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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

How the USA Was Transformed into an Obedient Socialist State in Six Months

By December 23rd, 2020 @ American Out Loud 

We the Sheeple, bought it all hook, line, and sinker, without a fight. In less than six months, our politicians have successfully instilled that very fear into most of our population. They are telling us what we eat, where we go, and who we see. And, the most frightful part?

The last four years have shown us that the way to get things done politically is to lie, cheat, steal, riot, burn, bomb, pillage, murder, trash & dishonor a duly elected President, his family, and those who support him. Worse, to treasonously attempt to remove him while initiating a reign of terror on American streets. There are no consequences if one avows as a Marxist-Socialist-Communist-Democrat intending to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.

So how was the USA transformed into an obedient socialist country in just six short months?

For fear of a Chinese Flu Virus!

Today, Government(s) dictate what events are acceptable to attend and even what holidays are acceptable to celebrate. Violent mass protests that instill fear and destroy property are okay as 1st amendment events, but attending church, visiting hospitals, attending family funerals, and patriotic gatherings like Veterans Day Parades are dangerous and therefore denied. And we the Sheeple, bought it all hook, line, and sinker, without a fight.

Standing in a graduation line is a safety hazard because social distancing is mandated. Small businesses are forced to close as dangerous, but crowds to support the corporate money donors alike Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot are open and running.

How about a little hush money?

Politicians gave us a $1,200 stipend that the Government stole from us in the first place. The government doesn’t have any money of its own except what it steals from the people or prints on-demand, so enjoy it. Buy something with it to make you feel good, they tell us. Hopefully, you’ll spend your loot at those big corporations that donate lots of money to the establishment’s elites’ re-election campaigns so the Congress critters can continue to fleece the Sheeple.

Cash is dirty. Stores can’t give change. There’s a coin shortage, didn’t you know?

Use your electronic credit card so Big Tech can trace your movements and your purchases and monetize you to their customers. They’ll convince us all of the need to use a traceable card for everything will be better in six months. Forget cash.

In six months, a horrible plague called the Chinese Wuhan Flu, aka The Wuhan Flu, or Covid-19, gave our blue politicians an excuse to close our economy. First, rush to shutter the public schools, then restructured education under the fear of public safety. In less than six months, the Blue politicians showed how easily people accept guidelines that have NO scientific or legal premise whatsoever but work when people are afraid. The China Virus is no more deadly than was the previous SARS flu that Obama completely ignored.

The money stream only travels one way, their way.

Speaking of school closures, why must we still pay taxes for schools when the schools are closed, and the teachers aren’t teaching? Our children are our greatest renewable natural resource, and they’re getting screwed by the government and the teacher’s unions. Will we get a refund on our school taxes? Not likely. You got a $1200.00 stipend, didn’t you? The teachers and the administrators are still getting paid to do nothing. So are the politicians in local, state, and the federal government.

Come on; it’s just a mask, they say. What’s the big deal?

Do you think the Nazi’s of the 1930s told the Jews, “C’mon? It’s just a yellow Star; It’s no big deal; It’ll make things easier!” Over six million Jews were easily exterminated because over 90% of the population cowered to government control by the National Socialists German Workers Party. Nobody wanted to think about it. Nobody would challenge it. It was easier to ignore it, to go along to get along and to do what you’re told. Denial soothes the conscience.

In less than six months, our politicians have successfully instilled that very fear into most of our population. That allows them to initiate control over every aspect of our lives. They are telling us what we eat, where we go, and who we see. And, the most frightful part? People are not yet afraid of the compassionate but loving politicians who took away their freedoms. No, they’re more afraid of their neighbors, family, and friends who are encouraged by their politicians to spy and report on their neighbors to the proper authorities. Those who don’t comply will become targets.

It’s shocking that so many people don’t question authority but are willing to surrender their critical thinking skills, freedoms, and independence. They give up without thinking and without a fight. When that happens, the politicians win another round of total control.

Do you know what’s coming next? A remedy! It’s just a vaccine. Come on. It’s for the greater good.

Wait until you’re told that you can’t enter a store or business without showing proof of having been vaccinated with the China Virus vaccine. Wait until you can’t go to public events or board an airplane without proof of being vaccinated. “Papers, please; where are your Papers?  You must have your papers. Your papers are not in order!”

And then what? How about Red or Blue masks as a party badge to indicate your Political Party affiliation. Your neighbors will then know that your one of THOSE. “C’mon, It’s just a mask. It’s just for identification. It’ll make things easier!” How does a cheap cotton mask protect us when the Wuhan Virus escaped from a Level 4 Secure China Biological Lab? And why don’t the politicians wear the mask except when they’re dashing to be in front of news cameras?

To everyone who doesn’t believe this is possible, you understand that the government has already successfully dictated to us our outside activities, how many of us could assemble, and where we are allowed to go? And, just exactly how our children will be educated six months down the road? 

With all that, most of the population has blindly acquiesced because they were told to do so. Apparently, government employment immunes one from the horrible effects of the China Virus because political elites, governors, senators, Reps, and mayors, have ventured out to restaurants, holiday sites, and private parties, showing us all an extended middle finger and a feeble apology for not following their own dictates. Will apologies work? Try it yourself and see!

We’re kidding ourselves if we think this behavior won’t be repeated with a vaccine. Shouldn’t all the politicians be required to take the vaccine before it’s foisted on the American public? Just as a precaution? Don’t fall for the Big Lie. I’d much prefer losing politicians than hard-working Americans.

But, none of this can happen here, can it?

Remember, freedom is the goal. The Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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