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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

For Dr. Scott Atlas, not even a routine term-finish is enough to keep the press from acting despicably

December 1, 2020 By Monica Showalter

The press has outdone itself.    

Dr. Scott Atlas, President Trump's coronavirus adviser, has resigned from his position, which was a routine event, given that he was a special government employee, with a 130-day term.  Instead, they are claiming it's some kind of scandal or disgrace.  The Associated Press expended 276 words on this man's exit and got around to mentioning that it was a 130-day term and he had reached it only at the very last paragraph, at the 257-word point, of the piece.  The other 257 words were basically pure editorializing about what a supposedly awful, ignorant, anti-science guy he supposedly was, which, he wasn't.

That's called a buried lede.

Atlas was hired as a "special government employee," which limited his service to government to 130 days in a calendar year — a deadline he reached this week.

Unlike a lot of Obama-era holdouts, Atlas departed at the end of his term, and if they wanted to make his exit a story, maybe that could be the news, given that so many Obama operative never left.  But instead of just reporting the news, the press is taking some amazing potshots............More

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