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Coronavirus Update For June 3, 2020

By Rich Kozlovich

I've posted much to show this "pandemic" is mostly media driven hysteria, and in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, society has gone insane with this stuff. Therefore, I've decided to post the mortality rates regularly.

The COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) keeps a running total of deaths and proven infections.  As of 7:00 AM on June, 3, 2020 here are the coronavirus rates of infection and the rates of mortality based on a worldwide population of 7,800,000,000 and an American population of 330,000,000 using this internet calculator.

Here are the results:
Please note the substantial difference between the infection and mortality rates of coronavirus and past virus attacks.
  • In 1968 the Hong Kong flu killed over 1,000,000 people worldwide. The mortality rate was 0.3%! America lost 100,000 that year, and morality rate was 0.05%.
  • In 1957-58 the Asian flu killed up to 2,000,000 people with a mortality rate 0.068%. America lost 116,000 people. The mortality rate was 0.07%. 
No one sought to shut down the nation then when the infection and mortality rates were higher. Why are we now?

The Power of Indefinable Words

(Editor's Note Since it's now being claimed the states and cities won't open things back up until they know we're "safe" from this coronavirus I thought it was a good time to reintroduce this eleven year old article dealing with pesticide safety to our current leftist and media driven hysteria "we're doomed" crisis of the moment.  

Bare with me regarding the pesticide part, but the pesticide part will lay groundwork for this coronavirus issue.  Because some things just don't change, only the names change. RK)

By Rich Kozlovich Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Words are powerful tools, especially when those words can't properly be defined and evoke a tremendous emotional response. Safe is one such word. Everyone wants their families to be safe. Everyone wants safe products. Well, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean that there can be no margin for error? Does that mean that there must be a total amelioration of all pain? Does that mean that nothing must ever go wrong?

Approximately 50,000 people die (*It is claimed that this number has dropped significantly over the last 10 years, although it is still high.  The actual number seems to be in question. ) every year on America’s highways. Is driving safe? Every year people die from accidental electrocution. Is electricity safe? Every year a great many children drown. Is swimming safe?

Is it possible to show that any product is safe? NO! You can only prove something is unsafe, otherwise you are asking someone to prove a negative, a factual impossibility. We can only prove what things do, not what they don’t do. It is like asking someone to prove that they aren’t cheating on their spouse. You can only prove that someone is cheating. You cannot in any way prove that someone isn’t cheating.

Yet we are being required to show that pesticides are safe before we use them. This irrational, unscientific demand is made over and over again, and done so without protest. Worse yet it is done with support from many in and around industry. Why? Because safe is one of those difficult to define words that can unite people in a cause that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy all over, not mention the feeling of moral superiority. After all, who is going to support un-safe products and practices? 

These issues surrounding DDT demonstrate such unintended consequences of such emotional causes. Even after all the evidence has shown that most of what Rachel Carson said was either speculation or inaccurate.  She went so far off to the extent she deliberately misrepresenting the facts.  Even after everything she predicted turned out to be wrong; even after all the pain and suffering that has been, and is still being caused by the ban on DDT; people will not properly connect the ban with the disasters banning DDT caused.

There are those who will still defend the ban with fallacious arguments and demand more bans and more restrictions in the name of safety...especially "because it's for the children".  They simply refuse to admit they were wrong, in spite of all the pain and suffering, and mostly to the children. 


It isn’t simply a matter of pride either. This refusal to admit that which should be obvious to the most casual observer is being driven by a misanthropic neo-pagan psuedo-religous philosophy called environmentalism. Call it an “organic” philosophy, call it a “green” philosophy, it doesn’t matter; the goal is to eliminate products that allow more people to live longer, healthier lives; and they do it with fallacious health claims about pesticides.

Thomas Sowell, in his book, Economic Facts and Fallacies, defined logical fallacies in the following manner.

Fallacies are not simply crazy ideas. They are usually both plausible and logical – but with something missing. Their plausibility gains them political support. Only after that political support is strong enough to cause fallacious ideas to become government policies and programs are the missing of ignored factors likely to lead to “unintended consequences,” a phrase often heard in the wake of economic or social policy disasters. Another phrase often heard in the wake of these disasters is, ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time."
That is why it pays to look deeper into things that look good on the surface at the moment.   What's
 underneath the surface is what matters.

