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Monday, January 30, 2023

The World as I See It: Islamophobia Isn't a Phobia.

By Rich Kozlovich 

The western world is inundated with irrational fears, like the insane Global Warming fallacies and lies, the covid pandemic falsehood which generated stunning tyranny worldwide for an affliction that had a 99.7% recovery rate.  Those were, and are, government promoted irrational fears. Phobias!  

A phobia is defined as: an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.  But Islamophobia isn't one of them.  

Today this article appeared, Russia condemns Qur’an-burning in Sweden as ‘another provocative act of Islamophobia’, which is interesting since claiming fear of Islam is an irrational fear would be like claiming fear of Russia, in light of the murder and devastation Russia has perpetrated on the people of Ukraine, is an irrational fear.   I find this clabber from Russia as distasteful as Russia having a judge seated at the Nuremberg Trials for crimes against humanity against the Nazis. 

In the same week it was reported in India a Muslim kidnapped a minor girl, whom he assaulted beating her badly, splashed kerosene over her and then set on fire because she wouldn't accept Islam.  Was her fear and terror irrational?   In Pakistan, Muslims, in the name of Allah, murdered 32 at rival mosque.  But it had nothing to do with Islam, so there's nothing to fear.  Really? 

In France a Muslim says he’ll return and dismember the police and judiciary.  Explain once again how diversity is our strength?  Of course he's the exception.  Right?  Nah, he's the rule when one converts to Islam.  Since the Koran allows a man to beat a woman, he did, almost to death.

In England a Muslim army soldier is charged with terror and explosives offenses.  But questioning him over his views would be Islamophobic!  And we're supposed to think that's sane?  A legitimate fear is the insane policies of the British government over this kind of insanity. 

Then there's the issue of freedom of speech and thought, neither of which is tolerated by Islam, New arrests in Iranian plot to murder Iranian dissident Masih Alinejad, but hey, it's okay to murder a dissident actor, but insults to Muhammad will not be tolerated.  

Massive Muslim immigration has terrorized Freiburg, Germany turning it into a hellhole of crime so horrendous the German police are overwhelmed.   This isn't isolated, this is the pattern.  You may wish to review

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