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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

What Americans Are Up Against? Dolchstosslegende, American Style! By Rich Kozlovich 

Dolchstosslegende refers to the post WWI German "Stab-in-the-back myth", where the German people were convinced their army didn't lose the war.  Their army was betrayed.  They were "stabbed in the back" by Jews, and the republicans who over threw the monarchy.  

That belief was very wide spread and promoted by the biggest names in Germany including Ludendorff, who was probably more responsible for the disasters inflicted on the German army than anyone.  This gave him the ability to blame others for his failures.  

The radicals, like the Nazi's and others, in order to gain power played on this.  When people are suffering, it's easy to find scapegoats for them to blame for their suffering. 

The Armistice didn't end the war.  It ended the fighting.  But between the months of the signing of the Armistice and the signing of  The Treaty of Versailles, the allies continued their blockade of Germany, as a result thousands died of starvation.  Then after the Treaty of Versailles was signed, it was so punitive and crushing it created an economic disaster no nation could easily recover from.  Then the world faced the Great Depression, which made the plight of the German people ever worse. 

It's been said WWI was nothing more than a prelude to WWII as a result of all of that, and it was.  One more thing.  The German hierarchy actually did believe they could take a bite at the apple again at some point, which is why the allies made conditions of the Armistice and the Treaty so severe. 

But, when you combined all that with the economic disaster the German people were suffering, it made belief in Dolchstosslegende acceptable, and believable. 

Now America has it's own Stabbed in the Back scenario.  Only it's not a myth! It's not a conspiracy theory!  It's believable and acceptable because it's real!

As the results of this election roll out we find corruption so deep and so abiding in every institution this country has relied on from it's founding to create stability for the American civilization, we're seeing levels of corruption demonstrated beyond belief.  And if cowardice is responsible for their actions, that's corruption also.  

Public officials swear oaths to uphold the law.  Failure to do so is corruption, and may be treason, but for sure it must, under the law, be considered "High Crimes", or more accurately, crimes of high office.  Failure to uphold their oaths of office is a "high crime".

 Money flooded in from the extremely wealthy and "woke".  How Zuckerbucks Funded Biden, A flood of money from the Facebook founder gave Dems an unfair and illegal advantage. Not to mention the fact it was the "dark money" from the very wealthy that funded the ANTIFA and BLM riots.   

The David Horowitz Freedom Center Led the Way Against Dark Money Networks Behind Race Riots and Election Fraud:

The New Leviathan demonstrated using hard numbers that the Democrats had become the party of the rich and of corporate America and were using that power to fundamentally transform the country using their 'leviathan' of massive tax-exempt foundations. Even while pretending to be the party of the working class, their political organizations were outspending conservatives.......

The shadow network of lefty non-profits allowed Big Tech billionaires to hijack local elections with their own private armies of activists and armed foreign governments with a direct pipeline into the heart of our political system by funding think tanks and other political nonprofits.......

"And we're still fighting the dark money machine now."

What are these people thinking?  They're working to undermine and alter beyond recognition the very system that made them wealthy, not to mention a system that brought more people, from more nations, out of dystopia - poverty, suffering, squalor, disease and early death - than any system the world has ever known.  

"America is the country that's viewed  hundreds of millions around the world as the only real source of hope and inspiration. This is the reason why protesters in Hong Kong wave American, not Chinese flags. It is why, from Central America to China, families give all they have to smugglers, sometimes having to resort to selling themselves into virtual slavery to get here. Probably, half the world’s population would emigrate here right now if they had the wherewithal to do so."

Where are the long lines waiting to flee America and go to Venezuela, China, Russia, or even the EU.  But if anyone wishes to leave and go where they think it's better, we have no walls keeping them in.  

Lloyd Billingsley notes in his piece, Deep State Strike Force,The obscure Senior Executive Service deploys in force against the people:

The DOJ (Sessions, Rosenstein), FBI (Comey, Strzok), and CIA (Brennan) were all key players in the attempted coup against President Trump. As that unfolded, and long before, a more powerful agency was playing a bigger role, largely out of sight from the media and public. The Senior Executive Service (SES)....

He goes on to explain just how important and powerful they've become, and then asks questions about events they clearly had some say in that makes you wonder whether they're the real deep state.  

This election has demonstrated and exposed conspiracies that are real.  Conspiracies that are deadly to the American culture, the American identity, the American Economy and the Constitution.  And the conspirators are traitors.  

Please view this video: The Plot to Steal America - Everything we know, everything we trust, and everything we come to rely on has changed. 



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