?  If those two pus filled pimples are against him, that should fill every conservative in the nation with confidence for him as Speaker.


  1. BRAVO, Richard! Great piece! I would approve of either man, Jim Jordan or Steve Scalise for Speaker, and in that order! I am praying that one of them get the opportunity to TRULY and FAITHFULLY lead and govern the House conservatively and in the best interest of our dear, but currently ailing, blessed United States of America!

    1. Thanks, and best wishes to us all, Rich

    2. We're going to need all of those "good" wishes we can muster!

    3. We're going to need all of those we can get!