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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

What Will 'Breaking Biden' Bring?

One of the most iconic scenes from the AMC drama “Breaking Bad” was the murder of Hank Schrader. Schrader was a DEA agent lying on the ground as a neo-Nazi gang leader pointed a gun at him. Hank’s brother-in-law, Walter White, a brilliant chemistry teacher turned meth cook, frantically pleaded for Hank’s life. Hank looked at Walter and said with resigned contempt: “You’re the smartest guy I ever met. And you’re too stupid to see he made up his mind 10 minutes ago.” Hank then turned to the neo-Nazi, said “do what you’re going to do,” and immediately received a bullet in the brain.

Hank could have been speaking to America’s Republican, conservative, and libertarian establishment instead of Walter White. So many seem unconcerned—even gleeful—at the theft of the presidential election, even though it means handing over power to people who appear to have little regard—but a fair amount of contempt—for the nation, its laws, its heritage, its uniqueness. They have a false sense of security that “it” can’t happen here. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote in the Gulag Archipelago:.......... If Joe Biden is sworn in as president, Jacobins will have grasped control of our government...............To Read More.....



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