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Monday, October 23, 2023

Academia is a Cavern of Darkness

 On October 19 John M. Grondelski posted this article on American Thinker, Indigestion, Ethics, and College Protests, discussing an article by Ezekiel Emanuel who teaches bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania  entitled, “The Moral Deficiencies of a Liberal Education, in the October 17 New York Times" saying:
Emanuel............ bemoans the “moral blinders” so prominently on display on various college campuses — especially, but not only, elite ones like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Penn — in the initial reaction to Hamas’s terror attack on Israel.  That undergraduates could demonstrate in support of barbarians who killed women and children makes Emanuel declare: “We have failed.”
Grondelski goes on to say:
Professor Emanuel is right that there is something deeply rotten on the modern college campus. But he doesn’t identify what.

Well, since academia is a sewer of intellectual and moral rot, there's a reason "he doesn't identify what" that deep rot is, and he thinks more ethics classes will do the trick.  Well, let's face it, he's an academic, so I'm not shocked he can't identify what's wrong, and so offers meaningless solutions.  He's part of the problem.  However, I'm willing to be fair and help him understand, not that it will do any good.  So, here, allow me to properly define all of this.

This academic moral and intellectual problem in academia is a foundational social paradigm problem. 
America was created from the bottom up based on Judaic/Christian principles and ethics, by people who were practicing Christians who actually believed in those values. It's true they were far from perfect, but that's a separate issue, so spare me that admonition, that doesn't alter the fact those values were the foundational social paradigms that molded America.

Everything is "The Basics", and here's the foundational source of all that moral equivocation and ambivalence in academia.  We've filled our institutions with atheists, Muslims, racists, anti-semites, anti-Christians, anti-America sewer trout, communist/socialist/Marxists, and anti-whites, who now teach nothing but hate, discontent, and insane propaganda telling these young minds to hate everything about America.  Worst of all, the nation is filled with entirely too many nominal Jews and Christians who allow it, and even support these institutions with their donations, along with sending their children to these toxic viper's pits.

None of that is fixable at the university level, or by the government. It can only be fixed by American society embracing it's past. But we've allowed leftists with their immigration policies to fill America with an unending list of  virulent  anti-America immigrants, and they've destroyed any sense of harmony in our demographic makeup.  
My greatest fear?  A worldwide economic collapse that I believe will occur within the next few years, because I fear that will bring about serious levels of violence nationally, and worldwide. 

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