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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

But They Had No Plan! Yes, Actually, They Did!

By Rich Kozlovich

My mind boggles at the stupidity of politicians who claim to be conservatives, and leaders.  It's been obvious to me for more years than I can remember those in leadership positions are not really leaders.  They're managers who are go along get along people who merely organize things in the direction everyone wants to go.  NO matter how stupid that direction may be.  True leaders are prepared to stand against the tide, and they are few in number. 

Representative James Comer Republican from Kentucky appeared yesterday on Fox Business Channel’s “Kudlow” telling him he was ashamed of House Republicans saying:

“We’ve wasted three weeks. And, you know, this was a dumb move by those eight members of Congress. Many of them are on my committee. I like, you know, at least six of the eight. But at the end of the day, they had no plan. They had no plan, and Larry, this could stretch out another two or three weeks. And it’s limited the ability of committees, not only to meet, but my committee, to do subpoenas and things like that.”
So, he isn't ashamed of the entire Republicans in the House.  No, he's only ashamed of the Heroic Eight who voted to get McCarthy kicked out.  However, from the entire Republican House they were only eight members who voted to kick McCarthy out.  The rest were Democrats.  Is he ashamed of the traitors who voted against Jim Jordan?  Apparently not, and why not?   Those "twenty-five members of the House GOP revealed themselves to be petty, sniveling, chumps who decided that the people should not have a say."
Unlike the vote against Jim Jordan, when the Heroic Eight stood against McCarthy there was more than enough valid reason.  He broke his word with the conservative caucus, and he worked back room deals with the Democrats to increase spending, and borrowing, leaving the rest of the House members, especially the conservative caucus, out of the picture. 

Well, I really tire of hearing this meme about "they didn't have a plan", because it appears the Heroic Eight did have a plan.   Force a vote on McCarthy and make the House Republicans go on record for where they stand on out of control spending, out of control borrowing, and out of control criminal activity by the Biden administration, and hopefully, force the House to choose a Speaker that wasn't a back room dealer with Democrats, and a fellow traveler with the Biden administration who deliberately cut out the rest of the House, especially the conservatives. 
The fact that he actually was removed, in spite of the back room deal he made with Pelosi that she and the Democrats would support him, was a bonus. It's not their fault the House failed to do their job!
The fact is, now the Republican House members have been exposed for who and what they are, and many have been shown as stupid and foolish.  That is in fact, a second bonus to their plan, since the 2024 primaries will be coming up for many of these nitwits, and I think many of them will be allowed to go back home to their families, permanently.  So, explain exactly to me why that isn't a plan, and a good plan? 

Which brings me to this question. Did those who voted against Jim Jordan have a plan?  No, they didn't!  So why isn't he ashamed of them?  Any failure of "the plan" falls directly on the CINO's (Conservative in name only) members.  They've now been exposed as petty, weak, unintelligent, and I think corrupt self serving dunderheads. But he's not ashamed of them.  

Imagine that!

1 comment:

  1. Things worked out just right. A true conservative is in the position of House speaker. Not a milquetoast, but soft spoken. He will be hard for the media to demonify. Plus, Rep Jim Jordan is too important on the committees investigating the Biden corruption.
    Most important of all, the "I'll pretend to be a conservative" RINO bunch who are really Swamp Rats, Democrat-Lite, have been outed. Great outcome.
    The Republican party needs to unite around Trump and present their vision of the future of our Country, and defeat the Democrats thoroughly, or we will not long have a Country.