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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A Christmas Message for President Trump: You Must Win Now. You Can't Win in 2024

Wayne Allyn Root
Wayne Allyn Root Dec 27, 2020

I have the most important Christmas message ever for President Donald Trump. I'm one of the few who can deliver this message. I understand the man. I appreciate the man. Even the liberal media has described me as President Trump's fiercest champion since the day he came down that escalator in June 2015.  The liberal Daily Beast called me "the Las Vegas version of Trump."

Anthony Scaramucci said, "Wayne Allyn Root was there for Trump before Trump was there." Steve Bannon only days ago called me "The OG" -- original gangster -- "for Trump and the MAGA Movement." And my current No. 1 bestselling book, "TRUMP RULES," catalogues my 41 years of studying and modeling Trump and his rules of success. It's been a No. 1 Amazon bestseller in a dozen categories for the past seven weeks.

So, it's a pretty well-established fact that I'm No. 1 in President Trump's corner. So, no one is in a better position to tell him the cold, hard truth ...

Mr. President, your time is now. There is no tomorrow. Winning again in 2024 is not going to happen. You have to win now -- for you, for your legacy, for the 74 million voters you love, for America, for American exceptionalism, for capitalism. There is no tomorrow. If you don't win now, there is no chance for you in 2024. For two reasons ...

First, because Democrats cheated and stole this election, without punishment (so far). If they get away with rigging and stealing this election, it's all over for Republicans forevermore. They stole the election with you in charge. Who's going to stop them when they're in charge? That's like letting the wolf guard the hen house. It's only going to get worse.

Second, the 2024 election will not matter, simply because America won't exist in 2024 -- not the America we know now. Democrats will destroy that America. Trust me, this will be a foreign country by 2024............ To Read More....

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