Let’s take the Fallacy of composition.  It goes like this; DDT is found in birds. DDT killed the birds. Let’s ban DDT. Since DDT was a pesticide, and it was found in birds that died, all pesticides must kill birds; let’s ban all pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals and pesticides were found in dead birds so chemicals must kill birds; let’s ban all chemicals.

At one point the pest control industry is so hot to be green and yet we didn't seem to have a clue as to what “going green” was going to mean to society as a whole. GO GREEN! GO GREEN! was the cry, but where does this leading? The activists never seem to have to explain their motives or ultimate goals. We need to look beneath the surface and ask: What are thier goals? Let us have no doubts that the elimination of pesticides is one of them.

Actually it should be immaterial to intelligent, insightful, compassionate people whether they explain their goals or not. We should be able to see what their motives and goals are by the devastation they have wrought in the rest of the world!  We now know that environmentalism isn’t safe. Tell me; do you think that environmentalism should be banned?  

We absolutely know we will lose between sixty and eighty thousand people in America from seasonal flu.  Certainly that's not safe do you think?  Why don't we shut the country down every year then?  Now we're expected to prove the nation is safe from this coronavirus.  Well, it isn't, and it never will be.  There will be cases of this coronavirus forever now, just as there are cases of every flu that's ever attacked America.  We need to recognize that and we need to get over it, because that's the way life works.  Period!

Whether it's pesticides or public health, the lies, the logical fallacies and hysteria reresent the consistent binding pattern for all these leftist outcries.  We have to overcome that!  We win battle of facts. We always have.  They win the battle of emotion.  They always have.  To win the war we need to win the battle of facts and the battle of emotion. 

What's most disturbing is the very real dichotomy regarding what these corrupt and incompetent  government officials interpretation of "safe"  They arresting people for trying to open their businesses, or even walking around their neighborhoods, because that's not safe.  Highly dubious claim at best!  Yet they're allowing barbarian insurrectionists to run rampant throughout the nation robbing, murdering, and burning down our nation's cities.

Not only are many of them not doing anything to stop it, many of them in point of fact are encouraging them to continue on.  Even protecting them by not permitting the police to do their job of protecting society, which includes property.  And virtually every one of those officials are Democrats.

In conclusion:  We now know Democrats are not safe, what do you think should be done about that?

Another Night in Lootopia


Race riots usually begin with criminality and end with criminality. They're protests by criminals on behalf of a dead criminal. The stores with smashed windows aren't a means of expressing outrage, but the end. The purpose of criminality is criminality. The police exist so that stores can remain unrobbed and random pedestrians can remain unbeaten. The protests express opposition to that policy by robbing stores and assaulting random people. Riots and looting are not a distraction from the protests. They are the essential point of the protests and the radical movement that they represent.

The police were never the problem. The looters and rioters were.

The riots drawn in the disaffected upper middle class ideological white and black youth and lower class non-ideological black youth. Neither the middle class leftist nor the lower-class rioter is invested in his society. The former are globalists, and the latter are outsiders.

Neither are invested in the city and country they are busy trashing.

They are the children and parents of the welfare state with little in common except that neither are invested in the city and country that they are busy trashing.. Neither have any interest in working. The businesses they smash are an alien thing to them. Small businessmen do not go about smashing stores. The people who do think of commodities as something they trick or intimidate others into giving to them. And that covers everyone from environmental non-profits to sneakers and BMWs.

"Loot as much as you can, or someone else will." If you don't grab government benefits or sneakers in store windows, someone else will. The rich are grabbing, the pols are grabbing-- time to queue up and loot your share. Communism made this way of thinking so commonplace that all of Russia became one black market. And we are not far behind.

What kind of people behave this way? Those who have come to think of wealth as an infinite pile from which everyone grabs as much as they can. This is where the ethos of the socialist left and hip-hop comes together. Money is magical. Hard work is a scam that those who have it invented to oppress everyone else. Property is theft, so why not reverse the equation and steal what you can?

The classic raid has come to the cities of West, its hallmarks are not frustration but careful planning, followed by a violent rush. They are the reemergence of an old way of life that most people think died with the Vikings. Technological savvy melded with barbaric behavior, the 21st century mobile devotee turned raider is a wake up call in more ways than one. These are not mere race riots, they are the self-organization of the end of our civilization.

