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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Leftist Corruption and Insanity Has No Boundaries

Rich Kozlovich

In the past I've discussed the two trails story.  There are two trails leading through the jungle to get to a desired location. One is difficult, and requires cutting your way through heavy growth and uneven ground, takes longer, but if you go that way you will arrive safely.  

The other trail is easy, smooth and is quicker, but there's a problem with this trail.  You see, it's commonly known at the end of that trail is a pride of lions that jumps out killing and eating everyone who takes it, every time!  Yet we find over and over again people keep taking the easy trail refusing to do the work necessary to get the right result, completely ignoring history and reality.

This morning I published another one of Daniel Greenfield's excellent commentaries on the corruption of Israel's political left.  His commentary is about who really is behind this latest Muslim terrorist outrage murdering innocent people for political ends saying:

The attacks were launched less than a month after the new Israeli government was sworn in. The Netanyahu government has pledged to reform the leftist judiciary which enables terrorism......A generation of Israelis has grown up in a state of siege because the terrorists waging war on the country enjoy extensive foreign support from Iran, the EU, and the State Department in the United States, as well as domestic support from the Israeli Left, which uses its official and activist arms to undermine the fight against terrorism in every possible way...........The Left was able to legitimize the PLO and give it control of sizable parts of Israel by crippling previous efforts by conservative governments to defeat the terrorists and expel them from Israel...........What is going on in Israel is not just warfare, but a culture war between the democratic majority and an entrenched leftist elite that will use any means to protect its power and privilege............

The positions taken by these leftists are insane and clearly represent an existential threat to Israel, and yet they continue down that destructive trail.  Their reasoning is nonsense and their actions are suicidal, yet they keep going down the trail that leads to the lions.  Well, this pattern of leftist corruption is unending.  The left worldwide never plays by any rules, at least any rules they don't make up or can corrupt.  There are no boundaries to the left, so anything that will deter them from getting and holding power must be destroyed.  And that includes fair and honest elections, just like China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, or any other communist held country,

In Arizona Kari Lake has been adamant she lost for one reason and one reason only.  Voter fraud, and has been firm in her stand saying she's not giving up as they have the evidence, and the last court decision was clearly idiotic.  

Now it's come out there is massive evidence of wrongdoing in Maricopa County, which houses 60% of Arizona's population, so that's where the corruption must be the greatest in order for voter fraud to alter the election, and the courts have been allowing it to happen, and there's more than enough evidence the fraud she's claims happened, and according to this VIDEO – “Nearly 300,000 Ballots In 2022 Would FAIL Signature Verification.  

 how could this happen without a out is comes..... a conspiracy of massive proportions?  And if it is a conspiracy, it's a conspiracy to commit a crime.  So isn't that a RICO violation?  

The current and fraudulently elected governor who was the Attorney General threatened to file felony charges against anyone who refused to certify the fraudulent results of her being elected.  That's the pattern, and it's the card these leftists are going to keep playing.  

So, Lake has another hearing on February 1st with the Arizona Court of Appeals and these co-conspirators are terrified nothing is going to stop Lake from exposing this corruption.  So, the newly elected Attorney General, whose election is also being called into question, is trying to jail her on felony charges, for her exercising her Constitutional rights, claiming this is a form of intimidation to destroy election integrity.  Yet all she did was share information that is available and provable.  But to leftists truth is anathema.

Is this the vision of America's Founding Father's, or the vision of Karl Marx?  Marxism, just like that pride of lions, is deadly to freedom, individual rights, justice, the US Constitution, and represent a very real existential threat to America.  As the Canada Free Press states: Because without America, there is no free world. 

That's history, and that history is incontestable. 

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