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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

What's a "Proportional Response"? A Cease Fire?

By Rich Kozlovich

On Nov 06, 2023 Allen West posted this piece, The Idiocy of the Theory of ‘Proportionate Response’, quoting 1st Sgt (Ret) Jim Reisinger (USMC). "If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, it is all because your tactics suck".  West went on to say:

The quote above is probably one of the most profound maxims I learned in my service to the nation in uniform. I also carry it with me to this day. Engaging with your enemy is not about having a fair or proportionate contest; it is about crushing them and their will. Austrian General Carl Von Clausewitz asserted, "War is the imposition of your will upon the enemy."   

This is why I find it abjectly absurd and ludicrous to hear the rhetoric about "proportionate response" when it comes to the sovereign nation of Israel defending itself. It is pretty disconcerting to watch the international community express grief and sorrow when Israel is attacked, especially after the savage, brutal, and heinous assault of October 7, 2023, while that sentiment quickly fades as soon as Israel takes to the offense in defense of their right to exist...

So, I think it only fair to ask all these blithering idiots what exactly is a proportional response to these Muslims "murdering the husband, [placing] the baby in a burning hot oven, and the wife, to the screams of her dying child, was gang-raped and then killed"?

Mass rapes including old women and children, even to death.  Burning babies alive and cutting off the heads of children.  Cutting open a pregnant woman, removing her unborn child and then cutting off the babies head in front of the mother then killing her.  A family where the "father had his eyes gouged out, the mother's breasts cut off, the girl's foot amputated, the boy's fingers cut off before they were executed, and then their executioners sat down and had a meal. That is what this society is dealing with."

What could these blithering idiots who are demanding a "proportional" response possibly think would be proportional to that?  And what about those "30 children, including babies, who are being held hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza"? What's the "proportional" response to that?  

Apparently exposing all that information to the world is offensive to Muslims, but, then again, truth and Islam are rarely on the same side.  Historically, Islam and western culture, with civilization's laws and values have never been on the same side with Islam. That's why they can perform such vile acts and consider them praiseworthy, because as one of these monsters notes:  Allah Had Sent Me the Jewish Woman and I Understood that I Had to Kill Her”.  And this isn't an exception, it's the rule:

In 2019, a Palestinian Muslim named Arafat Irafaiya raped and murdered a nineteen-year-old Israeli girl named Ori Ansbacher. The murder was so brutal that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu specifically noted its “shocking brutality.” Irafaiya emphasized that he had raped and murdered Ori Ansbacher because she was Jewish............

What could possibly be the "proportional" response to such a mind set?  Oh, wait, I know, I know, a cease fire!  Yes, of course, that's it!  A cease fire because you see, it's Hamas and the Gazan people who really are the victims here, not Israel.  So Israel must stop defending themselves against Hamas' holy jihad, and then all with be fine. And don't let the vile atrocities fool you, Hamas, as with all Islamists, really wants peace.  
Okay, is that a snarky exaggeration?  No!  That's the reality theme we're seeing everywhere. 
Let's try and get this right, just once, please.  The real moral foundation of Islam is greed, hate, lust, envy and violence, which is what binds Islam and leftism.  They're both epitomize all that's evil in the world. 
The ultimate goal for both isn't just to destroy Israel and Jews.  Israel is merely the stepping stone to the destruction of Western Christian based civilization, and "Christian" church leaders are supporting them. 
When the Muslims besieged Constantinople here's Sultan Muhammad al-Fatah speech to his army:

Children of Muhammad, be of good heart, for tomorrow we shall have so many Christians in our hands that we will sell them, two slaves for a ducat, and will have such riches that we will all be of gold, and from the beards of the Greeks we will make leads for our dogs, and their families will be our slaves. So be of good heart and be ready to die cheerfully for the love of our [past and present] Muhammad.

The end result:

“wretched citizens of Constantinople” dragged before his men during evening festivities and “ordered many of them to be hacked to pieces, for the sake of entertainment.” The rest of the city’s population—as many as 45,000—was hauled off in chains to be sold as slaves.

Nuns were even stripped naked, raped and dragged through the streets.  Does anyone see anything different between Islam hundreds of years ago, and today?  Also, in spite of Islam's admonition against homosexuality:

Muhammad was a notorious pedophile. His enslavement and rape of Jacob Notaras—a handsome 14-year-old nobleman’s son in Constantinople, whom Muhammad forced into becoming his personal catamite until he escaped—was only one of the most infamous. The sultan stabbed to death another Christian boy who “preferred death to infamy.”
Greed, hate, lust, envy and violence!  That's Islam! There's no such thing as Islamophobia.  The fear is real.  The fear is justified. That's history!  That history is incontestable!
One final thought.  The one good thing that's come out of this is we now know there was an unending number of undercover anti-Semites who have now willing exposed themselves for who and what they are.  Paraphrasing a Marine legend Chesty Puller when told they were surrounded and cut off he said:
“They’ve got us right where we want ’em. We can shoot in every direction now.” 

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