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Thursday, January 19, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich 


I have another short list today as I'm trying to write my way out of the "draft file" mess I've gotten myself into. And because of the way I write, it's time consuming. 

When you have a PhD you can spew out any kind of blather and people will accept it.  Since I have no formal education in all the things I write about, it's imperative that I be factually right.... every time .... which is the reason I have such a large draft file, and why I source everything I write about.  

Also, if it turns out I end up being wrong, either because my conclusions end up being foolish, or my sources end up being wrong, I will say so.  Americans are pretty much the most forgiving people on the planet, if you admit your wrong and apologize. 

Just as time and truth are on the same side. credibility and integrity go hand in hand.  I strive to meet that standard, a standard kind of like Mike Royko, someone I relate to as I age.

“Royko saw America become laminated; its politicians phony, its values spiffed up and over-starched, its social discourse spooked by political correctness. It gnawed at him from his first column on......He cared about privilege, street-level fairness and hypocrisy.”

Royko got more difficult , more caustic, and more insensitive as the years went by (although I think it was society that changed…Royko was always Royko, just older, crabbier and tired of being “nice”…that last part was a joke by the way) “because of the superficial glitz of contemporary society. The ballplayers were in it for the money, the baby boomers were in it for the self-indulgence, and the politicians were in it for the polls. Whatever happened to the people behind the polls--to Royko's people?”

I ask that same question everyday and with every issue of P&D.  Whatever happened to Royko's people?

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