The law banished the raider back into the dim pages of history,  but law depended on a civilization which is now collapsing. Police officers need the support of the public to hold the line. And when the left along elements of the right, advocate for criminals, the criminals will make cities their own.

The traditional raider saw himself as part of an outside group. The modern raider has global or tribal identities that are at odds with the country he lives in. When he joins a raiding party, it is as a member of one of those groups looting a society whose welfare is of no interest to him. A disregard for the civilization becomes a disregard for its laws. And that leaves self-interest as the only hedge against anarchy. But what interest do people who do not work for a living have in preserving the businesses of others? None at all. As far as they are concerned, smash a store, it will collect the insurance, and reopen, or another will open up in its place. And even if it doesn't, then so what?

The raider lives in a magical world free from the constrains of economics or morality. And the raiders know that the more they smash and loot, the more concessions they will win from those who still believe in the economic and moral precepts that once governed our society. Attitude matters more than work ethic. Having the right politics matters more than getting up in the morning.

As looters clean out those who work, the culture of the looter and the raider spreads leaving blight, malaise, and parasitism in its wake. Riots decimate a society's moral immune system leaving behind a carcass of burned out and smashed up businesses, some of which will never rise again.

But to the raiders, there will always be more. In a world full of victims, there is always more to loot.

The essential raider protest is of a world in which hard work is required and looting is banned. When a criminal dies, it's a trigger for the elemental protest against this unfair world with more criminality. The world that the criminals, ideological and non-ideological, seek is one of infinite looting, where the work ethic is useless, and morality is stomped on, and their whims and egos will rule the day.

Marxism and criminality are two sides of the same coin. They're the first resort of worthless people who are motivated by envy, held back by laziness, and have no moral center. It is no coincidence that the former leads to the latter, and the latter to the former. Or that criminals and Marxists will work together to watch other people's hard work burn.

Riots, Government Failure, and Gun Control

June 2, 2020 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty
In some cities, legitimate protests about abusive and improper police behavior have degenerated into riots.  One consequence of this mayhem is that police don’t have the manpower to effectively protect households and businesses.  In same cases, as shown by this tweet, a police chief even gave a green light to looters even though taxpayers pay generous salaries to cops because they’re supposed to protect our lives and possessions.

This would be a good opportunity to point out how this is another sad example of government being so big and bloated that it can’t fulfill its core roles of protecting life, liberty, and property.
But I want to focus on a more narrow issue, which is why it is vital for citizens to have the right to own firearms so they can protect themselves when there are breakdowns in social order and cops can’t (or won’t) help out.

I wrote about this issue back in 2011, observing that Europeans were largely helpless during that year’s civil unrest because governments had stripped them of the right to self defense.

I also specifically compared helpless British victims of rioting to armed shopkeepers in Los Angeles who were able to protect themselves when there were riots in that city.
Today’s unrest is providing even more evidence. There are already dozens of stories about citizens protecting themselves and their businesses because law enforcement isn’t available.
Here’s one example.
What began as a peaceful protest in Cleveland on Saturday—over the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer— turned violent as the day progressed, prompting Mayor Frank Jackson to issue an 8 p.m. curfew and to request National Guard reinforcements to protect the city from rioters. Corbo’s, a tiny family-owned bakery in the city’s historic Playhouse Square district, took matters into their own hands, brandishing their firearms when rioters came calling. …rioters and looters can be seen approaching Corbo’s Bakery, taunting the owners and threatening them with iron rods and a large pylon with a heavy metal base. Three men stood in the doorway of the bakery, defending their property and exercising their Second Amendment rights. A minute later the rioters were gone, having moved on to the business next door, where they shattered a massive storefront window… Rash asks the men protecting Corbo’s whether or not they have insurance that would cover damage from the rioters. “I mean, really, is it worth having someone get shot? Are you shooting someone over an insured place? But why?” “That’s not the point,” one of the armed Corbo’s workers replied. “Well, it is the point,” Rash counters. “But what if someone accidentally got shot?” An African American bystander defended the bakers, saying, “They just trying to defend they’re sh–.” “You’re out here with guns!” Rash exclaims. “I’m on my fu–ing property,” says a baker
Thankfully, there ultimately was no violence in this encounter.  It’s also worth noting that there was no looting. Another successful example of why it’s so helpful to have private gun ownership.  I wonder if the chaos across the nation is a “learnable moment” for some people. Here’s a tweet from a psychologist in New York.

upporters of the 2nd Amendment often point out that cops are just minutes away when trouble is seconds away. Well, Mr. Kaufman learned that sometimes the police aren’t just minutes away. They can be hours away or not available at all.

Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I hope he now realizes that his earlier calls for gun control were misguided. Unless, of course, he plans to defend himself with Tide pods.

I’ll close with two items. First, I’ll recycle my 2011 poll to see why (or if) people support the right to keep and bear arms. Interesting, the coronavirus (which led to the release of criminals and police announcements that some laws wouldn’t be enforced) produced an increase in the number of people (up from 14.43 percent) who answered “To protect myself and my family if we suffer a societal breakdown.”

Given what’s happening each night in our cities, I’m guessing that number will increase.
What's Your Main Reason for Supporting the Second Amendment?

Second, I’ll also recycle this image that I shared when writing about the looting that occurred after Hurricane Sandy.  It’s amusing, but I like sharing it because it gives me an opportunity to remind people about the role of incentives.

At the risk of stating the obvious, looters are unlikely to go after this neighborhood and they’re going to be far more likely to cause mayhem in a place like New York City, where an incompetent city government basically gives crooks a free pass and there are tragic restrictions on gun ownership.
P.S. As noted above, I hope Mr. Kaufman has an epiphany. Sort of like the one that Justin Cronin experienced when he dealt with a breakdown of civil order.

A Peek Under the Hood: Manufactures Trade

 By Melissa Taylor and Peter Zeihan on June 2, 2020 @ Zeihan on Geopolitics

We all know the United States imports a huge volume of finished manufactured goods from the wider world, with China being the largest source. What is less understood is the far larger volume of goods the Americans manufacture at home. Of the roughly $1.6 trillion output of value-added American manufacturing, less than one-fifth of the intermediate components are sourced abroad, with roughly half of the total originating in America’s NAFTA partners.

Chinese components obviously play a role, but even here their contribution is via sales to the United States rather than third parties. In other words, the US takes those imports and builds the final product. You can see that in the data below: American use of Chinese parts is roughly triple that of their combined presence in Canadian and Mexican manufacturing.

Such centrality bodes well for the NAFTA system as companies look for ways to reshore manufacturing operations. While there are many manufacturing supply chains that will need to find alternate suppliers and workarounds, China’s limited presence in the intermediate goods trade suggests such alternates and workarounds will be manageable for the system as a whole. From the point of view of American capital, workers, firms and communities, this is a welcome piece of good news.

The real problem moving forward will be what can go wrong with the manufacture and supply of all those already finished products the United States imports. As China’s links to the world fracture, the entire East Asian manufacturing system will need to be broken up, reordered and relocated. It took five decades to build Asian manufacturing into its current form. Its unraveling will happen much more quickly.

On June 3 Melissa Taylor and Peter Zeihan will be hosting a video-conference on Manufacturing in a New Era. We’ll address the future of automotive, automation, reshoring, COVID’s shattering of supply chains, consumption shifts, as well as get you an update on the deepening trade war.

For those of you who don’t want to pop for the fee, we’ve recently completed a video on our projected shape of the COVID epidemic to come. You can watch it for free here.

Our June 3 manufacturing video-conference is only the first of a series which will include events focusing on Mexico, China, Energy and Agriculture. Scheduling and sign up information can be found here.

Newsletters from Zeihan on Geopolitics have always been and always will be free of charge. However, if you enjoy them or find them useful, please consider showing your appreciation via a donation to Feeding America.

One of the biggest problems the United States faces at present is food dislocation: pre-COVID, nearly 40% of all foods were not consumed at home. Instead they were destined for places like restaurants and college dorms. Shifting the supply chain to grocery stores takes time and money, but people need food now. Some 23 million students used to be on school lunches, for example. That servicing has evaporated. Feeding America helps bridge the gap between America’s food supply (which remains robust) and its demand (which coronavirus has shifted faster than the supply chains can keep up).

A little goes a very long way. For a single dollar, FA can feed one person for three days.

