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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Javier Milei Won! Will Argentina Thrive Now?

By Rich Kozlovich

The leftists, and the leftist government officials destroying Argentina just got the shock of their lives.  Right after the socialist Minister of Economics Sergio Massa, called on Milei to concede,  the vote was finally tabulated, and shocked of out it comes.....Javier Milei won!  Overwhelmingly, and everyone is applauding and thinking wonderful things are about to occur in Argentina.  I'm not as optimistic.  Hopeful, but not optimistic.

As a result of these leftist nitwits Argentina's economy is a mess:

Too much spending, too much protectionism, too much redistribution, too much regulation, too much money printing.  Argentina’s economic misery is not a surprise to anyone who has paid attention.  The situation is tragic. Argentina used to be one of the world’s richest nations. Unfortunately, it has suffered from varying degrees of Peronism since World War II (occasional right-of-center governments often are just as bad as the Peronists). As a result, Argentina has suffered a massive decline in relative living standards. One reason for decades of bad policy is that the bureaucrats at the International Monetary Fund have a terrible track record of rewarding Argentina when it gets in fiscal trouble (22 bailouts so far!).

To fix all this is going to require some pain, and some very powerful and wealthy people will be at risk, as I do believe it will require a massive effort in anti-corruption, and some people should probably end up in prison.  I don't think that will happen, any more than it did when Trump won and Hillary didn't end up in jail. 

I hope this ultimately works out, but again, I'm not optimistic.  Historically, Argentinians, in spite of all the failures of the socialist schemes and philosophy that turned Argentina from one of the richest nations in the world to one of the poorest, they've continued to return the same kind of losers back into power over and over again.
Argentinians, much like the vast majority of people, are "now thinkers", and want "now" results.  They must be capable of long-range vision and planning, and they’re not, and so, it’s not going to happen.  Especially since all the while the left will be scheming, lying, cheating, corrupting public opinion, and screaming at the top of their lungs with total cooperation from the media undermining all this man will be trying to do. 
And right now, it's not any better in Europe or America, and I'm not optimistic.
Also, demographically, Europe is gone, write it off.  With the possible exception of Poland and Hungary, but they don't like each other.  So, can Poland once again save Europe from the Muslim invasion?  Not this time.   It was hard enough to get some the European powers to unite to relieve the siege of Vienna in 1683, and while France openly supported the Ottomans in the siege of 1529, they merely stayed out of it in 1683 because they had a deal with the Ottomans, and France was in contention with the Austrians.   And yet they all knew if Vienna fell, Rome was next, and the North European Plain would be open to an Ottoman invasion. 
France is now and has always been an amazingly leaky vessel as an ally, and that included during WWII.  Charles de Gaulle once stated he really didn’t care what happened to the Brits, as long as France was saved.   All selfish “now’ thinkers!  
"Now” thinkers are easily manipulated by the amoral and corrupt left, ultimately destroying those who are the most honest and competent in favor of the corrupt and dishonest. 
As for the nations that joined in the fight to save Vienna, the reason it took so long to get organized was because despite how disastrous It would have been for Europe if the Ottomans took Vienna, they distrusted each other almost as much as they did the Ottomans, and that was when Europe “believed”. 
It's all about patterns, and the patterns of life keep repeating over and over again.  The "now" thinkers are a ubiquitous plague on humanity, Argentina is just a little worse, much like the rest of South and Latin America.  It's the lion pride and the two trails story, and people keep taking the wrong trail, which I think is truly poignant given the Israeli/Hamas War going on right now.

I'm not optimistic!

 Editor's Note:  Please take some time and review My Argentina File, which goes back to 2012.  RK

Update 3/23/24:   Also, please take some time and review My file. RK

An early Christmas gift to Argentina December 25, 2023 Milei has struck a tremendous blow to the leftist consensus ascendant in much of South America..........

Argentina: Milei to Introduce Bill Jailing Anyone Who Orders the Central Bank to Print Money to Cover Deficit  Christian K. Caruzo  Argentine President Javier Milei said on Thursday evening that he will present a bill to Congress to punish with jail time any Central Bank official that issues money to the National Treasury to finance fiscal deficits. Milei, in an interview with the news channel Todo Noticias, said that the intention is to define the practice of printing money — known as seigniorage — as a criminal offense. “The bill will define seigniorage as a criminal offense and in case the Central Bank finances the treasury, either directly or indirectly, the president of the Central Bank, the board of directors, the president of the Nation and the officials who vote for it would end up in jail,” Milei said....

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