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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Rats-on-a-stick: Cuba touts 'nutritious' rodent meat as healthy, 'sustainable' food

Socialism, it seems, always boils down to being forced to eat some kind of rat.

That was the case in Chile during the early-1970s Salvador Allende period, where my old Chilean college roommate told of seeing canned rat meat imported from Maoist China on store shelves there.

Now it's true in Cuba.

According to a detailed report from Frances Martel, writing in Breitbart News:

In an alleged attempt to promote nutritious eating on Tuesday, a news broadcast on Tele Mayabeque, a Communist Party-approved network, revealed that the Castro regime had organized a meeting with chefs to design meals featuring guinea pig meat. The broadcast also encouraged Cubans to “socialize the experience of raising the guinea pig” by the entire family.

Cuban officials, the reporter explained, sought to promote the alleged health benefits of eating rodents “to incorporate this animal protein to the family table.”

“According to the experts, the average protein content [of guinea pig] is 19 percent, superior to porcine and bovine meat. Its consumption is a clear ally against anemia and malnutrition,” the reporter claimed.

To “elevate the culinary culture” around eating rodents, the report detailed, the government asked a group of Cuban chefs to design new meals around guinea pig as a core protein. One chef noted that they designed 11 dishes, but ran out of time. Ideas left on the cutting room floor included rodent meatballs and hamburgers.

It's barbaric. Guinea pig is not a Cuban food, as Martel notes. Cuban food, now largely unavailable in communist Cuba owing to socialist mismanagement, revolves around pig and cattle. Guinea pig meat is simply cheap rodent being put forth as an alternative to actual Cuban food, which the government can no longer provide.......To Read More....

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