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Monday, January 30, 2023

Tracking a Fraudulent Ballot in Real Time

During our year with Mike Lindell, the Fractal team went from never having seen an election roll to running the largest election database ever created, with over 1.7 billion records — for 12 states alone.  With only 165 million or so voters in the United States, why such a large database?  Data travel, data move, data tell a story as they traverse different databases — over time.   Let's take an example............

As we work with voter integrity teams to create the UnDeliverable Ballot Database in other states, we look to ingest literally trillions of records — with tons of dirty data — because we can know with certainty where a 2024 ballot is going.............To Read More.... 

My Take - I recommend viewing my file.  One thing is clear, Valentine and his team have demonstrated how to prove voter fraud and how to curtail it.  I don't think anyone can entirely stop it but it can be contained to the point that people like Joe Biden can't be installed in elective offices via massive and organized efforts to defraud the nation.   That leaves these questions.  

Since the bug man is aware of this, since I've followed his work for some time, so this isn't something out of the blue, then why doesn't the Republican leadership know about all this?   If they do, why haven't the Republican leadership availed themselves of this information and acted on it?   If they don't, doesn't that mean they're incompetent, or they're part of the corruption?    If that's so, and it appears they're either incompetent, corrupt or both, how can anyone believe they're competent or deserving to be in a leadership role?  


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