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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Americans Should be Appalled By The Latest COVID Relief Bill

Andrew Pollack

Americans should be appalled by both the substance and the process of the latest COVID relief bill passed by Congress. 

Our founding fathers intended for our country to be a constitutional Republic, where locally elected leaders would gather and through a process of careful deliberation and thoughtful debate arrive at decisions of nationwide importance. They would neither recognize nor respect a system where Congressmen and Senators are given a few hours to decide whether to vote for or against a 5,000 plus page proposal that they could not possibly even read, much less reflect upon. 

There’s no doubt that Americans could use a relief package. We could have used one months ago. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked the bill, she eventually admitted, in order to hurt President Trump’s re-election chances. After hurting the American people in order to hurt our President, she has now decided to send a Christmas-eve proposal to his desk and all but dared him to play the part of Scrooge.............. To Read More....

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