Alarmist queen Hayhoe takedown by Friends of Science

|June 1st, 2020| Climate| 25 Comments  @ CFACT

If Greta Thunberg is an alarmist princess then Katherine Hayhoe is the queen of climate alarmism, at least in the U.S. and Canada. She was the de facto spokesperson for the atrocious third National Climate Assessment. After that she started doing bogus “Here’s what is going to happen to you” climate studies for various states and cities. Making big bucks scaring people.

Last year Hayhoe delivered a doomsday forecast to the Province of Alberta, Canada, and here our story begins. Alberta is home to the Friends of Science Society (FOSS), one of Canada’s top skeptical organizations. FOSS has now produced a 77 page takedown report, shredding Hayhoe’s so-called study in detail. It is an elegant critical work, with implications far beyond Canada.

The topic is technical but it is written for policy makers. The plain English table of contents gives the flavor and shows the scope, with 37 succinct chapters. There are even chapters titled “What is “Climate Change”?” and “What is a Climate Model?” In the same vein Hayhoe’s report is arrogantly titled “Alberta’s Climate Future” so the FOSS takedown is “Facts versus Fortune Telling”.
There are lots of data issues, especially since the Hayhoe report uses truncated trends. The FOSS rebuttal does a lot of longer term analysis.

Another big issue is that the Hayhoe report is based on so-called “downscaling” of hot climate models. This means taking huge crude regional results and interpolating questionable local details. Hayhoe bills herself as an “atmospheric scientist” but her Ph.D. work was on downscaling, which is just computer science. It is fitting that she is now in a university Political Science department, as her work is certainly political.

What Hayhoe ignores is the fact that different global climate models give wildly different regional projections. I recall when the first U.S. National Climate Assessment came out; it used two major models, the Canadian and the British Hadley. For the North Central region one projected a 160% increase in rainfall, while the other gave a 60% decrease. Swamp or desert! Obviously this junk is no good for policy making.

Here is the Friends of Science condensed summary:
This review shows how Hayhoe & Stoner misinform, how they did not use all available information, how they cultivate alarm regarding Black Swan events, while ignoring counter trends and evidence of cycles. Their report style demonstrates a false, absolute certainty, of knowledge, where due qualification of assumptions and other influences can alter results as reported. Facts and evidence, not fortune-telling, should guide public policy on climate and energy.”
Here are some more specific and telling FOSS findings:
Hayhoe & Stoner’s “Alberta’s Climate Future” report fails in a number of ways. The report ignores climate cycles and instead forecasts continuing linear temperature increases based on global climate models, even when local trends may be quite different. The report only addresses trends from 1950, ignoring much warmer conditions in the past in the Province.”
More concerning, Alberta’s Climate Future” is based on the use of unreasonably unlikely scenarios, such as Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 8.5. This computer simulation is a very extreme projection of the future where the world goes back to using more than five times the coal than is used today. Most mainstream scientists believe the RCP8.5 scenario to be a critically flawed benchmark for forecasting future climate.”
Hayhoe & Stoner make bold and unverified statements such as: extreme high and low temperatures are projected to increase exponentially” without justification. The report creates alarm with discredited references to natural Black Swan” events, ascribing human caused climate change as the driver of floods and fires.”
There is a great deal more criticism, which is worth looking at. FOSS really does a job on Queen Hayhoe’s so-called research.

The Friends of Science takedown is a model for critical analysis of alarmist pseudoscientific hype. The deeply flawed Hayhoe report is not unusual. On the contrary it is typical of climate alarmism — computer based, on selected data, presenting speculative scary conclusions as facts.


David Wojick, Ph.D. is an independent analyst working at the intersection of science, technology and policy. For origins see For over 100 prior articles for CFACT see Available for confidential research and consulting.


How to Make Money by Spreading Anti-GMO Propaganda

Anti-GMO activists routinely label scientists and biotech supporters "shills for Monsanto." However, a new study suggests that those who spread GMO disinformation are the ones who are actually motivated by money.

By Alex Berezow, PhD — December 3, 2019 @ American Council on Science and Health

The anti-GMO movement is bizarre in so many ways. The topic is essentially non-controversial in the scientific community, with 92% of Ph.D.-holding biomedical scientists agreeing that GMOs are safe to eat.

