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Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Biden Scandal is Getting More Bizarre by the Day

By Rich Kozlovich 

Not only is this story bizarre, it's frightening in all it's ramifications. We now know there aren't only issues with the fact Joe Biden illegally stole classified documents, it's much bigger.  We also know he knew this was forbidden, there's a lot more to the story, and he has history over this issue of classified documents.  We'll come back to that.

Now, it's been known and acknowledged, "National Archives does over classify items they deem essential to presidential records", however, in Trump's case he had the authority to declassify all of them.  Biden had no authority to declassify any of them, or more importantly, to even possess them.  And how bizarre is this, the National Archives dismissed claims of mishandled Obama-Biden documents weeks before first batch was found.  Wow!   You really gotta hand to those guys, they're really right on top of this stuff.  Or maybe they could just admit there's so much crap being classified, they don't have a clue how much is out there.  And that's what I believe.

While the Democrats and their myrmidons in the DOJ treated this issue with Trump as outrageous, unprecedented and a threat to the security of the nation, that fact is it was common knowledge "former top government officials playing fast and loose with classified materials" and that was an "open secret?".

But ghosts have a habit of returning to haunt, especially if it's political in nature.  Joe Biden, in the past, actually torpedoed Ted Sorensen as the Director of CIA under Jimmy Carter for "his improper acquisition of classified materials".   Sorensen said Biden should get “prize for political hypocrisy in a town noted for political hypocrisy.”  Well, you have to give Biden a prize for consistency, he's still a hypocrite of massive proportions, the man who destroyed Sorensen, and even suggested "Sorensen might be subject to prosecution under the Espionage Act, illicitly stored classified materials unsecured in his garage and at least three other places. 

The Nitwit Brigade found Trump's handling of classified material, all of which he declassified and kept in a secure location, was outrageous, but now, Rep. Clyburn who chaired that Kangaroo Court, aka, the January 6 Committee, takes a very casual view kind of like,  oh, well, you know, stuff happens.

And this scandal keeps getting bizarre, as Hunter Biden and his laptop come into play, his connections with the Chinese, his rent to his father for access to Biden's house with complete access to all that classified material, and he has no security clearance nor did any of the many visitors he brought there, which even the Communist News Network, aka, CNN, acknowledged there are issues over these "mysterious" meetings with Joe, Hunter and foreign parties when Joe was the Vice President.

There is a lot of evidence the FBI and other intelligence agencies worked to make sure the information regarding Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell, was censored.  Why? Is it because we now know "Kathy Chung, Biden’s executive assistant for Joe Biden when he was vice president, was a close associate of Hunter Biden who gave him what a retired top general called a “treasure trove” of intelligence information that was ultimately leaked from his infamous laptop"? And one of his laptop's is still missing.  That was a massive intelligence leak that really was of potential national significance.  She's now "deputy director of protocol for Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin."  Who really is this mystery woman, and who is she connected to?

Meetings with people without any official record of those visits.  All of which justify answers to some questions about Hunter's housing expenses.  And since Biden never declared that money on his tax returns, we need a clear look at Biden's tax returns, and what, if anything, does Chairman Xi Have on Beijing Biden.  

The White House answers all this by saying: The Republicans are hypocrites.  No matter whether that's true of not is immaterial.  What's material is Joe Biden stole classified documents and allowed them to be exposed to unknown uncleared persons, and that's not "transparency"  being addressed by the White House.  Also, the story changes like the seasons.  First his home was used for official business and now it wasn't. Which is it?  Or does the narrative of the moment determine that? 

This becomes all the more concerning since there is evidence the Chinese were funding the UPenn Biden Center on Security, the Biden Think Tank....clearly a misnomer....where records were also stored, unsecured, and since Joe became President, anonymous Chinese donors have poured millions into that university, and Biden Inc. is still in business!  

Also, why, especially after that outrageous raid on Mar-A-Lago, would Biden's personal attorneys, presumable uncleared for any classified material they found, be allowed to do so, totally unsupervised by the FBI, as they searched his home?  And why would the DOJ  order the FBI to stand down and allow this to happen?  Is it unreasonable to believe Joe's attorneys had no reason to be packing up that material except to cover up criminal activity? Does anyone believe Merrick Garland's actions aren't 100% politically motivated?  

We now have two Special Counsels appointed, one for Trump and one for Biden, but is there any doubt there's only one conclusion, even though it's clear, Biden has UNDENIABLY committed multiple felonies, and now Biden wants Merritt Garland to make them go away.  

There are three conclusions.

  1.  Biden is flat out guilty, and a corrupt, and evil regime want's Trump to be crushed and jailed, because he wanted to end  "Deep State thuggery, national self-sabotage, and Uniparty-engineered American decline."
  2. The FBI writes case for its own abolition - "Disproportionately huge resources within the agency are being dedicated to January 6 protestors, likely to the detriment of more important investigations."  Corruption, crime and treason on the left is being ignored, and even encouraged.   The day needs to come when these officials are brought to justice for their criminal activity.
  3. The Democrats are working to destroy Biden.  
Kamala is singing, I'm gonna be President, ad nauseum.   What could possibly go wrong?

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