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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

It Just Disappeared! By Rich Kozlovich 

Some days ago this picture appeared on one of the social media sites, I don't remember which one anymore, but the caption with it quoted a dug in soldier (they gave his name and rank) from the 82nd Airborne during WWII at the Battle of the Bulge.  

Apparently a tanker came by and asked if there was some place they could hunker down while the attack was going on.  The paratrooper said, sure get behind me, "I'm 82nd Airborne and the bastards aren't going any farther." 

I copied and pasted this picture, and then went back for the quote.  It was gone.  All of it.  I searched down through the posts for the day, and it was .....gone!  Why?  Was it deleted? Is it possible it disappeared because these social media people don't like American heroes? 

Well, those men were real heroes, and all just about gone now.  And I think the men featured in the Band of Brothers who fought in Europe from Normandy until the end of the war are all now gone.  America is running out of real heroes now.  Worse yet, the nation is replacing them with the Bidens, and the Kerrys, and that ilk.  

And the Republicans aren't any better.  Take that real man, Senator Jeff Flake.  A man of unparalleled courage, resolution and fortitude, who when cornered by some "angry women" in a elevator, suffered a terrible attack of yelling and finger shaking.  Wow, yelling and finger shaming.  What did he do?   Well naturally, in the face of an attack that violent, he crumbled!   His resolve to support Justice Kavanaugh faded into nothingness.  

It appears all they had to do to "woke" the Republicans is to follow the advice of Obama and Mad Maxine and "get into their faces", and finger shame them.   And the nation is expecting a McConnell run Republican Senate to keep Biden's team of communists in check?  Really?  Get real!

Can you imagine these invertebrates at the Battle of the Bulge?  Well if that ilk was defending the nation during WWII, we'd all be speaking Japanese on the West Coast and German on the East coast.

Just a thought! 

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