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Sunday, December 31, 2023

My 2023 Commentaries

By Rich Kozlovich

Here are my commentaries from 2023, including some I've started calling My Gazettes.  Many of my commentaries actually are gazettes, which is why I made the change, and in the future they will be listed accordingly.   The value of that is having a massive source of information from a great many writers in order to make sure what we think, what we read, and what we hear is accurate.  

That's fundamentally important, because it’s clear Americans are stunningly ignorant, and the media is not only party to that ignorance, they’re deliberate enablers to that ignorance, and worse yet, they’re deliberately lying, and are amazingly arrogant in their ignorance and corruption. 

We’re fertilizing a culture of snowflakes with an unending whine about everything, and this is being fed by the elected officials of America’s governments at all levels.  It’s destructive, and they know it.   

Worse yet is the level of political corruption, including corruption by Deep State bureaucrats.  All of which is blatantly obvious, all of which is being ignored, all of which is creating a massive corrupt two tier system of justice, and the courts are party to it all.  Why isn't that considered insanity?  Why isn’t that considered treason?  

One segment below is entitled America in Crisis, in reality, it’s Western civilization that’s in crisis, and all that's linked is testimony to that indisputable fact.  Indisputable except to the trolls and nitwits on the left, who are incapable of accepting correction.  If they took the position in a discussion the sun shined at night, at the end of that discussion they would still claim the sun shined at night. 

Facts, reality, history, and logic are not strong components of their mind set.

Last year, 2022, I published 224 commentaries, and 164 in 2021. This year because of My Gazettes, there are 299, creating huge files of information.  Enjoy!


Academia and Education in America

America in Crisis




Christian Persecution

Club For the Galacticly Stupid


DEI, ESG, Going Woke and Other Insanities

Editor’s Note:  In years gone by it was (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility, and now it’s DEI, ESG, Social Justice, Environmental Justice, and the list goes on ad nauseum.  But make no mistake about this, it’s all about destroying capitalism and the Constitution.  Once we’re willing to accept that, everything else falls into place.  RK


Democrats and America’s Cities

Editor’s Note:  These next three are not in chronological order.  RK

Deep State Corruption 




Election 2024

Editor's Note:  The first seven pieces are not in chronological order with my other commentaries on all this, but I chose to list them as the series.  All others follow the last is first pattern. RK

Energy is Fundamental

Geopolitics Global Warming


Going Green





Leftism and Its Consequences



Editor's Note:  I wrote a series of fourteen articles dealing with this issue and decided to organize them into one long post, which might be considered a small 44 page book.   So, I won’t be listing the individual fourteen commentaries.   Enjoy .  RK


The Resistance?

Russo/Ukrainian War

Scientific Integrity is an Oxymoron




Uncategorized Random Thoughts

Voter Fraud