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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Will we go quietly into the night?

December 21, 2020 By Carol Brown 

We've been passive all year with few exceptions. We've absorbed one shock after another with little pushback. We've watched the rise of totalitarianism in disbelief as it has taken hold in the form of lockdowns, riots, censorship, and election fraud. 

 We have, for the most part, been obedient as a handful of "experts" told us what we can and cannot do after the coronavirus swept in. We've tolerated demands to close our businesses, schools, and churches, not leave our house or have contact with aging loved ones, among other demonic edicts. 

We've stood silently by as a "reimagined" police force issued citations, forcibly removed people from public spaces, padlocked doors, and made arrests because someone dared to live as a free American. 

We've even been physically attacked while expressing support for the police, as the police stood by and did nothing .........To Read More....

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