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Monday, November 20, 2023

FitFS 2023: Live Free or Die in New Hampshire

Dan Mitchell Nov 18 

Editor's Note:  Normally I publish Dan's articles even though they can be somewhat difficult to duplicate requiring some html work on my part.  But both of these have a lot of charts, etc., and so it's better to follow the links to get the full impact of what he's trying to say.  RK

When I’ve written about Freedom in the 50 States (as I did in 2016, 2019, and 2022), it seems that Florida and New Hampshire routinely get the best scores. Well, the same is true for the latest edition. As you can see from this map, New Hampshire is the nation’s most libertarian state with Florida in second place.......To Read More....

EFNA 2023: Live Free or Die…Again - November 19, 2023 by Dan Mitchell - Yesterday’s column, based on Freedom in the 50 States, applauded New Hampshire for being the most libertarian state and the most market-oriented state. Today, let’s look at the Economic Freedom of North America, published by the Fraser Institute, which also measures and ranks economic freedom for Canadian provinces and Mexican states. Lo and behold, the most laissez-faire jurisdiction in North America is still New Hampshire. Here are the jurisdictions (all from the USA) in the top quartile..............

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