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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A parade of Republican losers and traitors advances

December 24, 2020  By Alison Tempestilli

Watching the parade of traitors head for the cliff these last few weeks has really been something.  The procession began with Fox News leading the way, followed by the usual RINOs  (Romney and Sasse).  Bringing up the rear were all but two members of our highest court and those who at one time seemed to like us (Barr and McConnell) but who now chant, "Let's move on."  We thought those marching had our backs, but not only did they not have our backs, BUT they displayed their contempt for us by stabbing us there.

One has to wonder why there is so little fight in our elected officials over what is clearly a fraudulent election.  Any sane leader would assess the mountain of evidence of election tampering before proclaiming that the election Is over.  Any sane leader would be greatly disturbed by the irregularities and at least allow the President and his legal team make their case.  Instead, our so-called leaders are closing their eyes and sticking their fingers in their ears.  

Just to add insult to injury, it is likely the same scenario of phony mail-in ballots and other election shenanigans will plague Georgia's special election for Senate control.  I suppose that after the two Democrats claim victory there, the same Republican turncoats will remain true to form and declare the election "unfortunate" but fair.  The inaction and laissez-faire attitude by this sorry cabal will result in us having to suffer through years of idiocy and incompetence.  The torture of having to listen to Biden stumble his way through a two-minute speech pales in comparison to what that two-minute speech will most likely convey.  The sheer agony of having to witness America's brick-by-brick dismantling over a soundtrack of woke lecturing will be the fault of the many pawns who were elected to protect and defend our Constitution.  

Eighty-four million (and likely more) of us are watching the destruction of our country in real time.  There is a good chance we will look back on the weeks between the November election and the inauguration of an illegitimate leader as the period that commenced the march toward socialism, a parade led by those on our own side. ..........More

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