Yet, GMOs have become a perverse obsession among food and environmental activists, some of whom have gone so far as to accuse biotech scientists of committing "crimes against nature and humanity." Why? What's in it for them?

A new paper published by Dr. Cami Ryan and her colleagues in the European Management Journal examined this issue. They came to the conclusion that many of us had already suspected: It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

The Monetization of Disinformation: The Case of GMOs

The authors, who work for Bayer (which acquired Monsanto), begin by explaining the attention economy. Like most everything else, from money to coffee beans, human attention can be thought of in strictly economic terms. Attention is a scarce commodity; there is only so much of it to go around. Entire businesses, like social media, have developed a revenue model that relies on capturing as much of your attention as possible. In various ways, that attention can be monetized.

To quantify the attention that the topic of GMOs receives, the authors utilized BuzzSumo, a website that aggregates article engagement from all the major social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The authors identified 94,993 unique articles from 2009 to 2019, and then whittled down the list to include only those domains that published at least 48 articles on GMOs (which is an average of one per month for four years). Thus, the researchers identified 263 unique websites.

And now, the depressing results. By far, the most shared articles on GMOs came from conspiracy, pseudoscience, and/or activist websites.

The image on the right depicts the top 25 websites based on median article shares. Of these, only two -- The Guardian and NPR (highlighted green) -- are widely considered to be mainstream news outlets. (It should be pointed out, however, that The Guardian is often not a reliable source of information on science, technology, and public health.)

It isn't a coincidence that many of these same websites also peddle snake oil., for instance, is a website that sells everything from hydrogen-infused water to krill oil supplements for your pet. The website publishes anti-GMO and anti-vaccine articles, as well as a whole host of other fake health news, in order to drive traffic to itself. Then it sells the reader phony medicine.

If you're wondering how gets away with this, here's how: (1) It's not illegal to lie, and (2) It's not illegal to sell phony medicine, provided that there is a tiny disclaimer somewhere on the website admitting that the FDA hasn't evaluated any of the health claims. Here's Mercola's:

Perhaps Dr. Ryan's next research project should be how to put and its ilk out of business.

Source: Camille D. Ryan, Andrew Schaul, Ryan Butner, John Swarthout. "Monetizing Disinformation in the Attention Economy: the case of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)." European Management Journal. In press. 2019. doi: 10.1016/j.emj.2019.11.002

Year-Long Investigation Refutes Myth of 'Grassroots' Anti-GMO Activism

Anti-GMO groups present themselves to the public as independent truth seekers fighting to build a healthy food system and counter the machinations of "powerful" corporations. A detailed investigation of who funds these groups, and how they spend their massive donations, paints a very different picture.

By Cameron English — May 9, 2020

 For many years, the anti-GMO movement has advanced a compelling narrative about its struggle against the biotech industry—pejoratively referred to as 'Big Ag.' According to this story, organic food activists and environmental groups are independent, grassroots rebels taking on the corporations that seek to control the global food supply with their patented GMO seeds and pesticides. It's a Biblical struggle as far as the activists are concerned: they're David and the agro-chemical industry, led by Monsanto, is Goliath.

This Erin Brockovich-style narrative has undoubtedly convinced many Americans that the biotech industry is spending millions to promote its products, lobby Congress and silence its underdog critics. But as the Genetic Literacy Project (GLP) has documented in its just-released Anti-GMO Advocacy Funding Tracker, the David vs. Goliath framing is suspect at best.

Meet Big Organic

Based on a year-long investigation of tax records and annual reports from hundreds of anti-GMO advocacy groups and their donors, the GLP tracker reveals that, instead of underdogs taking on the corporate establishment, many activist groups are highly skilled public relations operations with big budgets working to demonize crop biotechnology. Over the five-year period 2012-2016, anti-GMO groups received $850,922,324 in donations from organic food companies and wealthy foundations.

 The tracker features an interactive network map illustrating the financial relationships between donors (yellow circles) and recipients (blue circles), as well as exportable financial data and detailed profiles of the top 50 organizations. All the data can be toggled by year and size of the organizations (top 10, 25, 50 etc.) (See this article for an in-depth explanation on how to use the tracker.)
To Read More.....

