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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Across America, breaking the law often means there are no consequences

Let’s begin with the conclusion so as not to keep anyone waiting: Punishment under the law is no longer acceptable in a “woke” society. One may still be subjected to legal prosecution if the crime threatens the Left, as happened to Donald Trump, Carter Paige, and Michael Flynn. “Truth,” however, has nothing to do with such prosecutions of convenience, although punishment is highly acceptable under informal social norms. So, we have “cancel culture” that can ruin a person’s life in an afternoon, moving right along until the victim enters his eternal rest.

Rejecting legal punishment except in political cases can be seen in the West Coast’s aversion to prosecuting street crimes such as trespassing, mugging, and serious violence resulting in bodily injury. Just this afternoon, as I am writing, Portland, Oregon has decided not to prosecute someone who drove into a Proud Boy in a parking lot and then left the scene. In the olden days, this was a pure crime, but unworthy of charges at this time and in that venue.

In another case, the prosecutor of a case told the murder victim’s family to “keep their mouth shut.” If victims and their families have no standing, punishment is increasingly irrelevant. The proper “woke” attitude towards victims is that all that happened to them was they had some really bad luck.

From where does this impulse to ignore punishment arise? Most rationalizations explaining this phenomenon do not interest me. I have my own!..............To Read More....


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