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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Jay Inslee's Diversity Dogma

December 28, 2020 By Noel S. Williams

In November 2019, Washington state voters repudiated the Dem-controlled legislature by rejecting, via veto Referendum 88, their I-1000 Initiative to impose Affirmative Action imperatives in public education and employment.  Despite an onslaught of AA advocates, voters shunned them all by a resounding 50.56% to 49.44%.  Even though this was not the first time Washington State voters have banned affirmative action, Gov. Jay Inslee is now disregarding the public will.

Apparently, sleazy Inslee doesn’t respect direct democracy; perhaps he knows what’s best for us.  As noted by the Seattle Times in December 2019, “[s]ome Democratic state lawmakers and Gov. Jay Inslee now want to find other ways to improve equity without the affirmative-action measure.”  Well, the devious Dem has found one -- the budget.  Look at the prominence “other ways” are given here.

Disillusioned that he can’t oversee the Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that the initiative would have concocted, Inslee’s budget proposal for the 2021-2023 biennium focuses on racial and economic inequity.  He says, “[f]or the first time in state history, I am directing agencies to center budgetary packages and legislation around equity. State employees have long led the way in equity efforts, and now agencies will begin the process of dismantling inequities in our systems and institutions, committing to a better life for all.” 

All?  Actually, his Diversity, Equity and Inclusion dogma may properly be considered exclusionary toward out of favor groups. Furthermore, rather than create wealth and thereby grow the economic pie for all, his policies destroy it; they exacerbate divisions in a zero-sum game of redistribution............To Read More....


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