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Monday, December 21, 2020

Elite NYC school suffering 'race meltdown' over 'extreme' anti-racist demands: report

These demands by teachers at the $54,000 elite school are insane  

December 20, 2020

The Dalton School, an elite school in New York City, is reportedly experiencing a "race meltdown" over anti-racist demands by teachers that some are calling "extreme" and "insane."

The Dalton School is an elite K-12 preparatory school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that has an exorbitant tuition of $54,180, but also prides itself on being extremely progressive. Jim Best, the head of the school, declared that he has "committed Dalton to becoming a visibly, vocally, structurally anti-racist institution."

The school's website has a "Commitment to Anti-Racism" page, where it outlines it's "anti-racism vision." The objectives include: "All Dalton students will have a deep historical understanding of racial and structural inequities in the U.S., and particularly the history of anti-black racism." 

Despite the prep school already committed to anti-racism, the teachers at the Dalton School are allegedly demanding the institution be even more committed to anti-racism. The New York Post reported on the eight-page "anti-racist manifesto signed by dozens of faculty members with a sweeping list of demands."

The purported demands, some based on critical race theory, include:.......To Read More....

My Take - Well, it looks like another leftist insane asylum masquerading as a school is going to close.  Good!  Maybe the next school that's going to commit itself to social justice issues will realize there's no end to the appeasement.  At some point these fools are going to learn that groveling, crawling on their stomachs, begging forgiveness, denigrating and debasing themselves, will never be enough to appease these sewer trout.

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