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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Covid Christmas and Communistic Government ControL

 By —— Bio and Archives--December 24, 2020

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 It’s become obvious that the “pandemic” is directed toward social control. Why else would the powers-that-be find the need to automatically dub a new strain of the China virus more contagious than the “old” one? Locking everyone behind closed doors to work and interact via the internet (the model surging for decades—look at distance/online work schedules and learning that’s been pushed since the 90s) is handing social media giants all oversight to censor and direct thought processes. 

Refocusing attention on a supposedly harsher mutation of Covid adds to the shutdown mentality in a morbid attempt to dissuade protests, thereby allowing the presidential election results to stand without challenge. If it succeeds, it would be complete abdication of self-motivation and sufficiency, giving in to what is prescribed by establishment government and media be it health, financial provision or family connections, especially during the holiday season.

The Covid “crisis” also lends well to reducing the population by simply keeping people apart, building a hurdle to raising a family let alone instruct their progeny should they manage reproductive relations. Is this the “Brave New World” of incubated fetuses that become drones controlled by drugs that, in this society, includes internet access?

The twist on different advertisements includes encouraging folks to purchase family reunion t-shirts, which sanctions the concept of emblazoning their surname on their chest as proof of attendance without venturing out of the house. Instead, families are pressured to have their “get together” safely online. By complying, everything said and done is monitored by big tech working in league with the Chinese Communist Party (TikTok, Zoom, and likely Portal and Facetime, etc.) - that includes the deep state allies, a.k.a. traitors, from both parties. It will be best to assume there’s an uninvited entity participating in an otherwise cozy “watch party.” Really, how much fun is that?............To Read More....

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