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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

China apparently facing food shortages, introduces bill to regulate overeating

December 24, 2020 By Thomas Lifson

China’s high tech surveillance state will be watching how much people eat, according to provisions of a bill just introduced and sure to pass its rubber stamp National People’s Congress legislative body. Writing at Breitbart, Frances Martel is appropriately skeptical about the repeated official denials that food shortages have anything to do with the state’ss intusion into the most intimate details of life for its citizens.

China’s communist rubber-stamp legislature, the National People’s Congress (NPC), introduced a bill Tuesday that would mandate a government war against “food waste” that includes ordering guests at weddings and other public events to eat less.

The bill also demands regulation of online videos showing people, particularly young women, binge eating — an increasingly popular trend on Chinese social media. (snip)

The state news agency Xinhua noted on Tuesday that the NPC bill on food waste is 32 pages long and extensively regulates how Chinese people consume food. Caterers of large events would be mandated to use technology to monitor clients closely.

“Catering service providers should adopt measures to minimize food waste, such as improving management systems for food purchase, storage and processing, and putting up posters to remind consumers to refrain from ordering excessive food,” the bill text orders, according to Xinhua. “It calls on catering service providers to use technologies such as big data to analyze the needs of consumers to better manage food purchases, transportation, and storage.”

The bill would also regulate the individual consumption of food.

“Individuals should serve or eat an appropriate amount of food at weddings, funerals, parties and other events, as well as in daily life, according to the draft,” Xinhua detailed. “News media outlets are required to promote public awareness of preventing food waste, the draft says, banning them from producing, broadcasting or spreading programs or audio-video clips on binge eating.”

Photo credit: Chinese Tasi   CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license

Given China’s use of surveillance cameras and facial recognition software, a dystopia where the State coerces people into limiting their food intake is not hard to predict, watching them eat every time they sit down outside of the home (and maybe eventually inside it as well)............To Read More.....

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