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Monday, November 27, 2023

The World's Sixth Great Religion, Leftism!

By Rich Kozlovich 

Let's start with this basic premise: It takes a lot of faith to be a leftist. 

I've been an avid history buff for all of my life, and over the years I've posted a great deal of information about the history of nations that embrace the lies and emotional rhetoric of leftist leaders. I've also posted the consequences of that embrace.   And since the beginning of leftist concepts and policies beginning with the French Revolution, the consequences have been disastrous, and that historical pattern is unendingly repetitious and ubiquitous.

Name five successful Marxist nations. There are none. Those that started out as total Marxists only had  any success by abandoning Marxism turning towards capitalism. If Nixon and Kissinger hadn't opened China to world trade the Chinese Communist Party might have ended up on the ash heap of history. But one thing Marxists never abandon is dictatorship. Name one Marxist/socialist nation that isn't being run by a dictator.

It is interesting that the French Revolution was the foundation for worldwide socialism, and is in stark contrast to the American Revolution. The trouble with the French Revolution was that it strove to impose utopia, at least their view of utopia, from the top down. Central planning is foundational to socialism, and so too is atheism, and as a result, socialism is a failure. It has been a failure everywhere it's been tried. It cannot be anything but a failure because it isn’t based on individual rights, which is a concept predicated on Judaic/Christian principles and a belief in God.

Socialism is a system based on envy, hate, greed, jealousy, lust, and violence. It's a system based on equal outcomes, not equal opportunities, with no stable moral foundation other than to do or say anything that will get them the power they so cravenly desire.  Is it any wonder the French are on their Fifth Republic? Can the Sixth be that far away? Yet America is still on its first Republic. So why have Americans been adopting European style socialism, which is destroying the European Union?

European nations keep voting in one socialist government after another because they didn't like any austerity programs imposed by any previous government. None of which were ever all that austere considering they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Much like the rest of Europe and the U.S., and for the same reasons.

Thomas Sowell once observed there are some things that seem so reasonable that they can fail nine times out of nine and people will still try them the tenth. He went on to say that there are things that seem so unreasonable that they can succeed nine times out of nine and people will still refuse to try it the tenth time. That's the story of socialism versus capitalism.

It's been noted capitalism, with all it's flaws, is the worst economic system in the world, except for all the others. Capitalism, with all of its flaws, has always been the greatest driving economic force for good in the world because it has brought more people out of misery, squalor and suffering than any other economic system that has ever existed. 

Leftists in government and the media would have you believe socialism is flawless and is the answer to all of man's ills. Yet reality tells a different story. Socialism has created more misery, suffering, squalor, disease and death in a shorter period of time than any other philosophy the world has ever known. Between socialism and its sectarian step child, environmentalism, they have killed over two hundred million people in the last one hundred years.

We have more than enough history available to us in order to know what the outcome of by a small arrogant elite will be, and leftism is a culture of death, yet we still see leaders push for policies and programs that have known negative consequences.  

The Black Book of Communism recites a history of repression, genocide, corruption of the rule of law, mass executions, deportations, gulags, forced labor, and deliberate acts of starvation, both by Russia and China.   That's history, and that history is incontestable.

Dystopia follows leftism like Pancho Sanza followed Don Quixote, a mad man.  And yet in spite of all the historical disaster leftism has wrought these so-called leaders keep pushing it, and the people keep embracing it. 

History also shows even those who promote these policies ultimately suffer from the destruction of civil society caused by the economic collapse as a result of these programs, and we're seeing that taking place in California, New York, Seattle, Portland, and every major city in America.  The elite who brought these cities to ruin with their leftist philosophy are fleeing to states that reject leftism. What do they do then?   They then work to install the same insanity in their new states that's destroying the states they left, and Colorado is one such state. 

For some time I've kept seeing that quote from Einstein saying it's a form of insanity if we expect different results from doing the same thing over and over again. Why are we seeing this quote so often? Because that's what is happening to us now!

The pathways of the past are the stepping stones to the future. So one has to ask why they ignore the pathways of the past? The answer is simple. The past condemns them! Therefore they've re-interpret the historical record to their own liking, often calling historical reality a myth in order to overcome those who point out the historical consequences of their actions.

The Five Great Religions of the world are listed as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. In reality there are six great religions. The sixth and most dangerous of them all is Socialism, or Secular Humanism, if you prefer. All the great religions are broken down into sectarian groups and so too is Socialism.

Fascism is the right wing sect of socialism, Communism is the left wing and Environmentalism has become the Church Militant for socialism.

It is this Sixth Great Religion of the world, while claiming to promote fair play and equality, it is the most dangerous, most misanthropic, and most irrational of them all because socialism has no moral foundation other than having an elite coming to power and making all the decisions on daily life for everyone, including what we can eat, and has always been a failure in every way.

Socialism is the serpent in the garden promising a godless utopia, while delivering godless dystopia. It's clear to me that for anyone to promote such madness means they must be insane. To believe in socialism, or modern environmentalism, is to be irrational, misanthropic and morally defective. 

The public has been lied to and misled by a corrupt media, academia, elected officials, deep state government bureaucrats, many of them now possessing arms, big business, self serving labor unions, and activist groups.

The Uniparty and the media have ignored the fiscal dangers all this spending and borrowing represents, happily going along as if nothing's wrong.   But the consequences of fiscal insanity cannot be ignored when philosophy and reality finally come to a head.  They would have you believe theory and practice are in total harmony.    Reality has shown over and over again, they are not.  The debt accumulated by the world's nations is over 300 trillion dollars, and most of world's nations cannot repay it.  Can anyone possibly see any upside to that? 

It takes a lot of faith to be a leftist!

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