Activist-Driven Anarchy Knows No Bounds

By —— Bio and Archives--June 1, 2020

The loss of loss of a single life can truly affect many, but how a life is lost will affect many in different ways. American citizens were capable of watching in dismay as the riots over one man’s unjust and tragic death could instigate so much mayhem and destruction. Death in itself can be unjust, for many tragic reasons............

The apparent unjust murder of George Floyd has now become the latest ignition point of the rise of anger, hatred, and rioting in several U.S. cities and in cities across the world. It is video evidence indicating undue force by police action that led to one citizen being killed that can rightfully justify anger and indignation. Americans do not like such unjust action because we still live in a civil society. Our civil society is based on the Judeo-Christian heritage at the heart of the nation. The Ten Commandments express the prohibition of murder, and thus the justice system of our nation has been established to protect U.S. citizens from murder............

Such violent rioting spread over a widespread area, however, is not limited to what could be considered spontaneous demonstrations of anger over police brutality. The government is instituted to protect citizens - not permit harm to its citizens. A person of common sense needs to realize that such violent and prolonged rioting is not really a backlash against the ineptitude of a local Minneapolis police force, the ineptitude of government, but a general melee against common citizens. Such rioting represents a zeal with which to do harm to anything or anyone in harm’s way. Much like rabid dogs snapping at anything in their path, there is no respect for civility or order. Sustained ferocity, increased violence is indicative of planned and sustained activism A general melee against common citizens who are just trying to survive in a time of the coronavirus is also unjust. Businesses all across the U.S. had already been hard hit due to the lockdown or shutdown orders from the governors of various states. Millions of the citizens are hurting financially. So, when the businesses are torched and looted, what does that say about those who are supposedly protesting against injustice? It sends the specific message to people with common sense that the rioting no longer has moral linkage to George Floyd’s murder..........To Read More....

America Dealing With Insurrection, Not Media-Described Unrest

By Judi McLeod @ Canada Free Press

June 2, 2020: Americans woke up this morning following the seventh consecutive night of looting, rioting; injured citizens and injured police officers trying to protect the wanton destruction of small businesses, including some of those operated by minorities—all media-described as “unrest”.
But it is not “unrest” that Americans are waking up to this morning but galvanized “insurrection”—an organized and orchestrated insurrection at that.

Dangerous, Deadly Full-Out Anarchy

What innocent masses have been subjected to during the past three months alone is as shocking as it it outrageous: millions still in government-imposed Lockdown even as the Coronavirus is on the wane; millions of healthy people restricted to home isolation; millions of people daily losing the jobs they need to support their families.

Barely hanging on in a teetering economy brought on by the pandemic, small business owners watch helplessly as their businesses are burned to the ground by what the media calls ‘peaceful’ protests.
Anarchists on the rampage are not protesting for George Floyd Justice.  They hijacked the George Lloyd protests, turning them into dangerous, deadly full-out anarchy.

“Unrest” is a passive term, “insurrection”  from anarchy, that destroys human lives far more deadly.
It’s been getting worse each night out on the streets of major American cities, with seemingly no end in sight.

“A video emerged Monday night that showed an SUV plowing through a line of officers responding to a protest in Buffalo, N.Y., hitting two law enforcement officers and speeding away. The officers were listed in serious condition and the suspected driver was apprehended.” (Fox News, June 2, 2020)

The Failure of Blue State Leadership on Open Display

By May 31st, 2020

How quickly issues have changed, but the remedies have not. The China Virus business is almost a non-issue in the news, and the crimes charged against General Flynn are disappearing beneath the waves, while justice for the perpetrators is as well, as Democrats now try to charge the rioting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and elsewhere, to President Trump’s malfeasance, the only remedy of which can be his removal and put them in charge. 

The unfortunate death of arrestee George Floyd, a black man in police custody has raised several important legal and social issues that will beleaguer us forever. First, the issue of the man’s death at police hands, and why. A video appears to show a police officers knee on the man’s neck as he lay supine on the pavement gasping for breath. The disquieting video does show the deed but not the causation. There has to be more to the story then revealed by that short video. 

Logically, we should let justice prevail, but now it’s too late because the radical elements of society, always lurking just beneath the surface of social cohesion, have swarmed out of their holes to burn, loot and destroy, as an excuse to “honor” George Floyd. Nearly 70% of Minneapolis urban dwellers apparently, have now completed their Christmas shopping............To Read More...

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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