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Friday, January 27, 2023

Mike's Musings

By Rich Kozlovich 

In days gone by I loved reading Mike Royko, and William Raspberry, both gone way too early, both provocative writers who used foils to bounce their views off, real or imagined.  Royko's was the local bartender and his patrons, and Raspberry's was a local cab driver.  Mike the bugman is mine, who sends me stuff that's often humorous, yet profound.  I call these offerings,

So, let's get started with a bit of pretending.

Let’s pretend there’s not “a wide range of genders.” Let's pretend there are only two genders and a wide range of mental disorders.  I mean if you can pretend Bruce Jenner is a woman and Kamala Harris is black and Biden is sane, you can pretend I’m wearing a mask, and I've been vaccinated 22 times, and think Fauci is a saint.  Trust me, that's a lot of pretending, which bring me to this observation.  Why is it only in America can an ethnic group have a black awareness month, black holiday, black only colleges, black only dating sites, black only bars and clubs and turn around and call everyone else racists?

Why is it when archeologists find human remains, they’re either male or female, and it appears they’ve never, ever, found any of the other 112 genders or 71 subcategories?  It’s been reported, truthfully or not, that Chinese third graders are learning multivariable calculus.  And while it certainly seems true our third graders are not being taught advanced mathematics, they're fully versed on the idea that men can have babies and the world is going to burn to a crisp.

I can’t help but wonder if that’s going to be a problem down the road?

Senator Kennedy from Louisiana once asked, “I don’t know why we have to give money to countries who hate us.  They should be able to hate us for free”.  After all, hating America is freedom of speech and thought.  Oh, wait, they don't have that in countries that hate us.  Well, now I see, that explains why we're paying them to hate us.  Tell me.  Does that seem stupid to anyone other than me?   But it isn't like we don't have a lot of stupid in America. 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are convinced study, hard work and getting a good job is essential.  That is essential for them to be able to redistribute your taxes to a lot of people who never studied, never worked hard and refuse to work.  It's called communism, and they think those who oppose this and think this is detrimental to the nation are extremists.   Imagine that!

Think about this.  Joe Biden has been President for over two years, and nothing is built, nothing is back, and nothing is better, and we’re shocked?  This is from a man who was only been stunningly successful at being a failure.  Let's face it, Joe Biden isn't the brightest pebble in the brook and his only success has been in getting elected over and over again by a lot of pebbles in the brook that are even less bright than Biden, with a lot of help from voter fraud.  But as Delaware's Senator, that state kept electing him in spite of the fact in all those decades in  "public service" he never accomplished a thing.  See, I told you there's a lot of stupid in America.

He was largely a failure at everything else he did before that, and has been plagued with charges, legitimate charges mind you, of plagiarism all of his life.  And we should believe him when he said he was shocked to find there was a lot of classified documents found illegally in his possession, right next to his Corvette? Now, is that being just a little bit picky? Nah, just little snarc there.

His solution to the energy issues facing us now?  Tapping our oil reserves instead of drilling. Which is kinda like tapping your 401K instead of going to work, eventually there's a penalty to be paid for stupid.  

Is it true that when Joe Biden was asked about these latest scandals he opened up a can of alphabet soup, spread the contents out on his desk and read the answer?   Nah, that's not true either, but the end result’s the same, so does it really matter if it’s true or not?

One has to ask, if all these leftist politicians and their myrmidons in the Deep State are willing to treat Americans like dirt now, what would they do if all the guns were banned?  Is it possible they don't do those things now because they'd get shot for doing them?  Leftists rant about moral values, none of which they believe in because if there's no God, there are no values, and they don't believe in God.  The leftists claim if you shoot and kill a burglar it means the you value your things more than the burglar's life.   Gun owners think it means if you break into his home, "you" value his things more than "your" life.  

So, that leaves two diametrically opposing views in America.  There are those who believe in God, know what restroom to use, believe in equal rights not equity, believe in law and order, believe criminals need to be arrested, tried for their crimes and put in jail, and have the most guns.  And those who don't.

Suggestions anyone? 

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