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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A Biden/Harris Administration May Just End America's Dance with Socialism.

By Jay Lehr 

I have been beaten about the head and shoulders by nearly everyone by expressing my well considered belief that a defeat in the coming days could have a positive out come. The evil liberals may well have stolen just enough rope to hang themselves.

Trump being cheated by the greatest voter fraud in history could reap for the nation as my title states the end of our well meaning friend’s cup of coffee with socialism that has historical enslaved its subjects.

If Trump wins we know we will have a civil war in the streets. We will also have 4 more years of the left trying to impeach him, spewing one lie after another and we would have 4 more years of the media attacking him daily.

In contrast, in Biden and Harris we have the weakest conceivable democratic leadership possible. Obviously they were chosen by the democratic puppet masters for that very reason.

However, without the Senate and the Supreme Court, to which Trump brought advocates for our Constitution, there is far less damage they can do than they hope for. But what ever they do it will most certainly turn off the, at least, 10 million folks who voted not for Biden but against Trump. 

Over the next 2 to 4 years they will migrate back to the conservative side of their thought process as nothing the left does do will sit well with regular non leftist folks.

Begin with the continued assault on common sense claiming man-caused climate change is an existential threat to our planet. They have already advertised stricter fuel standards increasing automobile costs, impediments to drilling and hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas resulting in increasing cost of gasoline, and eventually ending the use of fossil fuels. Think more wind turbines and solar power meaning increased electric costs.

However, as you read this the lefts plans for our energy are years away. They plan to outlaw coal and natural gas power plants and eventually internal combustion automobiles (gasoline powered) and require electric cars for everyone.

There enforcement of ending fossil fuels, requiring only wind and solar and even electric cars are all set for 2025, 2030 and even 2040. They will be long gone by then and the credibility of their party will have been severely damaged from their effort.

When the House Of Representatives comes up for election again in 2022 they will loose the slim majority they hold now. At the end of their term in 2024 they will lose the White House by a landslide. 

Here is why.

Consider that we lost not a single seat in the House this month and gained a dozen seats. The left remains in denial over this.

We will surely have a candidate in 2024 not so easy to smear with lies, though, who ever it is, the left will do their best at that.

Four more years of Trump would continue to improve the economy and witness the elimination of more horrendous deep state regulations. But we would suffer the continued destruction of our nation by Antifa and BLM and the Cancel Culture. With inept Biden and unbridled socialist/communist Harris in charge I think we will put an end to the socialist tilt of the nation. There are numbers to support this position from the popular vote in most of our 50 states, even when you consider the numbers surely undercount Trump supporters.

Trump will continue to have influence from the sidelines. He will likely invest in a media organization that could build back a conservative voice that has drifted away at Fox. His talented family could pull a lot of oars there.

At this point in time I believe America can benefit from a failed Biden/Harris administration. While it is a bitter pill for most of us Trump supporters there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel and it is not an oncoming train. It is in fact a path back to the great country envisioned by our founders.

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