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Monday, January 23, 2023

Google Employees, Welcome to the World!

By Rich Kozlovich
If turns out there's trouble in paradise, as  Google employees scramble for answers after layoffs hit long-tenured and recently promoted employees.   The entitled, trophy-for-everyone, narcissistic generations with  little knowledge about how the world works, and a ton of opinions, have a bad case of "the sads".  
Imagine that!  Oodie boodie boo, poor little muff muffs.   
So they thought Google was better than the others?  Nah, what they thought is "they" were better than others, a common failing with leftists.  They either never understood, or kept forgetting, they weren't hired to direct company policy, determine values and share all their views and opinions with management.  They were hired to be techies.  Techies who were expected to do their jobs, shut their mouths and keep their opinions of how the company should be run to themselves. 
Welcome to the world!  
Shocking isn't it when lefties are forced to leave these left wing ivory towers and face reality, because the bosses at Google were no better than every other business owner, irrespective of all that clabber about diversity, inclusion and equity.  Remarkable!!!  And worse yet, their bosses were no better out now here it comes..... here it comes ....Elon Musk!
And now Google employees are "demanding" answers.  It appears some long-tenured and recently promoted employees were let go and they, along with those who remain, are demanding to know what the criteria was for those lay offs.  Demanding mind you!
According to them the answers they've received thus far are inadequate, when the CEO says,  “I take full responsibility for the decisions that led us here”, they want to know what that means.  Really?  Well, the only adequate answer they would accept is,  "okay, forget all the layoffs and everyone gets a raise." 
Well, that's not going to happen because here's what it means when the CEO says I take full responsibility.  I'm the boss and I laid off whomever it pleased me to lay off, and if you don't like it, quit. 
Who knows, maybe he really did have a values chart of some kind, and given that after only laying off 12, 000 people there are still 160,000 employees in the company, and maybe he had a lot of negative people that needed to be cut from the company like a cancer.  Maybe he got rid of people he just didn't like, just as Henry Ford II did when he fired Lee Iaccoca because, "sometimes you just don't like someone".  
Welcome to the world.
Here are some of the questions these snowflakes are demanding answers to, which I'm going to supply:
  • How were the layoffs decided? Some high performers were let go from our teams.
    • None of your business. 
  • This negatively impacts the remaining Googlers who see someone with high recognition, positive reviews, promo but still getting laid off.
    • Really?  I disagree and I don't care what they think, because this is just the beginning for layoffs, so please go public, it will help with decisions over who's next. 
  • What metrics were used to determine who was laid off?
    • None of your business. 
  • Was the decision based on their performance, scope of work, or both, or something else?
    •  Some yes, some no, and none of your business.  
  • How much runway are we hoping to gain with the layoffs?
    • Who exactly is this "we" you're worried about?  There is no "we" in the decision making department unless I say there is. And you're not among them. 
  • Would you explain clearly what the layoff allows Google to do that Google could not have done without layoffs?
    • I could but I won't, because you wouldn't understand or agree, and it's not your business, it's my business. 
  • Is leadership forgoing bonuses and pay raises this year?
    • No, and we may get raises.
  • Will anyone be stepping down?
    • Only if I fire them. 

Will that be their answers? Nah, they're weasels and will squirm, lie, obfuscate, attempt some kind of phony way to placate the snowflakes and soothe their little hurt feelings, Especially since some of them may have to go out and get real jobs.  Jobs that will not generate the benefits and pay they're used to since this is a trend throughout the internet businesses.

The author notes:  

Directors have been telling employees to hold questions for the town hall taking place next week.

Now that should be interesting to watch a menagerie of leftists managers explaining to a circus of leftist clowns why leftism isn't utopia, especially since employees are claiming the company made $17 billion dollars in profit last quarter.  

Okay, here's the answer.  Form a union, go on strike, and let the consequence fall where they may, and accept you're now just like all those middle Americans in fly over country, whose values you looked down of for so many years, and whose views "violated your community standards", so, welcome to the world! 

Oh, one more thing.   If none of that works out for you, perhaps you may wish to start practicing this: "Welcome to McDonald's". 

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